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How To Link LPG Connection With Aadhaar Card And Get Subsidies in Bank Account?


Linking the Aadhaar Card to your LPG connection has remained a top priority of the government, who have been pushing the Pahal Scheme.


This has helped to curb leakages, though there are many complaints that bank accounts are not being credited with the subsidy amount and there are delays.

The systems still need some more full proof planning. There is still chaos at some of the gas dealers in the major cities as many individuals looking to link their accounts still have some way to go in terms of fulfilling documentation requirements.

How to Link Aadhaar Card with State Bank of India Account?

How To Link LPG Connection With Aadhaar Card And Get Subsidies in Bank Account?

The finer details

When you have an Aadhaar Card and still you have not linked to your LPG connection then you are missing your subsidies.

As per the scheme by government, LPG consumers will receive their LPG cylinders at full market price and will get their subsidy amounts directly in their bank accounts.

What this means is that initially you pay the full amount for the cylinder which is around Rs 625 currently. The government will credit the subsidy amount which currently comes to less than Rs 200 directly into your account.


If you have linked your Aadhaar card with your bank account and LPG connection you will receive a certain amount from the government.

If you have an Aadhaar number, then please visit your nearest branch to link your Aadhaar with your Bank account and also submit the same to your LPG dealer.

How To Link LPG Connection With Aadhaar Card?

Visit website

Press the Start now button
Step 1: Enter the details of your LPG company such as state district.
Step 2: Choose Benefit Type and Scheme Name
Step 3: Enter Email ID, Mobile Number, and Aadhaar number
Step 4: Enter the OTP (One Time Password) No, sent to your mobile, and the Security code displayed.
Click Submit.

Once you link your Aadhaar number to LPG connection, ensure that your Address in Aadhaar card should not be different from Cylinder delivery address. Else, you need to submit the Proof of Address of Cylinder delivery along-with the ARS to your Distributor.

How can I know if my Aadhaar number is linked to LPG and Bank Database?

To check your Aadhaar linkage status please visit the transparency portal of your LPG Company. Following are the steps to check your Aadhaar linking status at Transparency Portal.

Visit your respective LPG company. Enter all the details under "Normal Search" and press Proceed Button.

Search your details by entering your Consumer No. or Consumer Name under Search By option and press Enter to know your Aadhaar linking status in LPG and Banks.

What Happens To those Who Do Not have Aadhar Card?

The government says that certain other documents would be fine to link the LPG account to the bank account. However, at the moment gas dealers insist on an Aadhar Account to link the same.

So, it's best you apply for one, because the more you delay the more you would lose in terms of subsidies.

You can follow the other methods to link your account as mentioned above.

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