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Accurate Transformers Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

The Company was incorporated on 18th April, 1988 as Private Limited Company under the name of Accurate Transformers Private Limited. In the year 1988 itself the company took over the business of erstwhile proprietorship firm 'Transformers (India)', which was engaged in manufacturing and repair of transformers of different ratings. Mr. C.L.
Sharma chief promoters of Accurate Transformers Ltd. was sole proprietor of 'Transformers (India).

Since 1988, after taking over the business of 'Transformers India', company was engaged in repair and manufacture of transformers. In last six years company has established the production processes and developed required infrastructure. The company made constant efforts to add more clientele & provide effective service with the result that the turnover increased from Rs. 112.92 lacs in 1988-89 to Rs. 633.95 lacs in 1993-94.

The company is presently manufacturing transformers of ratings varying from 25 KVA to 400 KVA. These transformers are mainly supplied to various State Electricity Boards including those of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab and West Bengal on a Made-To-Order basis. The Transformers Produced by ATL are in Operation for years and are being used by various State Electricity Boards for Power transmission and distribution. The quality and reliability of its products is well established.

The company has a dedicated work force and has had harmonious industrial relations with the labour force. It has not faced any labour problems and has not lost a single man day since Commencement of operations.


The main objects of the Company as set out in Memorandum & Articles of Association are as follows:

1. To carry on the business of manufacturers of and dealers in electrical and electronic products of all kinds, transformers, generators, meters, accumulators, wires, cables and electronic devices, controls and their spare parts.

2. To construct, laydown, establish, fix, erect, equip and maintain transformers, generators, machinery, electrical equipment and cables, wire lines, accumulators, lamps, fittings and apparatus in the capacity of principals, contractors or otherwise.

3. To purchase, sell export, import, manufacture, grow, prepare for market, and deal in all kinds of merchandise, produce commodities, articles and things which may be required for the purposes of any of the businesses which the company is authorised to carry on.


- The company has received very good orders in 25 MVA and 40 MVA capacity power
transformers. The total value of these orders is Rs 49.05 Crores (Rupees Forty Nine
Crores and Five Lacs Only).