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Moser Baer India Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details


- The company was incorporated as a private limited company on 21st
March. It was converted into a public limited company on 6th September
1986. It was promoted by Deepak Puri & his wife Nita Puri.

- The main objective of the company is to manufacture time
recorders/clock, aluminium tube, aluminium alloy wire, diskettes and
equipments viz. machines for clearing insects, punching tools for
insects, shrink wrap machines etc.

- The Company undertook to set up a 100% EOU for the manufacture of
Micro Floppy Disketts (MFDS) of 1 MB & 2 MB storage capacity with an
installed capacity of 12 million nos. per annum at NEPZ. It was also
proposed to set up computer peripheral division for the manufacture of
5.25 head clearing kits, fax clearing sets, antiglare screens, computer
printers, etc.

- The Company entered into a technical know-how Q V M machinery supply
agreement with M/s. Maq Media Ltd., USA, a subsidiary of Polaroid
Corporation, USA who could provide product design/specification, plant
lay out, raw material specification etc.


- 14,10,000 shares issued, subscribed & paid up. 9,87,000 Rights
equity shares issued in prop. 7:10 in December 1991.


- 23,97,000 Rights equity shares issued in prop. 1:1 only 23,45,677
shares taken up. The company issued through a prospectus 94,63,000 No.
of equity shares of Rs. 10 each of which 14,00,000 shares & 30,60,000
shares were issued on a firm basis to promoters, directors, relatives &
NRI associates respectively.

- Of the remaining the following were issued on preferential basis:

- (i) 30,000 shares to employees (only 4,300 shares taken up);

- (ii) 10,00,600 shares to Mutual Fund (only 7,00,000 shares taken up);

- (iii) 5,00,300 shares to Industrial Financial Institutions (only
5,00,000 shares taken up);

- (iv) 10,00,000 shares to NRIs (only 3,57,500 shares taken up).

- Balance 24,71,500 shares along with unsubscribed 9,69,700 shares in
preferential and Rights basis issued to the Public. Additional
1,62,800 shares also issued to the public.


- The Company embarked upon a expansion programme by which
manufacturing capacity of micro floppy diskettes was enhanced to 93.6
million units per annum.


- The Company has decided to set up an expansion project of Rs. 200
crores to produce recordable and erasable compact disks (CD) and
digital versatile disks (DVD).

- The company entered into a comprehensive agreement with 3
organization viz. Mag Media Ltd., IMTC & RES GmbH, Germany for supply
of entire production based on installed capacity of 12 million nos. of
3.5" MFD of 1BM & 2MB capacity.

- 988,459 No. of equity shares of Rs. 10 each at a premium of Rs.
12.01 per share allotted to IFC, Washington on preferential basis.

- Moser-Baer India Ltd. (MBIL), the world's third largest diskette
manufacturer, is setting up a plant to manufacture recordable compact
discs and digital versatile discs in the country.

- MBIL is the third largest diskette manufacturer in the world with a
capacity of 100 million units per annum and has a worldwide market
share of two per cent.

- The company had embarked upon an expansion and vertical integration
programme to meet the enhanced demand for its products in the
international and domestic markets.

- MBIL as part of the backward integration of CD project will set-up a
chemical dye mixing lab which will be utilised for manufacturing the
organic dye mixture used in decomposition layers of the CD-R.


- Moser Baer India, which has bases in three key bases at Noida, New
Delhi and Calcutta, has floated subsidiaries in Germany and the US
recently to market its branded products.

- The company has also diversified into manufacture and export of
herbal medicines and cosmetics.

- 26,66,667 No. of equity shares allotted against warrants to
promoters. Another 21,74,610 No. of equity shares allotted against
warrants to institutional and finance companies.


- Moser Baer Ltd, the information technology hardware company, is
setting up a facility to manufacture recordable and erasable compact
disks and digital video disks in Noida.

- The company also has a soft agreement with its clients for the supply
of CD-R.

- Moser Baer India Ltd (MBI), the largest floppy diskette maker in the
country, is planning to set up a manufacturing and R&D facility in
Europe as part of its efforts to become one among the five largest
diskette makers in the world.

- MBI is currently setting up a recordable compact disk (CD) and
recordable digital versatile disk (DVD) manufacturing facility at

- The company is setting up an optical media project in Delhi.


- The Company manufacturer of data media devices, has entered into a
R&D tie up with 4M Technologies, a world major in optical media
research & development.

- The Company has issue, offer and allot equity shares/FCDs on
preferential basis of an aggregate amount not exceeding US $90 million.

- The Company equity shares including shares arising out of conversion
of FCDs shall not be issued at a price less than Rs. 400/- each.

- The Company has entered into an agreement to take over Capco of of
Luxembourg for NLG 12m.

