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World Currencies Vs Indian Rupee (INR)

If you are a Non Resident Indian (NRI) it becomes extremely important to compare the currency rate in India with other world currencies. In the last few months we have seen the Indian rupee gaining and the currency value against global currencies staging a recovery.The currency exchange rate in India is today a factor of what happens in the inter bank exchange in India.

Asian Currencies Vs Indian Rupee (INR)

MYR Malaysian Ringgit Convert 1 MYR = 16.62351 INR
SGD Singapore Dollar Convert 1 SGD = 49.27533 INR
JPY Japanese Yen Convert 1 JPY = 0.61315 INR
BDT Bangladeshi Taka Convert 1 BDT = 0.78117 INR
CNY Chinese Yuan Convert 1 CNY = 10.25825 INR
HKD Hong Kong Dollar Convert 1 HKD = 8.34835 INR
IDR Indonesian Rupiah Convert 1 IDR = 0.00472 INR
KHR Cambodian Riel Convert 1 KHR = 0.01620 INR
KRW South Korean Won Convert 1 KRW = 0.06070 INR
LAK Lao Kip Convert 1 LAK = 0.00783 INR
LKR Sri Lankan Rupee Convert 1 LKR = 0.41644 INR
MVR Maldivian Rufiyaa Convert 1 MVR = 4.21960 INR
NPR Nepalese Rupee Convert 1 NPR = 0.62500 INR
PHP Philippine Peso Convert 1 PHP = 1.25155 INR
PKR Pakistani Rupee Convert 1 PKR = 0.58741 INR
THB Thai Baht Convert 1 THB = 2.08009 INR
TWD Taiwanese Dollar Convert 1 TWD = 2.23091 INR
VND Vietnamese Dong Convert 1 VND = 0.00286 INR

Europian Currencies Vs Indian Rupee (INR)

EUR Euro Convert 1 EUR = 79.86600 INR
GBP British Pound Sterling Convert 1 GBP = 90.54589 INR
CHF Swiss Franc Convert 1 CHF = 68.25022 INR
BAM Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark Convert 1 BAM = 40.83484 INR
BGN Bulgarian Lev Convert 1 BGN = 40.83484 INR
CZK Czech Koruna Convert 1 CZK = 3.14224 INR
DKK Danish Krone Convert 1 DKK = 10.72063 INR
HRK Croatian Kuna Convert 1 HRK = 10.74578 INR
HUF Hungarian Forint Convert 1 HUF = 0.25686 INR
ISK Icelandic Krona Convert 1 ISK = 0.65197 INR
MDL Moldovan Leu Convert 1 MDL = 3.59463 INR
MKD Macedonian Denar Convert 1 MKD = 1.29691 INR
NOK Norwegian Krone Convert 1 NOK = 8.41843 INR
PLN Polish Zloty Convert 1 PLN = 18.93164 INR
RON Romanian Leu Convert 1 RON = 17.09827 INR
RSD Serbian Dinar Convert 1 RSD = 0.67443 INR
RUB Russian Rouble Convert 1 RUB = 1.12985 INR
SEK Swedish Krona Convert 1 SEK = 7.93072 INR
TRY Turkish Lira Convert 1 TRY = 16.59174 INR
UAH Ukraine Hryvnia Convert 1 UAH = 2.48197 INR

Middle Eastern Currencies Vs Indian Rupee (INR)

AED United Arab Emirates Dirham Convert 1 AED = 17.68555 INR
SAR Saudi Riyal Convert 1 SAR = 17.32005 INR
OMR Omani Rial Convert 1 OMR = 168.92249 INR
BHD Bahraini Dinar Convert 1 BHD = 172.73986 INR
ILS Israeli Sheqel Convert 1 ILS = 18.79392 INR
IRR Iranian Rial Convert 1 IRR = 0.00172 INR
JOD Jordanian Dinar Convert 1 JOD = 91.60817 INR
KWD Kuwaiti Dinar Convert 1 KWD = 216.67096 INR
LBP Lebanese Pound Convert 1 LBP = 0.04308 INR
QAR Qatari Riyal Convert 1 QAR = 17.84346 INR
SYP Syrian Pound Convert 1 SYP = 0.12618 INR

North American Currencies Vs Indian Rupee (INR)

USD United States Dollar Convert 1 USD = 64.95019 INR
CAD Canadian Dollar Convert 1 CAD = 49.61953 INR
AWG Aruban Florin Convert 1 AWG = 36.28502 INR
BBD Barbadian Dollar Convert 1 BBD = 32.47509 INR
BMD Bermudian Dollar Convert 1 BMD = 64.95019 INR
BSD Bahamian Dollar Convert 1 BSD = 64.95019 INR
DOP Dominican Peso Convert 1 DOP = 1.31171 INR
GTQ Guatemalan Quetzal Convert 1 GTQ = 8.78051 INR
JMD Jamaican Dollar Convert 1 JMD = 0.50792 INR
MXN Mexican Peso Convert 1 MXN = 3.47655 INR
PAB Panamanian Balboa Convert 1 PAB = 64.95019 INR
XCD East Caribbean Dollar Convert 1 XCD = 24.05563 INR

