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How Car Owners Can Reduce Insurance Claim Hassles


The advantage of having insured your car shows up after an accident. Then, the costs of the dents on the door and the cracks on the windshield-expensive propositions that they are-can be passed on to the insurer. Unfortunately, the claim settlement experience is not hassle-free always. Difficulties can occasionally be blamed on bad luck or a below par insurer.


More often, however, the hassles are traced to the car owner. Some highly avoidable aspects are listed below:

How Car Owners Can Reduce Insurance Claim Hassles
1. Lack of Coverage - People do not always understand the scope of their car insurance. If you only have third-party insurance, you cannot expect your insurer to pay for any damages. So if you need the windshield replaced on an uninsured car, don't try filing a claim-foot the bill yourself. Understanding the extent of your coverage will reduce claim hassles.

2. Driving under the Influence - Insurers do not like drivers who put themselves and their cars wilfully at risk by driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you do not want any claims to be rejected, either ditch the alcohol or call a cab.


3. The Exclusion Clause - Look out for exclusions. For instance, insurance for personal car will not apply if the car has a collision while out on a business trip. If you file a claim anyway, you are up for claim rejection.

4. Car Modifications - You can happily carry out modifications, but make sure your insurer is in the loop. Modifications increase the value of your car, making it more prone to theft. If your insurer finds out about these changes after a collision or theft, they may not take kindly to your claim.

5. Driving Licence Issues - Good drivers get cheaper car insurance rates. The courtesy extends beyond the purchase stage. If your neglected to get your expired driving license renewed or if it has been suspended, claim problems could be in store.

6. Unauthorized Driver - Do not let unlisted drivers test out your car. Even good drivers get into accidents, sometimes for no fault of their own. If you file a claim for damage that occurred when an unauthorized driver was behind the wheel, the insurer would be well within its rights to reject your claim.

7. Failure to Report an Accident - If your car is stolen or in an accident, avoid dillydallying. Inform the police within 24 hours if you do not want any insurance troubles.

8. Change in Parking Area - Shifting can be stressful. But do not let the stress goad you into believing that you can put off informing the insurer about your changed address and parking space. Be on the safe side and let your insurer know about the changes, so that if a collision or theft does happen, you will have covered your bases.

9. Policy Lapse - If you are the type to forget deadlines, set up reminders. Ensure that you pay premiums on time and do not let your policy lapse. The insurer will not accept any claims on a lapsed policy.
Remember, these are only a few of the many factors that can lead to difficulties in claim settlement. Drive responsibly, know the policy terms and apprise your insurer of any changes-claim settlement problems are sure to decrease.

Written By: Deepak Yohannan
The author is the CEO of, an online insurance price & features comparison portal

For more articles by Deepak Yohannan, please visit
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Story first published: Thursday, November 6, 2014, 8:56 [IST]
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