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Notes to Accounts of GCM Capital Advisors Ltd.

Mar 31, 2015

1. Company Information

GCM Capital Advisors Limited (referred to as "Company") has been incorporated on May 9, 2013 Press Journal Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400021.

2. Balances shown under Long Term Liabilities, Other Current Liabilities and Long Term Loans and Advances and Short Term Loans & Advances are subject to Confirmation, reconciliation and consequential adjustments, if any.

3. Events Occurring after Balance Sheet Date

No significant events which could effect the financial possition as on March 31, 2015, to a material extent have been reported by the management, after the balance sheet date till the signing of the report.

4. Contingent Liabilities

The Company does not have any pending litigations / disputed matters as at March 31, 2015 including Income Tax, Sales Tax and Other Taxes which will impact the financial possition in its financial statements as on March 31, 2015.

Mar 31, 2014

A. Company Information

GCM Capital Advisors Limited (referred to as "Company") has been incorporated on May 9, 2013 vide CIN U65923MH2013PLC243163 having registered office at 505, Raheja Centre, 214, Free Press Journal Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021.

The Company is a financial services company mainly engaged in the business of providing financial advisory & consultancy services and engaged in treasury operations by providing funding solutions to clients both in the form of Debts & Equity and Investment activities.

i) In the opinion of the management, current assets, loans and advances and other receivables have realizable value of at least the amounts at which they are stated in the accounts.

ii) Balances shown under Secured & Unsecured Loans, Sundry Creditors, Advance from Customers, Other Liabilities & Payables, Advance for Property and Services, Advance to Suppliers, Trade Receivables, Loans and Advances (Assets), Sundry Deposits and Other Current Assets are subject to confirmations, reconciliation and consequential adjustments, if any thereon.

iii) Management has sought information from various suppliers in case if they are registered under MSMED Act, 2006. However no information has been received from suppliers regarding their status under the said Act and hence disclosure, if any, relating to amounts unpaid as at the year end together with interest paid/payable as required under the said act have not been furnished.

iv) As per Accounting Standard (AS) 17 on "Segment Reporting", Segment information has not been provided as the Company has only one reportable segment.

v) Related party transactions:

A) Related parties and their relationship Key Management Personnel:

i) Mr. Samir Baid (Non Executive Director of the Company)

ii) Mr. Manish Baid (Managing Director of the Company).

Promoters of the Company:

i) GCM Securities Limited

Others: Enterprises over which Key Management Personnel are able to exercise significant influence/controls

a. Global Capital Market & Infrastructure Limited

b. GCM Commodity and Derivatives Limited

c. Cadillac Vanijya Private Limited

d. Chello Commodities Private Limited

e. Silver Pearl Commercial Private Limited

vi) These financial statements have been prepared in the format prescribed by the Revised Schedule VI to the Companies Act. Previous year figures have been restated to conform to the classification of the current year.