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Gujarat State Financial Corporation Company History and Annual Growth Details

The Corporation was established on May 1, 1960 by Government of Gujarat under the SFC Act. Set-up to promote industrial development in the state of Gujarat and encourage balanced regional growth, the Corporation has extended financial assistance for varied economic activities.

The Corporation has been the catalyst of industrial development in the state and has provided assistance for rapid development of small-scale industries. Its assistance has been instrumental in the emergence of a
whole new class of entrepreneurs in Gujarat. The Corporation has evolved various tailor made schemes for providing long-term finance to industry and trade. A large number of units have been financed in rural and backward districts of the state.

Starting in the year 1960-'61 with sanctions for 13 applications for an aggregate amount of Rs.38 lacs, the Corporation sanctioned financial assistance of Rs.30,641 lacs to 1,271 applicants during the financial year 1995-'96. It is estimated that the impact of the Corporation's assistance has catalysed investments of Rs.6,02,649 lacs since inception and generated employment for 6,22,647 persons. A perspective of the growth of the Corporation and its impact is provided below -

Year Gross sanctions Cumulative Cumulative
during gross gross sanctions
the year sanctions - amount
Amt (units) (Rs. in lacs)
(Rs. in lacs)
1961 38 13 38
1971 850 4042 2706
1981 4534 16308 26514
1991 21534 34664 126965
1992 28252 37522 155217
1993 21974 39473 177193
1994 23118 41049 200309
1995 23944 42408 224253
1996 30641 43679 254894

Year Gross sanctions Impact of Impact of
during assistance assistance
the year Project Cost employment
Amt (Rs.in lacs) (no. of people
(Rs. in lacs) employed)
1961 38 - -
1971 850 758 -
1981 4534 9984 24354
1991 21534 46500 38116
1992 28252 59700 41170
1993 21974 47880 27547
1994 23118 51086 35313
1995 23944 57562 25187
1996 30641 91702 28817

The important social role of the Corporation to the equitable social development of the state can be gauged by the fact that loans to units located in backward districts comprise 41% by amount of cumulative net sanctions and loans to rural areas comprise 52% by amount of cumulative
net sanctions. The Corporation has done this while significantly improving its profitability during the past five years.

2000 - The Gujarat State Financial Corporation, in collaboration with
SIDBI and Exim Bank, has decided to form a venture capital fund
of Rs 15 crore as seed capital to help small and medium scale
entrepreneurs for taking research and development, in
bio-technology to farmers.


-Appoints C L Meena as the Managing Director of the company.


-Gujarat State Financial Corporation has informed that the Government of Gujarat has transferred Shri Chaman Kumar, IAS, Managing Director and posted Shri V S Gadhvi, IAS in his place as Managing Director of the corporation.

-Gujarat State Financial Corporation has informed the Change in Board of Directors as under (1) In terms of Section 10(C) of the State Financial Corporations Act, 1951, Small Industries Development Bank of India, Mumbai, vide their letter dated December 16, 2003, nominated Shri. P. Rudran, Chief General Manager of SIDBI, Western Zonal Office, Mumbai, as a Director on the Board of the Corporation in place of Shri. John John. (2) Government of Gujarat in General Administration Department vide notification dated December 28, 2003, transferred Shri. Chaman kumar. IAS, Managing Director, and posted Shri. V.S. Gadhvi, IAS, in his place as Managing Director of the Corporation.


-Gujarat State Financial Corporation has informed that Smt. Nethra Shenoy, IAS, ceased to be a Director and Chairperson of the Corporation and Ms. S. K. Sekhon, IAS, was nominated as a Director of the Corporation by the State Government vide Notification No. GU/2006/17/GFC-1987-128-P dated 20-12-2006 issued by the Industries & Mines Department of Govt. of Gujarat.


- Gujarat State Financial Corporation has appointed Smt. Gauri Kumar, IAS, as Chairperson of the Corporation with effect from June 03, 2008.