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Should You Get An Insurance To Cover Possible Loss Of Car Keys?
If you are a forgetful person who absent-mindedly places things and cannot recall the location when you need them, you have most likely lost your keys at least once. To avoid inconvenience, you could get keys duplicated, however, when it comes to ...
Should You Get An Insurance To Cover Possible Loss Of Car Keys
5 Things To Check Before Buying A Second Hand Car
There are plenty of resources available in the market for those looking to purchase a second-hand car. However, before you decide to buy one, there are some things you need to know to make a calculated decision....
Things Check Before Buying Second Hand Car
What Is An Endorsement In Car Insurance?
Driving a vehicle in India requires one to have to an insurance coverage against the risk of harm to a third party and damage to their vehicle arising from using one's own. Owners also insure their own vehicle as a cover ...
Soon Multi-Year Car Insurance Policies Will Be On Offer
After multi-year policies that are available for two-wheeler for some time now, soon you will be able to secure similar kind of policy for your four-wheeler. As per the PTI report, multi-year policies for four-wheelers may come in as the Supreme ...
Soon Multi Year Car Insurance Policies Will Be On Offer
Few Reasons Why Your Car Insurance Claim May Be Denied
When you buy a car, you also safeguard it against damages and theft by buying a comprehensive cover that also provides for the mandatory third-party car insurance i.e. insurance against damage to third party and their assets due to your car. ...
Car Buyers Now Free To Choose Insurer Of Their Choice
As against the earlier practice in which you had no option but to buy insurance plan for your car from the insurance company with which your car dealer had tie-up, you now have the option to choose the insurer as per ...
Attention Car Buyers Now You Are Free Select Insurer Your
Know When Should You Change Your Motor Insurer?
Of the so many companies providing motor insurance in India, it may well be the case that your current insurer might not be fitting well to your motor insurance needs. So, considering this as well as other factors you can ...
How To Lower Your Motor Insurance Premium?
These days there is no household without a vehicle. According to our traffic system and conditions of our roads, it is always preferred to insure our vehicles. The law makes vehicle insurance mandatory. You would need to follow some tips and ...
How Lower Your Motor Insurance Premium
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