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Notes to Accounts of Crane Infrastructure Ltd.

Mar 31, 2015

A) All the figures are rounded off to the nearest rupee.

b) No claims under Interest on delayed payments to Small Scale and Ancillary Industrial Undertakings are outstanding with the Company.

c) In the opinion of the Board of Directors, Current Assets, loans and advances as at 31st March 2015 are expected to produce on realization in the ordinary course of the company's business, at least the amounts at which they are stated in the Balance Sheet. .

d) The Revaluation Reserve acquired from Virat Crane Industries Ltd, which is created in the year 2006-07 on revaluation of Fixed Assets, is charged / debited by Rs. 18,87,577- being the difference between the depreciation computed on revalued buildings and the written down value of building before revaluation.

e) The Company has changed the Accounting Policy on Providing for Depreciation of Fixed Assets in line with the changes in Provisions of Companies Act, 2013 [Refer Accounting Policy 1-F]. Consequent to the change, the amount of depreciation charged to Statement of Profit and Loss during the" year is lower by Rs.5.42 lakhs for the year ended 31.03.2015. Further an amount of Rs.9.42 lakhs being the opening written down value of the Assets whose useful life has become Rs. Nil as per the transitional provision of Schedule-II of the Companies Act, 2013 has been adjusted to the Opening Balance of Profit and Loss account under the head Reserves and Surplus.

f) The difference between the Demerger Reserve and Shares allotted amounting to Rs.3,70,86,141/- has been treated as Goodwill in the books of accounts.

g) Disclosure requirements as per Accounting Standards prescribed under Companies Act, 201