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Are Gifts Received During Diwali Taxable?
Like any other major festival in India, gifts are exchanged during Diwali as a gesture of affection and celebration. These gifts could be in the form of cash, gold, or other valuable items. Whether you are looking to give gifts and ...
Are Gifts Received During Diwali Taxable

Consolidate Cashback Of Over Rs. 50,000 In A FY Taxable
To lure more of users to use their particular service and goods, companies across industries are now giving cashbacks, which is a discount offered against expenditure made. And it can be either credited as and when you execute a transaction or ...
Is Money And Cashbacks Received In Your E-Wallet Taxable?
As the deadline to file income tax return for the FY 2018-19 draws closer with July 31, 2019 being the last date, here we provide you information on the taxation aspect of some of the other non-salary receipts which have on ...
Is Money And Cashbacks Received In Your E Wallet Taxable
Are Cash Gifts Received From Friends Liable To Tax?
Yes, any monetary gifts received from friends which exceeds the amount Rs 50,000 in any financial year is liable to tax. Taxpayer should note that the taxability of the gift is determined on the basis of the aggregate value of gift ...
Are Cash Gifts Received From Friends Liable Tax
When Have You to Pay Tax on Gifts Received in India?
You have to pay tax on gifts received in India, subject to many exemptions. First, let us understand when tax on gifts in exempt under the Income Tax Act. 1) If you receive any sums of money from individuals whose ...
When Have You Pay Tax On Gifts Received India
What is Inheritance Tax in India?
The government of India is looking at the possibility of levying tax on inheritance, as in countries like the US, where an inheritance tax is applicable. Different countries have different tax rates ranging from 10-50%. Inheritance tax is a tax ...
What Is Inheritance Tax India
What is gift tax? Who is liable to pay gift tax?
Under the latest law, any gift received by a person in cash or kind which exceeds Rs 50,000 will be taxed as ‘income from other sources' u/s 56 (2) of the Income Tax Act. This is also applicable to movable or ...
What Is Gift Tax Who Is Liable Pay Gift Tax
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