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5 Top-Ranked Short Term Mutual Funds For Parking Your Funds In 2021
The Short-Term Mutual Funds' investment portfolio is made up of debt and money market securities. The funds' goal is to produce a favorable risk-adjusted return profile through tactical credit and interest rate risk management. In comparison to traditional banking choices such ...
Best 5 Top Ranked Short Term Mutual Fund Sip For Parking Your Funds In

4 Best Debt Mutual Fund SIPs To Invest In India In 2021
Fixed income instruments such as the conventional and highly popular bank fixed deposits currently fetch a low return of up to 5.5% for a 1-year deposit. Amid high inflation, it is expected that sooner or later government will have to hike ...
Best Debt Mutual Fund Sips To Invest In India In
3 Debt Funds Whose Returns Have Beaten Bank FDs
Bank interest rates have fallen in the last few years and larger government owned banks are offering you an interest rate of 5.5% at the maximum. Some of the larger private sector banks too are offering similar interest rates. At such ...
Five Types of Mutual Funds You Need to Know About
Mutual funds are one of the most popular choices for investments today. Whether you are new to investing or have years of investing experience behind you, it's important to invest wisely and in funds that serve your goals. Mutual funds come ...
Five Types Of Mutual Funds You Need To Know About
SEBI Allows Some Debt Funds To Increase Investment In Govt Bonds
In line with the demands of the mutual fund industry body, capital markets regulator SEBI has allowed certain categories of debt funds to make additional investment in government bonds. In a letter to the Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI), ...
Sebi Allows Some Debt Funds To Increase Investment In Govt Bonds
Debt Funds You Can Bet For Different Goals
Investment portfolio to meet varied goals need to be a mix of debt, equity , gold, cash, property. And the proportion of each also is determined basis your age, how far is the goal you have figured out is, your risk ...
Debt Funds You Can Bet For Different Goals
What Are Dynamic Bond Funds?
Dynamic Bond Funds are a category of debt mutual funds that are designed to take advantage of changing interest rates. While there are different kinds of mutual funds in India, debt mutual funds invest in a mix of debt instruments or fixed ...
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