Oceanian Currencies Vs Indian Rupee (INR)

AUD Australian Dollar Convert 1 AUD = 50.10681 INR
FJD Fijian Dollar Convert 1 FJD = 32.19152 INR
NZD New Zealand Dollar Convert 1 NZD = 46.89730 INR
XPF CFP Franc Convert 1 XPF = 0.66928 INR

South American Currencies Vs Indian Rupee (INR)

ARS Argentine Peso Convert 1 ARS = 3.21970 INR
BOB Bolivian Boliviano Convert 1 BOB = 9.40403 INR
BRL Brazilian Real Convert 1 BRL = 19.81295 INR
CLP Chilean Peso Convert 1 CLP = 0.10681 INR
COP Colombian Peso Convert 1 COP = 0.02276 INR
PEN Peruvian Sol Convert 1 PEN = 19.86303 INR
PYG Paraguayan Guaraní Convert 1 PYG = 0.01174 INR
UYU Uruguayan Peso Convert 1 UYU = 2.28764 INR
VEF Venezuelan Bolívar Convert 1 VEF = 6.49502 INR

African Currencies Vs Indian Rupee (INR)

ZAR South African Rand Convert 1 ZAR = 5.42503 INR
EGP Egyptian Pound Convert 1 EGP = 3.69562 INR
GHS Ghana Cedi Convert 1 GHS = 14.70178 INR
GMD Gambian Dalasi Convert 1 GMD = 1.37470 INR
KES Kenyan Shilling Convert 1 KES = 0.64148 INR
MAD Moroccan Dirham Convert 1 MAD = 7.07047 INR
MGA Malagasy Ariary Convert 1 MGA = 0.02063 INR
MUR Mauritian Rupee Convert 1 MUR = 1.95728 INR
NAD Namibian Dollar Convert 1 NAD = 5.42503 INR
NGN Nigerian Naira Convert 1 NGN = 0.18053 INR
SCR Seychellois Rupee Convert 1 SCR = 4.82954 INR
TND Tunisian Dinar Convert 1 TND = 26.78008 INR
UGX Ugandan Shilling Convert 1 UGX = 0.01775 INR
XAF Central African Franc Convert 1 XAF = 0.12148 INR
XOF West African Franc Convert 1 XOF = 0.12175 INR

How Currency Works?

Currency tells the economic condition of a country. You can take a countries currency and compare it with some other countries then you can understand the economic situation of that country. Money can be in coin form or paper form. As of now, The top currencies are Dollar, Yen, Euro, Pound, Franc, etc. The exchange rate of these currencies changes depending upon the political and economic conditions in the country and the interest rate paid by a country's central bank is also a big factor. Years ago money in various countries was based on the gold or silver reserves or combination of the two availability in the country.

The exchange rate of the top currencies matters to those who trade and also the one who is traveling from a country to another country. The Inflation and the deflation of a country is also dependent on the currency. If there is any imbalance in the volume of the currency printed, then it will result in Inflation or Deflation.

Comparing the Indian Currency with World Currency Rates

If the US dollar weakens against basket of other currencies, it tends to also impact the Indian rupee. Many Indian companies who earn their money in US dollars or NRIs need to keep a tab on world currency rates vs the Indian rupee. This helps them to hedge against risks that may arise in the forex markets. The Indian currency value is on the rise at the moment given that India's forex reserves have surged in the recent past. The last few weeks have seen remarkable gains in the Indian currency and this might even increase in the coming days.

Mostly to understand the situation of our country against another country in the world is by comparing the countries currency rate by Indian currency rate. For comparing purpose, there are many tools online. On goodreturns.in we provide with one of the best currency conversion tools where you can check the World currency vs. Indian Currency rates or vice versa.

When we compare Indian currency vs. world currencies, there are countries where the Indian currency is the costlier currency comparatively, and there are few countries where the Indian rupee is cheaper.

List of Few World Currencies where Indian Currency is Stronger

Here is a list of currencies when we compare Indian currency vs World currencies Indian rupee is stronger.

Indonesia - One Indian Rupee is equal to nearly two hundred Indonesian Rupiah.

Vietnam - One Indian Rupee is equal to nearly Three hundred and fifty Vietnamese Dong.

Cambodia - One Indian Rupee is equaled to nearly sixty Cambodian Riel.

List of Few World Currencies where Indian Currency is Weaker

Here is a list of currencies when we compare Indian currency vs. World currencies Indian rupee is Weaker.

The United States of America - One US Dollar equaled to nearly sixty-five rupees in Indian Currency.

Europe - One Euro equaled to nearly Seventy-five rupees in Indian Currency.

The United Arab Emirates - One United Arab Emirates Dirham equals to nearly seventeen rupees in Indian Currency.

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