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Internet Banking Facilities Provided By Indian Postal Department


Internet banking is known for it's name like net banking, online banking. Internet banking facilitates all financial, banking services and products with the internet. Due to demonetisation, development, digitalisation and to save time internet banking has become a daily need. This Payment System is safe and secured with related documents, Id's and passwords.


In December 2018 Indian Postal Department also launched "India post internet banking" or "post office net banking" for it's customers. Services which are provided by local postal department were enabled in internet banking. Various eligibility criteria are verified by Postal Department before providing internet banking. Not, Everyone is eligible for DOP internet banking. This DOP Internet banking is limited only within the Indian postal department, one can not link the DOP Internet banking to other banks.

Internet banking of Department of Post (DOP):

Internet banking of Department of Post (DOP):

  • According to Department of Post (DOP), internet banking is service provided by Indian Postal Department to access the users account information, products, financial and non financial services with terms and condition applied.
  • As per Indian Postal Department these are the pre-requisites or requirements to avail "DOP Internet Banking":

1. Valid PAN number

2. Valid and unique mobile number

3. Valid email address

4. Valid KYC documents

5. Active Savings Account (Single or Joint B)

6. Active DOP Debit Card

  • Account which are designated by DOP, Savings accounts, Current accounts, Fixed deposit accounts are eligible for DOP Internet Banking.
  • Customer, user or Account holder whose name is mentioned in the application and is accepted by DOP are eligible for DOP Internet Banking.
  • There are limits and charges applicable on DOP Internet Banking.
Let us know about Internet Banking facilities provided by Indian Postal Department:

Let us know about Internet Banking facilities provided by Indian Postal Department:

My Profile:

Setting up this option is mandatory for any internet banking. This provides additional security to your DOP Internet Banking, also helps in self authentication. Here are the facilities provided by DOP on my profile internet banking which a user can access and make changes.

1. Changing log in and transaction password

2. One can set up preferences

3. Updating log in channel ID

4. One can view their personal details



Here are the facilities provided by DOP on Accounts

1. Account summery is provided in internet banking

2. One can access savings account, RD Accounts, TD accounts, PPF Accounts, NSE Accounts.

3. Half withdrawal on RD is possible on DOP internet banking.

4. Tax deduction

5. Manage loan on PPF

Transaction Facilities:

Transaction Facilities:

1. View complete transaction

2. View scheduled transactions

3. View incomplete transactions

4. Repayment on RD half withdrawal

5. Manage payee

6. Transfer of funds

7. PPF(Public Provident Fund) withdrawal, contribution

8. Loan repayment

9. Viewing recurring or standing instructions

10.RD deposit and management

Genearl Facilities provided by DOP internet banking:

Genearl Facilities provided by DOP internet banking:

1. Mails on important action taken under DOP internet banking.

2. Queries and enquiries.

3. Various service requests.

Banking and Remittance Services Provided By Indian Postal Department


A user should never allow, attempt or permit others to access their DOP internet banking in order to safeguard the DOP accounts. In there are any kind of confusion or challenges one should always visit post office immediately. One should never share any details, pins, User name, Password to anyone. There is limits on fund transfer, charges are applied on services on DOP internet banking. Make your own research and visit the respected post office about DOP internet banking before proceeding with the facilities and procedures.

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