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Hawkins Cookers Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1957 - An agreement was entered into on 23rd January, with L.G. Hawkins
& Co. Ltd., for the manufacture and marketing of Hawkins pressure

1959 - Hawkins Cookers Ltd. was incorporated as a private limited
company and converted into a public limited company on 1st Feb.
1975. Hawkins Cookers Ltd. manufacture Hawkins Pressure Cooker,
Hawkins Idli Stands, and other domestic appliances. It was
promoted by H.D. Vasudeva.

1971 - 19,500 bonus shares issued (4,000 shares on 31.5.67 - prop. 8:1,
3,000 shares on 26.69 - prop. 2:3 and 15,000 shares on 31.3.72 -
prop. 5:3).

1973 - Under agreement dated 1st July, and 30th September, 1975 between
Pye and the Company, the Company was given the sole right to
export Hawkins Universal pressure cookers to all the countries in
the World and Pye were obliged to render services for marketing

- PCA Engineers Ltd., is a subsidiary of the Company with a holding
of 11 equity shares of Rs 100 each out of 21 equity shares issued
by the subsidiary.

1975 - 20,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:1.

1978 - 24,000 bonus shares of Rs 100 each issued on 22.2.78 in prop.
3:5. Equity shares subdivided on 10.5.78. 1,80,000 No. of
equity shares (prem. Rs 2.50 per share) then offered to the
public in June/July 1978.

1980 - 4,92,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 3:5.

1981 - PCA Electricals Pvt. Ltd., was incorporated on 27th November, as
an associated company.

1982 - PCA Engineers Ltd. was a subsidiary company of Hawkins Cookers

1984 - 5,24,800 bonus shares issued in prop. 2:5.

1985 - The Company privately placed 15% secured non-convertible
debentures aggregating Rs 50 lakhs with UTI. These debentures
are redeemable at a premium of 5% in three equal installments at
the end of the 6th, 7th and 8th years from the date of allotment.

- `Hawkins' and `Hawkins Universal' are trade marks owned and
registered by Pye (Electronic Products) Ltd.

1986 - Effective from 1st September, the Company's name was changed from
Pressure Cookers & Appliances Ltd., to Hawkins Cookers Ltd.

1987 - New model pressure cookers under the brand name `Hawkins Contura'
were well received in the market. The Company introduced high
quality spice blends during the period and it proposed to expand
the distribution of spices.

1990 - The Company added Tave (Griddle) and the Cook-n-Serve bowl to its
cookware range. Also, Hawkins Toy Cooker, an authentic,
miniature, non-working model, was introduced during the year.

- 6,23,200 bonus shares issued in prop. 19:56 on 9.3.91.

1991 - The Company introduced non-stick frying pan during the year. New
models of pressure cookers and additions to both satilon and
non-stick cookware were proposed to be added.

1992 - Three new products viz., hard anodised Satilon Handi (Saucepan),
the non-sticking frying pan and the non-stick Tava (Griddle) were

- Effective 1st April, PCA Engineers Ltd., a subsidiary of Hawkins
Cooker Ltd., was merged with the Company. As per the scheme, the
company was to issue and allot its shares to shareholders of PCA
Engineers Ltd. The shares held by the company in PCA Engineers
Ltd., would be cancelled as per merger, and the company would
issue 7,12,800 shares to the shareholders of PCA Engineers Ltd.

1993 - During the year, six new pressure cookers were launched in the
market. Of these, one was a stainless steel one with a heat
diffusing sandwich-bottom, one a 14 litre pressure cooker in
hawkins Bigboy range for catering institution and four of
different sizes of Miss Mary pressure cookers, a new brand
offering the consumer a lower price range.

- 7,12,800 shares allotted to shareholders of erstwhile PCA Glasses
Ltd., 10,57,600 bonus equity shares issued in prop. 1:3.

1995 - Two new pressure cookers viz. 7 litre Hawkins stainless steel
cooker and the 9 litre Hawkins wide boby pressure cooker were

1996 - During the year company has launched three new pressure cookers.
7 litre (Jumbo) Futura Pressure Cooker, 9 litre Futura Pressure
Cooker and 3.5 litre Hawkins Heavybase Pressure Cooker.

- New models of Satilon cookware were also launched during the
year. A new type of cookware, Nonstick-on-satilon, was launched
in the Indian market for the first time.

- The Company proposed to issue 10,57,600 Rights equity shares of
Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 25 per share in the ratio 1:4.

1997 - The Company launched two new pressure cookers, a 8 litre wide
body heavy base pressure cooker and 3.5 litre Mary pressure
cooker. New models of Sauce pan in Satilon cookware, Frying pans
in 22cm and 26cm diameters, Sauce pans, Sauce pan and Flat Tava
in Non-stick cookware were also introduced.


-Hutoxi Bhesania appointed as Company Secretary of Hawkins Cookers.


-Hawkins Cookers recommended a dividend of Re 1 per share


-Hawkins Cookers has recommended a dividend of Rs 3/- per Equity Share


-Hawkins Cookers has recommended a dividend of Rs 5/- per Equity Share.


-Hawkins Cookers has recommended a dividend of Rs 7 per share.


-Hawkins Cookers has recommended a dividend of Rs 10 per share


-Hawkins Cookers has recommended a dividend of Rs 20/- per Equity Share


-Hawkins Cookers has recommended a dividend of Rs. 40 per equity share


-Hawkins Cookers has recommended a dividend of Rs. 40 per equity share


-Hawkins Cookers has recommended a dividend of Rs. 40 per equity share

- Hawkins Cookers has recommended a dividend of Rs. 50 per equity share

- Hawkins Cookers has recommended a dividend of Rs. 60 per equity share

-Ceramic Coated Hawkins Conturo Pressure Cooker launched in the Market from July 1, 2015.