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Dynamic Portfolio Management & Services Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

Dynamic Portfolio Management & Services Ltd. was
incorporated as a Public Limited Company having its
Registered Office at Calcutta, in West Bengal on 11th May
1994. The Company received the certificate of
commenncement of business on 23rd May, 94.

The company presently has an issued, subscribed and paid
up capital of 14,46,000 equity shares of Rs.10/- each
aggregatrng to Rs.144.60 lacs,

The company being in the nonbanking finance sector. is
engaged in a comprehensive range ot financial services like
investment in shares,investment udvisory services etc. The
company intends to diversify into providing core financial
services like issue management, portfolio monagement, share
discounting. leasing etc, It has recently set up an
equity research cell for conducting research on primary and
secondary market.


The main Objects to be pursued by the company, on its
incorporation, as set out in its memorandum of association
are inter alia as under;

1. To provide financial services, advice and facilities of
every description induding (but without limiting the
generality of the foregoing worde) all those capable of
being provided by merchant banker. stock brokers, advisers
promoters and ista'nagers of unit trusts and trustees,
insurance brokers issuing houses, monetary agents,
investment consulants, and financiers and to promote the
formation and mobitisation of capital to manage capital
savings and investment, to negotiate loans of every
description, to raise venture capital or manage the issue
of shares or other securities, to undertake, advisory and
counselling services, to provide loan syndication to
revolve investments and to carry on business of foreign
exchange broking dealing in securilies licenses import and
export entitement certificates, scrips, and other similar
instrument and to act as registrar and transfer agents of
shares and securities and to issue, accept'and register all
types of instruments and to acquire membership/dealership
of any bodies/institution which regulates primary/secondary
markets including OTC Exchange of India and to carry on
such other functions as these institutions may prescribe.

2. To carry on business either singularly or jointly with
others as franciers of imports, exports, trade, industry,
mining, agriculture, horticulture, plantation, forestry and
other economics activities, whatsoever, deal in and
discount bills, promissory notes, hundies, cheques,
warrants, coupons, comercial papers and other negotiable
and transferable instruments, licences, options,
privileges, bookdebts, claims, choose in action and
contracts, as investors, lenders, borrowers, lessors,
lessees, hire purchasers, sellers on hire, mortgagers,
surities, representatives, agents, brokers, dealers in
securities, capital market operators, custodians.
Registrar and share tranfer agents, trustees, executors,
receivers, atomeys, ominees, negotiators, arbitrators,
issue advisors and consultants in investments, financial,
management, technical, operational and othet fields,
operators of safe deposit vaults to negotiate procure and
guarantee the procurement of loans funds and subscriptions
for securities, mortgages, leases and obligations, to carry
on the business in indemnities, to advance, deposit and
lend and to accept advances, and loans, to execute trusts
and to deal in reversionary, contingent and other rights
and interests, to carry on all or any of the business
connected with real estate as valuers, surveryors,
inspectors, to supply provide, maintain and operate
services, facilities conveniences, bureaus and the like
providing general administrative, commercial, financial,
technical, placement, credit taking information to float
promote form subsidies, assist, receive work perform,
undertake and direct the formation, supervision and control
of any business enterprise or operation, to carry on the
business as buyers sellers, importer, exporters,
manufactures, producers processors, growers, and dealers in
capital goods and other merchandise and products jewellery
precious stones, minerals, metals, curios, artifacts, and
articles of virtue, arts and antiquities and as
warehousemen and stevedors.


The company is presently engaged in trading and a
comprehensive range of financial services which include the

a) Dealing in Shares and Securities:

The Company invests in Shares and Securities on its own, on
the basis of indepth study of scrips and the industry. The
Company has already made an investment of Rs.86 lacs in
Shares & Securities of various Companies both in primary as
wall as secondary markets.

b) Equity Research:

The Company provides Equity Research reports to its clients
who take their investment decisions based on these reports.

The funds deployed in various activities as on 30.11.94, is
as under:

(Rs in Lacs)
Fixed Assets 6.03
Share Investments 85.73
Loans Advances & Deposits 56.09
(includes share application money for various
public issues of Rs 56.00 lacs)


The company does not have any subsidiary company.


- Dynamic Portfolio Management & Services Ltd has informed that Mr. Ashok Bothra has been appointed as Additional Director of the Company (Independent Director) w.e.f. January 15, 2010.