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OMR to INR: Convert Omani Rial to Indian Rupee

Importance of Converting OMR Vs. INR

The currency of Oman is known as Omani Rial or OMR.

One OMR is worth INR 165.58 as on January 30, 2018. 1 OMR = INR 165.58, which means that for every 1 Oman given or spent, you should get INR 165.58 or something of its worth. Rial is split into 1/1000 baisa. The currency code for Rials is OMR. Saudi Riyal became the official currency of Oman in 1970. OMR replaced Saudi Riyal in 1973.

The Currency conversion of OMR vs. INR is dependent mainly on various external factors which affect the price of the currency in the global exchange market. The primary factor that influences the currency rate fluctuation is inflation rate. As a general rule, a country with a low inflation rate exhibits a rising currency value, as the purchasing power increases in the country as compared to other currencies. For example, if the rate of inflation is less than 2% then the value of Indian Rupee against OMR will be more and vice-versa.

Differentials in the interest rates also act as a factor that affects the conversion price of OMR vs. INR. The Central Banks manipulates interest rates and exert influence over both inflation and exchange rates. The changing interest rates will impact inflation and currency values. Interest rates indicate the cost at which the money can be borrowed. Higher interest rates will attract foreign capital and leads to raising in the exchange rates.

The Current-Account Deficits also affect the currency conversion rates. The current account is the balance of trade between a country and its trading partners; it reflects all the payments between two countries for goods, services, interest, and dividends. A deficit in current account indicates that the nation is spending more on the foreign trade than it is earning.

A country's economic, social and political conditions also affect the currency conversion rates. If all the conditions mentioned above are right, then the value of the currency rises as there is confidence among the foreign investors to invest in the country, even the export and import of goods and services will show favorable trade balances.

OMR 1 = INR 185.11
INR 1 = OMR 0.01

OMR to INR Exchange Rate History

  • December 2019 Currency Exchange : OMR to INR
    1 st December Rate 186.36 INR
    31st December Rate 185.24 INR
    Highest rate in December 186.50 INR on December 4
    Lowest Rate in December 183.23 INR on December 13
    Over all performance Falling
    % Change -0.60%

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