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Jamna Auto Industries Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1965 - Jamna Auto Industries Ltd. was incorporated as a private limited company on
30th September. It has been converted into a Public Limited company on
22nd October 1985.

- The company manufactures Automobile Springs, Spring leaves and
Automobile Coil Springs (Hot formed).

- The company which was founded in 1955 as a partnership firm was taken
over by Jamna Auto Industries Pvt.Ltd., on 30th Sept.1965 as a running
business. The company has been in business of the manufacturing
Automobiles as well as coil springs for Railways .

1988 -The company has also promoted Jai Parabolic Spring Ltd which was
commissioned in 1988 and launched its product in December.

1989 - The company planned to modernise the plant and same was completed
in the year in technical collaboration with N.H.K. Spring Co. Ltd., Japan.

1991 - The Company has embarked upon a diversification-cum-expansion
programme for the manufacture of LEAF SPRINGS, TAPERED SPRINGS,

- The company has acquired land in Gwalior and in Derabassi and the
memorandum of understanding has been signed with M/s NHK Springs Ltd., Japan,
one of the world leaders in automobile suspension industry.

- Jamana Auto Industries Ltd., has developed springs for export market in U.S.A.
for OEM customers like Reyco,Dexter Axle and also developed a three stage
spring for Telco for their Tatamobile export model for U.K.

1992 - The Company are glad to inform you that the Rights-cum-Public Issue of fully
Convertible Debentures of the company received an over-whelming response.

1993 - The Directors are pleased to inform that the Company's new unit at Malanpur,
Distt Bhind, (M.P.), has commenced the commercial production of leaf Springs
w.e.f. 19th March.

1994 - The rising demand has triggered off a chain of joint ventures and expansion
projects amongst the various OE Manufacturers Cashings in at opportunity the
Company is rapidly achieving higher levels of capacity utilisation at its
Malanpur Plant.

- The Company has also received queries from several other OE manufacturers
such as TELCO.

- Tthe Company has obtained the coveted ISO 9002 Certificates for the
manufactures of Leaf Spings at both of is plant at Yamuna Nagar & Haryana.

- M/s. Dexter Acles, U.S.A. have awarded the Company with a Quality
Excellence Certificate for the year 1993-94.

1995 - The World's largest and the best car manufacturers like General Motors,
Ford, Daewoo, Peugeot etc. have now entered in the India Business scene
in joint ventures with major India OEMs.

- The Company's Collaborators M/s. NHK Springs Co. Ltd., Japan, the Company
is also implementing CAD (Computer Aided Design) & CAM (Computer Aided
Manufacture) in its product development techniques.

1996 - The Company has achieved a significant business growth of over
55% and thus further consolidated its position of a Market Leader in the
Automobile Spring Industry.

- The company has set up further manufacturing facilities and acquired
balancing equipments at its plants located at Malanpur & Yamunanagar.

- The Company's installed capacities are expected to reach 60000 T.P.A. of
leaf/Parabolic Springs and 7,20,000 nos. of Stabilizer Bars with the above

- The Company has entered into a MOU with NHK Spring Co. Ltd. of Japan for
setting up a joint venture Company in India for the manufacture of coil springs.

1997 - The R&D wing of the company has developed samples of value Engineering
springs and submitted the same to TELCO for approval.

- Shri Ishtiaq Ali was appointed by IFCI as the new Nominee Director in
place of Shri C.P.Gupta.

1998 - During the year under review the company's collaborator NHK Spring Co.,
Ltd., Japan reposed their trust and confidence in the operations of the company
by acquiring 15% equity stake equivalent to 13,16,836 No. of equity shares in the
company through a preferential issue at a premium of Rs. 99/- per share.

- The company has entered into a 4 party Joint Venture with NHK Spring Co.Ltd.,
Nissho Iwai Corporation, Japan and Allevard Ressorts Automobile, France.

1999 - In accordance with the approval of shareholders the company divested its
stabilizer bar business with effect from 1st January, to a joint venture company
i.e. Jamna NHK Allevard suspension components Limited (JANA) for a
consideration of Rs. 23 crores.

- Mr. K. Sasaki, General Manager of NHK has been nominated by NHK on the
Board of Directors of the Company in Place of Mr. K. Ikeda.

2000 - The Company has decided, subject to necessary approvals, hive off of
the company's Malanpur unit into a separate company i.e. Jamna Springs
Pvt. Ltd. at a consideration not less than the book value of the undertaking
with options open in the future to convert the same into a joint venture.


-Jamna Auto Industries Ltd has appointed Mr. Shahi Bansal as Non-Executive Independent Director on the Board of the Company.


- Jamna Auto Industries Ltd has appointed Mr. D K Jain as nominee director of IFCI Ltd.


- The company has received listing permission from NSE and trading under the scrip code JAMNAAUTO has commenced on NSE.


- The Board of Directors of the Company has approved the payment of interim dividend @ 10% on equity shares of Rs. 10/- each for the financial year.


- Approved the payment of second Interim dividend @ Re. 1 on equity share of Rs. 10 each for the financial year.

- Appointed Mr. J. K. Jain as Independent director of the Company.

- Approved the payment of final dividend of Rs. 2 on the equity share of Rs. 10 each. for the financial year
- Lift Axle and Air Suspension products launched
- Received Silver Award from Ashok Leyland Ltd. for best in class performance in RAMP UP in development and supply of Lift Axles

- Approved the payment of final dividend of Rs. 1 on the equity share of Rs. 10 each. for the financial year

-Jamna Auto Industries has splits its face value from Rs. 10 to Rs. 5