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Notes to Accounts of Aanchal Ispat Ltd.

Mar 31, 2015

1. The above financial Results have Been prepared on Standalone Basis.

2. The above Audied Financials Result after review by the audit Committee where approved by the board of Directors at its meeting held on 30.O5.J015

3. Revised Schedule III to Companies Act 2013.

4. During the year Company has allotted 80,04,000 equity Shares of the Face value Rs.10 each to promoters and Mon-promoters.

5. TtmiB nphts attached to equity shares

the company has only ona dass of equity shares liavlnga par value of Rs. 10 per share. Each holder of equity shares Ls entiled one vote per share, hi the event ?f liquidation of the company, the holders of equity share wlli be entitled to receive remaining assets of the company, after distribution of all perferntial amounts. The distribution wlS be In proportion to (he number of equity shares held by the shareholders

6. The Company has alloted 85,66,500 fully paid up equity share of face value Rs. 10 each during the year ended march 31,2015 pursuant to a bonus Issue approved by the shareholders. Bonus issue was made utilizing the Share Premium Reserve.

7. During the YEAR; the company has made an initial public offer(IPO) of 80,04,000 number of equity share ji Rs. 10 each. The equity share have been priced and allotted at Rs. 20 per equity share(including share premium at Rs.10 per equity share).

8. The company has raised Rs. 16,00,80,000 out of IPO. The equity share offer to ther public have been allotted on 6th December, 2014 and have been listed in Bombay Stock ExchangejUSB) on 10th Deccrnder 2014. Accordingly issued and paid up share has increased from Rs. 4,23,32,500 to Rs. 12,28,72500 and an amount of Rs. 8,00,40,000 has been Credited to Securities premium account. The proceeds of the issue are being utilized for the purpose mentioned in the pnospectus/retained in the Bank deposit pending utilization.

9. The SME / Lap residence Loan from Standard Chartered Bank carries interest at 15.25% per annum. The loan is repayable in monthly installa-ments of Rs. 147354.00 from the date of first disbursment. The loan is Secured by Property of Director.

10. Cash Credit from kaiur vysya bank Ls secured by (a) Hypothecation of present and future stocks of raw materials, work-in-process, finished goods, consumables, stores and spares, book debts, money' receivables, :rights and other movable assets excluding bills purchascd'discounted by bank and bills against which advance has been paid which belong to the Company and lb} Second charge and mortgage on immovable properties of the Company.

Basic and diluted earnings per shares ii computed by dividing the net profit attributable to equity share holders for the year, by the weighted average number of equity shares outstanding during the year, for the purpose of calculating diluted earning per share, the net profit or loss for the year attributable to equity share holders and the weighted average number of shares outstanding during the year are adjusted for the effects of all dilutive potential equity shares.

11. related partiy disclosure

Namia of related parties and related parly relationship

Mr. Mukesh Goel - Promoter / Managing Director

Mr. Manoj Goel - Promoter Director

Pratik Suppliers Private limited - Promoter Company

Mr. Sitaram Goyal - Relative of Directors

Mu. Maina Devi Coe] - Relative of Directors

Mu. Rashmi Cod - Relative of Directors

Mrs. Kanju Gael - Relative of Directors

Mrs. Monika C oel - Relative of Directors

AanchaJ Collection Limited - Croup Company

Aanchal Cement Limited - Ctoup Company

Aanchal Iron fe Steels Private Limited - Croup Company

Kalayani Rice Mills Private Limited - Croup Company

Maina Securities Private Limited - Croup Company

Haldia Alloys & Ispat Private Limited - Group Company

khush Metalliks Private limited - Group Company

Penguin Creation Private limited - Croup Company

Jaya Rice Mills Private limited - Croup Company

MukesH gOEL HUF - Croup Entity

Manoj Gael HUF - Croup Entity