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FCS Software Solutions Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

FCS Software Solutions Limited was incorporated as a Private Limited
Company on 5th May 1993 as "Fateh Computer Services Private Limited"
under the Companies Act, 1956 and was later converted into a Public
Limited Company under the name "Fateh Computer Services Limited on 29th
day of December 1999 and has been subsequently renamed as "FCS
Software Solutions Limited" effective from 19th April, 2000. The business was
commenced in Financial Year 1997-98.

FCS Software Solutions Limited has its Registered Office at Gurgaon and its
Corporate Office at STPI - Noida. The Company has also established Branch
Office comprising a Local Development Center and marketing office at San
Jose, USA. The offshore development center in India is based at the corporate
office at Noida.

Major Events in the history of the Company are given below:

Year Event

1993 * Incorporation of the Company as "Fateh Computer Services
Private Limited" on 5th May 1993 with a single point focus to established
- FCS as an expert CA MANMAN ERP consulting company which was one
of the leading manufacturing ERP at that time.

* Company had applied for allotment of land with Noida Authority for setting
up software development unit.

1994 * Company had applied for approval as 100% EOU in Noida under Software
Technology Parks of India Scheme issued by Dy. Director, Software Technology
Parks of India, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Department
of Information Technology, Govt. of India and same had been approved

* Noida Authority allotted Plot A-86, Sector,57 Noida to Company and Company
had executed lease deed with Noida Authority on 3rd June,1994 for the same.

1995-96 * Company had started construction of building and completed Ist Phase in 1996.

1997 * Promoter bagged and executed consulting contracts USA and executed as
independent consultant.

* Extended ERP focus to start training and servicing consulting projects in SAP and
Oracle Applications in US.

* Established competent client managed offshore Labs for both SAP and Oracle
Applications - Got SAP and Oracle Application servers and software in place and
established a team of 30 trained people in each area.

1998 * Strengthened the offshore Development Center and started the Internet Application
Development competency.

* Got ISO 9001 certification by KPMG.

1999 * Conversion into a Public Limited Company under the name "Fateh Computer Services
Limited" w.e.f. 29th December, 1999.

* Doubled the offshore teams. Established competence in Business Workflow Applications
(Lotus Domino), Digital Consulting (MS and Sun technologies).

2000 * Renamed as "FCS Software Solutions Limited" w.e.f. 19th April, 2000.

* Company had executed conveyance deed on 24th Feb.,2000 with HUDA, Gurgaon for
Plot 54, Sector-34, Gurgaon.

2001 * Established Dedicated IPLC link between Noida and California office and started
aggressive Sales and Marketing for its services. Added 24/7 Technical Support Services
to its portfolio.

2002 * Bagged and successfully executed Workflow Automation and Digital Consulting projects
from Fortune 500 and other companies in Office Automation, Home Appliances.

* Moved up the value chain with respect to our Digital Consulting Competency. Added the
Elearning Competence and Usability Engineers to the team.

* Started the concept of dedicated labs for PLC Management - Established Strict procedures
for Zero Defect deliveries, Co-development, Version release management and Daily Build.

2003 * Got a large product maintenance contract from a Assistive Technology Product Company,
Application maintenance contract from Fortune 500 Office Supplies Company, Complete
Concept to 24/7 end-user supports for Fortune 100 Retail Organisations.

2004 * Established Center of Excellence to service a large client in India, UK and Asia - Pacific and
now providing services to client in all 3 segments - Application Development, E-learning and
Technical Support

* A total of 92 active customers with 14 Fortune 500 Customers.

-Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Re 1


-FCS Software Solutions has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:1