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6 Best Monopoly Company Stocks In India


The Indian market is not a monopoly. In India, each industry has several participants, making it a competitive market. However, your brand can grow to the point that people only desire your items, giving you a monopoly or a significant market share over competitors. In the monopoly business, the seller faces no opposition as he is the only supplier available in the market. Such organizations normally have prolonged existence and regular revenue. Thus are accurate for long-time period investment. they'll fetch you better returns and dividends. Monopoly shares have the capacity to turn out to be multi-bagger shares in the future.




The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), which was founded in 1999, is the only entity permitted to sell railway tickets through both online and offline channels. It is the only company in the entire railway network that is permitted to sell water bottles. It is the only catering firm allowed to operate on Indian railways. Friends, as more people become engaged in travel, they will be in high demand in every area, including online tickets, water bottles, catering services, including internet catering, and the railway network's chain of cafes and restaurants.

Because it is the sole entity that operates Indian railways, IRCTC has monopoly power. Investors flocked to the public offering when it was announced. The stock delivered 74.22% in a year, 59.87% in six months, 14.70% in a month.

For the past three years, the company has shown a good profit growth of 35.03 percent and the company has maintained a respectable ROE of 33.38 percent. With a healthy interest coverage ratio of 103.47, the company is in good shape.

  • Share Price: Rs 2,331.30
  • Market Cap: Rs 37,300.80 Crore


CDSL (Central Depository Services limited). When you trade assets (such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, government securities, treasury bills, and so on), CDSL keeps track of your holdings and transactions in dematerialized form. In India, there are just two such companies: NSDL and CDSL. CDSL is preferred by many brokers over NSDL. The one reason is that it has 30% lower rates than NSDL.

CDSL is the market leader in this industry, with a market share of 59 percent. With three-year ROE of 14 percent and a healthy ROCE of 20.18 percent. The stock delivered 293.77% in a year, 172.77% in six months, 35.75% in a month.

  • Share Price: Rs 1,331.45
  • Market Cap: Rs 13,913.65 Cr.


CAMS (Computer-Age Management Services) assists mutual funds with report maintenance, data administration, and registration and transfer agent services (RTA). CAMS has a 70% market share and a market capitalization of Rs 13800 crore. In the last five years, the mutual fund business has grown significantly. Four of the top five mutual funds are among CAMS' mutual fund clients. CAMS has a distinct advantage because the entry barrier to this market is quite high, and replacing the company is extremely tough.

The stock delivered 133.8% in a year, 82.3% in six months, 17.31% in a month, and zero.

  • Share Price: Rs 3,360.00
  • Market Cap: Rs 16,311.39 Crore


The Indian Energy Exchange is the country's major electricity exchange. It's an online marketplace where buyers and sellers of electricity can exchange. It improves the electricity market's accessibility and transparency, as well as the speed and efficiency with which trades are executed. The amount of spot power traded on the exchange is steadily increasing. As the pandemic fades, the country's electricity demand continues to rise. However, this is another company that may be bought on the cheap for a long-term investment.

The company's net profit climbed by 49.23% year over year, from Rs 42.1 crore to Rs 62.8 crore. The revenue grew every year, from Rs 257 crore in fiscal FY2021, to Rs 318 crore in fiscal FY2021. The stock delivered 145.43% in a year, 74.12% in six months, 13.26% in a month.

  • Share PRice: Rs 431
  • Market Cap: Rs 12,910.89 Crore


Indian Railways' Container Corporation of India Limited is a totally owned subsidiary. CONCOR was founded in March 1988 under the Companies Act and began operations in November 1989, taking over Indian Railways' existing network of seven inland container facilities. CONCOR (Container Corporation of India Limited) is a navratna firm owned by the Indian government, with promoters owning 54.8 percent of the company. It also constructs, maintains, and restores shipping containers. Conquer has its own terminals at 61 sites, making it a market leader in the transportation and logistics industry. The stock delivered 42.50% in a year, 41.82% in six months, -6.27% in a month.

  • Share Price: Rs 643.95
  • Market Cap: Rs 39,232.46 Crore
Multi Commodity Exchange of India

Multi Commodity Exchange of India

India's first commodities derivative exchange is the Multi Commodity Exchange. It enables commodity derivative trades to be traded online. A wide selection of commodities can be traded with an MCX trading account. With a market share of over 92 percent in India's commodities exchange sector, MCX has a near-monopoly.

The average daily turnover of commodities futures contracts climbed by 21% to Rs 28,031 crore in Q1FY2022, compared to Rs 23,129 crore in the previous year. In Q1FY2022, the company made a combined net profit of Rs 39.80 crore. The net profit CAGR for the last three years is 27.6 percent, which is impressive. The stock delivered -3.79% in a year, -0.15% in six months, 5.52% in a month.

  • Share Price: Rs 1,603.25
  • Market Cap: Rs 8,176.31 Crore


The stocks listed above are only intended to give you a general picture of what monopoly stocks in India are like. HAL, ITC, Pidilite, and Asian Paints are some of the other monopoly company stocks. Please conduct a fundamental and technical stock analysis before selecting these stocks for investment. This market structure, however, has some disadvantages. Due to a lack of competition in the industry, monopolists frequently operate inefficiently. Furthermore, price differentiation may be harmful to customers. Finally, before making any investments, speak with a financial counselor.

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