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7 Best Expense Tracking Apps In India

By Vaishali Parnami

Most of us often run out of money as the end of the month approaches, and then we try to go back to how badly we manage our expenses.


If this is your situation too, then here’s how you can keep track of your money.

7 Best Expense Tracking Apps In India
You may hear a lot of people give money advice, however, in reality, all these things are easy to say and harder to accomplish. So, today, we’ll discuss some of the best expense tracking apps in India. These apps can help you keep track of your monthly expenses and efficiently manage your finances.

Walnut Expense Tracking App

Walnut is an amazing money tracking application that groups your finances in categories such as drinks, food, travel, etc. This way, at the end of the month, you’ll know your major source of expense.

• Checks prepaid wallets and bank accounts’ balance

• Handles periodic cycles of credit cards

• Enables VISA credit card payment with the help of walnut pay

• Provisions bill splitting facility amongst your group

Qykly daily expense manager

Qykly app sorts your finances and income graphically, which helps you examine your expense analytics at the end of the month. It furthers categories your expenses in 4 groups: purchases, bills, finances, and travel.


• Ability to analyze expense and income graph

• Provisions display of recent spent such as movie tickets

• Reminds you before the end date of monthly bills

• Enables checking of PNR directly from the app

ET money

ET in the name of ET Money is for economic times. The app is an amazing blend of various features and functionalities. It is basically an intelligent application for finance management.

• Enables paperless investment in mutual funds with a click

• Ability to analyze existing investments

• Bill setup and payment

• Provisions for analyzing major spent areas based on which it suggests relevant offers and cards


mTrakr offers budget planning and if you fail to follow this budget or overspent, the app reminds you of mismanagement.

• Checks credit card and bank balances

• Tracks daily spend and provisions reminder for a set budget

• Offers automated bill payments and reminders

• If you correctly input the income, it provides a facility for tax liability calculation

Money view

Money View is another great app that enables net balance view, and it picks your bank balance from SMS or via net banking after OTP verification.

• Displays a list of nearby ATMs

• Enables tax saving and reimbursement categorization

• Provisions investment in mutual funds and other savings account schemes


Chillr is an efficient app launched by HDFC India. The application has various amazing features such as QR scanning, expense tracking, and money transfer.

• Provisions mobile banking

• Allows money transfer and recharges

• Enables tracking of expenses and finances

• Reminds a friend to pay the due amount to you

• Ability to split bills with your group

• Generates transaction summary on a monthly basis


Wally is a finance and money management application available to both iOS and Android users. It helps you manage and review your expenses

• Ability to compare expenses and income

• Enables goal setting and reminders for achieving the same

• Provisions tracking of money spend: when, why, where, and how

• Lets you screenshot record receipts

Clarity Money

Clarity Money is a financial application with online and mobile interfaces available, but on the phone, it stands out as a clear winner.

  • A wide range of supported accounts and its fun card style.
  • App analysis that gives you an overview of recent account activity, including spending, savings, and subscriptions.
  • One notable feature tracks your spending overtime each month compared to your expected monthly income.

Users can also quickly see what they have spent with the best merchants in a few clicks. The app also includes functionality to track and cancel subscriptions, track your credit score and automatically add savings through a Clarity Money account on a regular basis.


No list of expense tracking apps would be complete without a mention of Mint, one of the best-known personal finance tools.

Mint is great because it is free, supports a wide range of banks and lenders, and comes from one of the names of the largest and most trusted financial software, Intuit.

With this app, you get help with budgeting, expense tracking, credit monitoring and invoices.

However, while Mint is one of the oldest and most comprehensive expense tracking application options, it is not perfect. There are a handful of bugs in the software and new features have been slow to come out since Intuit purchased the app in 2009. And if you find a bug or problem in your account, getting help can sometimes to be a challenge.


If you always struggle with money, and at the end of every month, you wonder where all your money went, then you should utilize these 7 apps. These apps can help you track your expenses and income in an effective way and keep a check on the spent money every month.

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