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Money talks; here are few FAQs on counterfeit notes


In a move aimed at spreading awareness among individuals on counterfeit notes, the Reserve Bank of India has launched a website with a catchy tagline 'Pehchano Paise Ki Boli, Kyunki Paisa Bolta Hai.'


Through the website RBI has endeavoured to explain different ways to identify counterfeit notes, along with a beautiful film and posters. Below are few FAQs on fake notes.

Money talks; here are few FAQs on counterfeit notes

What is a forged note?

A suspected forged note, counterfeit note or fake note is any note which does not possess the characteristics of genuine Indian currency notes.

How can I identify a forged note?

You can identify a forged note if you are unable to detect the features which are present in a genuine Indian currency note. These features are easily identifiable by seeing, touching and tilting the note.

Check the security features of Rs 100 , Rs 500 and Rs 1000.

How many forged notes are there in circulation in India?

No estimate has been made by any agency on the number of forged notes in circulation. However, in the recent years detection of forged notes by the banking system, has improved due to greater detection of such notes by the banks at their end.


How does Reserve Bank address the problems of forged notes?

Reserve Bank is making efforts to address the problem in the following ways:

  • By periodically improving the security features of Indian banknotes so that the counterfeiters find it difficult to copy.
  • By ensuring that the banks have robust systems in place which will enable them to identify and detect forged notes immediately on their entry into the banking system.
  • By raising public awareness on genuine Indian currency notes.
  • By training of cash handlers on detection of forged notes.
  • By improving co-ordination between the banks and law enforcement agencies.
  • Whether anyone can get exchange value for the forged notes which he or she has received unknowingly?

Being a forged note, ab initio, it has no value.

What are the legal provisions governing forged notes?

Printing and/ or circulation of forged Indian Currency Notes is an offence under Sections 489A to 489E of the Indian Penal Code.

What should one do if he or she unknowingly comes in possession of a forged note?

As per Section 39 of the Criminal Procedure Code, every person, aware of the commission of or of the intention of any other person to commit certain offences, including those relating to counterfeiting of currency, is required to immediately give information about such commission or intention to the nearest magistrate or police officer.

How can we avoid taking forged notes?

While receiving banknotes, it will be a good idea to develop the habit of checking the genuineness of the notes.

If a person unknowingly deposits a forged note in a bank how will the bank deal with it?

The bank will impound the counterfeit note in the presence of the tenderer. The bank will also issue an acknowledgement to the tenderer.

The receipt is authenticated by the cashier as well as by the tenderer. The acknowledgement is issued even in cases where the tenderer is unwilling to countersign it The bank will thereafter forward the impounded note to the local police authorities for further necessary action.

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