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Freshtrop Fruits Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1. The company was incorporated on 30th September 1992 as
private limited company vide certificate No.04-18365 of 1992-93
under the name and style Freshtrop Fruits Pvt Ltd.and it was
converted into public limited company vide Certificate of
Incorporation No. 04-18365 dated 22nd September 1994.

2 FRESHTROP FRUITS LIMITED (FFL) is engaged in the business of
export of fresh fruit to various parts of Europe, Middle East
and South East Asia. It was promoted by a group of leading fruit
merchants having more than four decades of experience in
domestic fruit trade alongwith a team of professionals having
more than two decades of experience in manufacturing of
packaging materials as their business activities, which are
complementary to each other.

3. Initially the Promoters started a partnership Company in the
name of H.C.lNTERNATlONAL in 1991 and trial exports of various
fruits and vegetables were undertaken in the year 1992. The
partners in H C International are Mr Chetan V Motiani, Ms Namita
A Motiani, Mr Prem L Rohra and Mr Naresh K Rohra. In the same
year many importers from the European markets came to India for
procurement of fresh fruits like grapes and mangoes. Discussions
with them revealed that grapes and mangoes could be transported
by sea from India to Europe provided a certain post harvest
treatment was undertaken.

4. The promoters could easily visualise the future and decided
to put up post harvest treatment facility. A new company
procured at Village :Jaulke. Tal.Dindori. Dist. Nasik.
Maharashtra and within six months a Pre-Cooling unit and Cold
Storage facility with an installed capacity to handle 8 tonnes
of fresh fruits per day was established. The Company started its
commercial operations on 17th March, 1993. The first year of
operations for all practical purposes was however 1993-94. The
principal fruits dealt with in the first year were grapes and
mangoes. Trial exports of Pomegranates and Apples were also made
during the year.

5. The precooling and Cold storage facility put up by FFL had a
capital outlay of Rs. 150 lacs which included the cost of land,
building, precooling and cold storage equipments, except margin
for working capital refrigerated vans and other supporting
plants and machinery etc. The project was appraised and part
financed by ICICI by way of term loan of Rs.75 lacs, extended
under the Agricultural Commercialisation And Enterprise (ACE)
Programme of USAID.

6. In the first year of its operations, FFL has carved out a
distinct place in the exports of precooled fresh fruits to
countries like U.K., Netherlands. U. A. E., Saudi Arabia,
Kuwait. Hongkong and Sri Lanka. The stringent quality control
exercised right from the farming operations to the precooling,
Transportation, packing and storing at desired temperature, has
won widespread recognition to the fruit supplied by FFL under
the trade name of "FRESHTROP" The total quantity exported so far
is as under:

Name of Fruits Grapes Mangoes Apples Pomegranates
Unit of Measurement M.T. M.T. M.T. M.T.

Name of the Country

U. K. 475 61 0 0

Netherlands 84 1 0 0

U. A. E. 117 15 0 8

Saudi Arabia 124 22 0 6

Kuwait 1 1 0 0

Hongkong 97 3 0 0

Sri Lanka 0 0 15 0

Total 898 103 15 14

7. The fruit trade world Over takes place on consignment basis
and the fall of cut off date (the year ending) in the middle of
the season was supposed to cause many practical problems such as
reflection of the correct result. valuation of stock, goods in
transit, finalisation of accounts and audit etc. It was
therefore thought fit to keep the financial year of the company
from July to June every year. Accordingly the financial year
1993-94 consisted of 15 months period commencing from 1st April,
1993 to June, l994.


The main objects of the company as set out in the Memorandum and
Articles of Association of the company, inter alia, include the

1. To carry on the business as traders, merchants, buyers,
sellers, dealers, exporters, importers, brokers, distributors,
commission agents, sub-commission agents, consignment agents of
fruits and fruit products, vegetable and vegetable products,
flowers and foilage whether manufactured, semi-manufactured,
processed or in raw form as wholesaler, retailers, on commission
basis or on commission and profit sharing basis.

2. To carry on the business to manufacture, produce, preserve,
process, can, refine, dehydrate, prepare powder, chips.
extracts, nectar, pulp, juice, sauce, pickle made out of fruits,
vegetables, spices of all kinds and to grow and produce fruits,
vegetables, vinegar, products.


The company does not have any subsidiary within the meaning of
the Companies Act, 1956.


-Freshtrop Fruits has recommended 12.5%


-Freshtrop has recommended 20%


--The Company has issued Bonus Shares in the Ratio of 1:1.


-The Company has issued Bonus Shares in the Ratio of 1:1.

-Freshtrop Fruits designed E-mail ID for Investors Complaints: info@freshtrop.com


-Freshtrop Fruits has started commercial production of fruit pulps and concentrates at its new Unit situated at Village Janori, District Nasik, Maharashtra.


-Freshtrop Fruits Ltd has recommended a dividend Rs. 1 per share (10%) on the equity shares.


-Freshtrop Fruits Ltd has recommended a dividend of Rs. 1 per share (10%) on the equity shares.