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Lack Of Knowledge In Shares Can Sometimes Help To Make Money


You can call a stock market investor stupid, if he lacks knowledge on fundamental analysis of a stock and has invested in the same. But, what if he has made more money then an astute investor, who considers himself a great equity research analyst.


Lack Of Knowledge In Shares Can Sometimes Help To Make Money
There are many examples of investors who have made money without any analysis or knowledge of stocks.

An elderly senior citizen recalls how his friend forced him to buy the shares of chemical giant BASF in the early 1980s.

He paid a very nominal price for the same. He would get the dividend and the annual report regularly, but did not bother to check what it was.

It was only recently that he acquired some knowledge and realised with the bonuses the company had given his small holdings had turned very large.

He was then able to calculate the amount and the value of the shares. Today, the price of one BASF share is Rs 1205.

"If I had the knowledge and realised the value I would have sold the shares long ago. So, the lack of knowledge of shares led me to just keep it. So, it helped me to make more money," he says.

There are scored of investors in the country who have inherited shares from their parents and still do not know they are sitting on a goldmine.

They just hold onto the shares, because sometimes they do not know even how to sell the same. By the time they seek advise they are sitting on a fortune.

In fact, sometimes if one has the knowledge he tends to sell shares after making a decent profit, while the one who lacks it, just does not know what to do with it.

He clings onto and by the time he gains knowledge he has made a lot of money, then an astute investor who has sold the same for a profit.


Sometimes, it's rewarding if you lack the knowledge.

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