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Looking To File Tax Returns For Others? Join IT Department’s Income Tax Prepares


It was back in the financial year 2006-2007 that the Income Tax Department decided that it could help small businesses and those who lack knowledge to file their income tax returns.


For example, ladies who run a business like a beauty parlour or other small businesses like eatery owners could be given help for filing their tax returns.

The department came out with a scheme called The Tax Return Preparer Scheme. Under the Scheme individuals are authorized to file income tax returns for others. This authorization is given by the Government of India.
The people filing the returns are called Income Tax Prepares (ITP). What is also interesting about the TRP scheme is that the income Tax Prepares could visit the home of individuals and help them to file their tax returns right from their homes or where they render a business.

Who Can Become a Tax Prepares?

One of the pre-requisites is to be a graduate at the very least. If you are a graduate who is not employed this could be an ideal way. Graduates from commerce, law, business and administration would be the right candidates.
To become a candidate one also needs to be a graduate between the age of 21 and 35. The Income Tax Department will provide the necessary training and also conduct examinations to make sure that you are ultimately suitable for the purpose.


How Should Individuals Contact the ITPS?

There is a helpline desk which can be contacted at 18001023738 and individuals can brief them about their requirements.

Looking To File Tax Returns For Others? Join IT Department’s Income Tax Prepares
You can also make a request for the ITP to visit your home for greater understanding. The ITP may collect a sum of Rs 250 for the services rendered.

You can read more about the details of the scheme here

Why You Should Seek Assistance?

This scheme and the help provided by the Income Tax Department and is useful for those who have never filed their tax returns before. Small business and artisans can also be assisted in filing returns or even on clarifications about PAN Card.

It is very thoughtful of the department and all the required assistance can be provided. Remember that the financial year 2014-15 is fast drawing to a close. Individuals need to file their tax returns by July 31, 2015. So, if you do not have anybody to file your tax returns its best to get in contact with the income Tax Prepares.

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