What Do the Various Digits on your Credit Card Signify?

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Most of us use credit card in our day to day life and some of us do remember the 16 digit number on it. But how many of us know what exactly these digits signify?

Numbers on credit card are not just any random numbers, each digit has a meaning and purpose. Most of the nations use ANSI Standard X4.13-1983. Do you know why it is important to know your billing cycle?

What Do the Various Digits on your Credit Card Signify?

Credit card number length will change depending from issuer, the most usual is 16 digits divided in groups of 4.
The first digit is the Major Industry Identifier (MII). Click to know what are the documents needed to apply for Credit Card.

It identifies the category of the card issuer and where the card will be most used in. This forms the first group.

For example, if the card starts from 1 or 2, it means it is issued by airlines or such industries. Let us take a look at the other numbers on the card.

3 it for American Express, Diner's Club
4 is for Visa Card (Banking & Financial cards)
5 is for Master Card are (Banking & Financial cards)
6 is for Discover Card (Merchandising, Banking & Financial cards)
7 is for Petroleum Cards
8 is for telecommunications cards
9 are for national assignment

In the second group

From second to sixth digits is know as the Issuer Identification Number (IIN). This provides information on which bank issued the card, the country of origin, and sometimes the specific card type.

Third Group

The numbers after the 6 th digit (except the last digit) is the account number.

Fourth Group

The last digit on any credit card is known as Check digit, which helps in validating the credit card number.

Lastly, we have three or four digits on back of your credit card, it is necessarry while using card at merchandise outlets. These digits come in use when the card is used online or through telephonic mode.


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