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Gold can fall up to Rs 24,250: Rajesh V
Gold can have a downside to Rs 24,250 says Rajesh. Meanwhile for silver he is advising that trades should be made with stop loss margins of 1000 points. Copper – Nov: Copper has closed above breakout level; if opens ...
Commodities View Silver Gold Rajesh V

Gold will remain range bound: Rajesh V
After the FOMC meeting was over. The Federal Reserve announced that it will be buying short term bonds and sell more of long-term bonds in order to pep up long-term borrowing. This has sent the stock and commodities market around ...
Gold trading above Rs 27,800 is crucial for bulls
Open range breaks out (orb) – buy or sell on either side breakout and keep stop loss of another side. For target and trailing stop loss follow supports / resistances levels. Copper – Nov: Open range break-out levels ...
View Commodities Gold 27800 Level Rajesh V
Silver will test Rs 63,500 level. Rajesh V views commodities
Open Range Breaks-Out (orb) means to buy or sell as recommended on either-side of the breakout, meanwhile keep stop loss on the other side, for target and trailing stop loss refer to support and resistance levels. Copper – Nov:Open range ...
View Commodities Silver 63500 Imp Level Rajesh V
Gold will have a resistance at Rs 27,740: Rajesh V
With a very volatile stock market, it is imperative that commodities should be tracked closely. Rajesh V shares his views on gold, silver and copper. Gold – Oct: Gold have strong resistance at Rs 27,740 levels, trading below this ...
Commodities View Gold Resistance Rs 27740 Rajesh V
Silver will be weak below Rs 64,700: Rajesh V
Rajesh opines that gold should be traded only if the same is above the Rs 28k mark. Meanwhile for Silver the support of Rs 64,700 is crucial. Gold – Oct: The level of Rs 28,800 & 26,800 are important ...
Gold to rally from 28,280: Rajesh V
Rajesh V shares his views on commodities such as Gold, Silver and Copper. Gold - OctoberGold has support at 28280 levels; holding above this level we can expect further rally in gold. Supports – 28166 / 28066Resistances – 28509 ...
Rajesh V Commodities Recommendation Gold Silver Copper
Gold to have support at Rs 27,730: Rajesh V
Stock markets are under pressure from bears, therefore, commodities will provide a good trading option. Rajesh V shares his views with us.  Gold – October: Gold has support at Rs 27,730 levels; holding above this level will ...
Rajesh V: The action will be in Gold, Silver and Copper
From September 2, 2011, a short fall in client's margin will be penalized by the SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India). Therefore, this could affect the volumes, as it could drop, in equity derivatives, this will benefit the commodity market since ...
Rajesh V Commodities Recommendation Gold Silver Copper
Book your gain through BHEL and Reliance Capital: Rajesh V
Nifty may bounce back from 4750 levels; investors can utilize 4750 to 4600 range for their long term & short term investment. Also, Bank Nifty has the chance to bounce back from 9000 levels.Nifty Future: Nifty Future will be range bound between ...
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