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Silver Rate in Kolkata (14th December 2018)

Dec 14, 2018
₹ 41.30 /Gram

Silver rates tend to move in tandem with the prices of gold. When the precious metal price rises, Silver rates also tend to go up. Over the last few months, silver prices have rallied as international prices have gained ground. This has led to silver rates in Kolkata also gaining some ground. Since the start of the year, we have seen decent gains of around 5-7 per cent in the prices of silver.

Today Silver Price Per Gram/Kg in Kolkata (INR)

Gram Silver Rate
Silver Rate
Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹ 41.30 ₹ 41.30 ₹ 0
8 gram ₹ 330.40 ₹ 330.40 ₹ 0
10 gram ₹ 413 ₹ 413 ₹ 0
100 gram ₹ 4,130 ₹ 4,130 ₹ 0
1 Kg ₹ 41,300 ₹ 41,300 ₹ 0

Silver Rate in Kolkata for Last 10 Days

Date 10 gram 100 gram 1 Kg
Dec 14, 2018 ₹ 413.00 ₹ 4,130.00 ₹ 41300.00
Dec 13, 2018 ₹ 413.00 ₹ 4,130.00 ₹ 41300.00
Dec 12, 2018 ₹ 413.00 ₹ 4,130.00 ₹ 41300.00
Dec 11, 2018 ₹ 415.00 ₹ 4,150.00 ₹ 41500.00
Dec 10, 2018 ₹ 415.00 ₹ 4,150.00 ₹ 41500.00
Dec 8, 2018 ₹ 412.50 ₹ 4,125.00 ₹ 41250.00
Dec 7, 2018 ₹ 412.00 ₹ 4,120.00 ₹ 41200.00
Dec 6, 2018 ₹ 414.00 ₹ 4,140.00 ₹ 41400.00
Dec 5, 2018 ₹ 413.50 ₹ 4,135.00 ₹ 41350.00
Dec 4, 2018 ₹ 414.00 ₹ 4,140.00 ₹ 41400.00

Weekly & Monthly Graph of Silver Price in India

Historical Price of Silver Rate in Kolkata

  • Silver Price Movement in Kolkata, November 2018
  • Silver Rates 1 Kg
    1 st November rate Rs.41,250
    30th November rate Rs.41,100
    Highest rate in November Rs.41,450 on November 3
    Lowest rate in November Rs.40,510 on November 10
    Over all performance Falling
    % Change -0.36%
  • Silver Price Movement in Kolkata, October 2018
  • Silver Price Movement in Kolkata, September 2018
  • Silver Price Movement in Kolkata, August 2018
  • Silver Price Movement in Kolkata, July 2018
  • Silver Price Movement in Kolkata, June 2018

Why Investment in Silver?

Those who cannot afford to invest in gold, tend to look at silver as a viable investment proposition. A lot of demand for silver tends to come from the rural areas. Silver maybe slightly less liquid than gold, but, it nonetheless serves as a hedge, in times of needs.

Today, for those that are silver savvy, one can also invest in the futures market. The one advantage of investing in silver through the futures market, is that there is no problem with regards to the worry over theft. The other reason to invest in the metal though this mechanism is that you do not need a locker or another safe place to hide the metal.

Coming back to silver rates in Kolkata, it is likely to move in line with how global markets move. At the moment, silver prices have remained range bound in the last few years. Unless, there is economic chaos or geo-political tensions, it is unlikely that silver prices would move quickly higher.

Silver prices in the international markets depends on a whole lot of factors, including inflation prospects, movement of the dollar and liquidity conditions in the globe. Also, if investors are risk averse they tend to move money from equities and other risky assets to gold and silver. Do not forget to check silver rates in Kolkata before investing.

We have also seen the rupee falling against the dollar, which has also led to silver becoming a tad bit expensive. Going ahead we believe that silver prices in Kolkata would continue its upward momentum. However, we do not see large scale gains for the metal.

Silver Rates in Kolkata in 2018

Silver rates in Kolkata are linked to a host of factors and among these include things like international prices of the precious metal. These again depend on a host of factors including movement of the precious metal, against the dollar etc. Also, if there are geo-political tensions, silver prices would flare-up, which is a good thing for investors in Kolkata. Over the last few decades investment in silver has been a rewarding experience for most investors, who have held a long-term perspective on the precious metal. If you are hence a long-term investor, it is best to be patient and hold onto it for soe more time. You should frequently check the prices of the precious metal.


Disclaimer: There maybe definitely a variance in rates and prices. GoodReturns.in has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided; however, Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries and associates do not guarantee such accuracy. The rates are for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to buy, sell in precious silver. Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries, associates do not accept culpability for losses and/or damages arising based on silver information provided. Silver rates are the futures rates across all cities in India and hence there maybe price variation.


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