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8 Best Part Time Jobs For College Students


As a student, one can sometimes have a lot of free time at hand which can be productively utilised to make money from part time jobs. These jobs will not only help you make some money but can be a job experience that might be valued in your future endeavors. It can give you an edge over other candidates when you apply for a full time job after your college education.

8 Best Part Time Jobs For College Students

Here is a list of part time jobs that you can take up in college:

1. IT Support

If you have a knack for gadgets, and you are the friend everyone goes for help with a software/ hardware breakdown issue; well, you can look to make some money from those skills.

College students need to use computers for several projects and these can certainly have normal wear and tear issues. When this happens, the student community will usually turn to the nearest help (within the campus) than the company service provider for a quicker and cheaper fix.

2. Social Media Assistant

College students use social media more than any other age group. For the same reason, some brands hire interns who can promote their product or apps through various social media platforms.

These are temporary positions with a minimal stipend, but you can be offered a permanent position after college if you prove to be good at your work.

3. Tutor

8 Best Part Time Jobs For College Students

If you are good at academics, parents of young children will willingly hire you to tutor their kids. Advertise about your willingness to teach the kids in your neighbourhood. Word of mouth is also a strong source of advertising of a tutor's job.

Depending on the subject and the age group of the students, you should be able to make a good amount by just spending one to two hours a day.


4. Uber or Ola Driver

You can put your knowledge of the city roads to good use by turning your car into a cab. This requires a driver's license, some registration fees, and a car. You can opt for more than one taxi brand to increase your customer base.

It is a flexible job where you can choose to work when you can but do keep the safety factor in mind. If you are not a good driver, do not take the risk as it can be life-threatening.

5. Event promoter

Similar to the social media manager, this job also requires networking but on a personal level. Events like corporate conventions conducted by event management businesses require promoters and attendees. Part of your job will be to convince promoters to sponsor the event in return for brand promotion and a major portion will require you to get as many attendees as possible.

New restaurants too hire promoters for a commission to get people to visit their place. You can put your networking and social media skills to use.

6. Resume Writer

Do you have good language skills where you can put unorganised text in a structured and meaningful way? If yes, then resume writing is for you. A lot of students struggle with formatting their resumes, which is a crucial element for internship/job search. It is a good part time option that is highly flexible and requires no initial investment.

7. Restuarant/ Fast food chain Employee

8 Best Part Time Jobs For College Students

Many fast food chains hire students to work in evening shifts, for example from 5 pm to 11 pm. The job is tough but gives you exposure to the working of a restaurant business and attractive employee discounts.

A server can even earn some extra money from tips.

8. E-commerce Delivery

E-commerce companies hire local talent for their knowledge of the town/ city roads. You can get in touch with their logistics provider and get hired for part-time deliveries in your locality. This job might require owning a vehicle.

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