- The Company is all set to expand its marketshare in India and Europe.
The Company acquires 3 major European CDR brands, Prostore being one of

- The Company allotted 22,50,000 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each at
a premium of Rs 327 per share to each of Bloom Investments Ltd. Ealing
Investments Ltd and Randall Investments Ltd. and 19,58,457 No. of
equity shares to International Finance Corporation.

- Moser Baer India Ltd. entering the audio media market through a
tie-up with Emtec Magnetics GmbH of Germany.

- The Company has allotted 4,16,666 No. of equity shares of Rs. 10 each
at a premium of Rs. 330 per share and 5,33,334 warrants to each of
Bloom Investment Ltd. Ealing Investments Ltd and Randall Investments

- Moser Baer India, a Delhi-based company engaged in manufacture of
optical media storage products, has tied up with Tips Industries, to
market BASF range of audio and video cassettes.

- 1,249,998 fully paid-up Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each at a premium
of Rs. 330/- per share and 1,600,002 convertible Warrants (Rs. 34/-
paid up per Warrant) were allotted on 24.8.2000 to Bloom Investments
Ltd.,Ealing Investments Ltd. and Randall Investments Ltd.

- The Company had set up a US subsidiary to help it enter the world's
largest market for removable computer storage media.

- Moser Baer India has announced that it has secured long-term export
credit of euro 97 million (equivalent to $ 84 million) from a syndicate
of European investment banks led by the Munich-based Bayerische
Hypo-und VereinsBank AG, the third largest bank in Europe.


-Mr.Robert O'Donnell, a Director of the Board resigned from the Board
of Directors.

-Moser Baer has converted 533334 warrants of face value of Rs.340 each
into equity shares.

-Moser Baer India Ltd's Rs.150cr short-term debt programme has been
assigned as 'P1+' rating by credit rating information services of India Ltd.

-Mr.Deepak Puri, MD of MBIL has been chosed as the Chairman of
Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council(ESC).


-Moser Baer India Ltd has informed BSE that Electra Partner Mauritius Ltd
has appointed Mr.John Levack as its Nominee Director on the Board of the

-Towards the expansion programme, Moser Baer is all set to spread its
wings in the US market with the purchase of its CD-Recordables from
Imaton Corp.

-MBIL signed long-term outsourcing deal and formed a joint venture with
Imation Corp.

-Moser Baer announced the launch of 'moserbaer' brand of optical media
to broaden the availability of its products to users of CD's and DVD's.

-The European Commission has proposed the imposition of a 7.3%
countervailing duty on the value of imports of CD-R's.

-Corporate office of Moser Baer Ltd has been shifted to 43-A, Okhla Industrial
Estate-III, New Delhi-110020. And the contact Nos. are Phone: 51635201-07,
26911570-74, Fax Nos: 51635211-13,26911860.

-Bonus Shares to be issued by the company in the ratio of 1:1.


-Board approves Increase in FIIs holding to 74% from 40%

-FIIs acquire 16-pc stake in Moser Baer

-Moser Baer enters into an agreement with Hewlett-Packard for launch of Lightscribe optical media

-Moser Baer mop up $149 m via GDRs


-Moser Baer Launches USB Flash drives
-Moser Baer forays into entertainment space, enters Home Video market


-Moser Baer India Ltd on March 15, 2007, has announced its national Launch in the Home video market with 101 popular Hindi titles at attractive price points of just Rs 28 for VCDs and Rs 34 for DVDs.

-Moser Baer enters Chennai Home Video market with 101 Tamil Titles

-Moser Baer set to enter Kerala Home Video market with 101 Malayalam Titles

-Moser Baer announces strategic sourcing tie-up with Deutsche Solar.

-Moser Baer enters into a Strategic Partnership with Pyramid Saimira Theatre for Home

-Moser Baer acquires OM&T BV - a Philips optical technology & R&D subsidiary

-The Company has issued Bonus Shares in the Ratio of 1:2.

-Registered Office of the Company has been shifted From 43A, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi-110020 To 43B, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi-110020.


-Moser Baer gets the coveted blu-ray product verification.

-Moser Bare signs exclusive home video licensing deal with UTV Motion Pictures.

-France Telecom-owned Orange Business Services has finalised an alliance with Indian storage devices manufacturer Moser Baer Ltd to enter into the long distance telephony segment.

-Moser Baer - Moser Baer Photo Voltaic announces strategic sourcing tie-up with LDK Solar


-Moser Baer introduces sleek and stylish Bluetooth Headset Models.

-Moser Baer grabs 11 per cent of India's solid state media market

-Moser Baer launches new products.

-Moser Baer unveils new range of LCD TVs.


-Moser Baer extends its range of TFT monitors Offers new range in Energy Efficient series

-MBI rolls out Knight USB flash drives.

-"PVR Nest & MoserBaer Trust join hands to promote clean environment through film documentaries made by school children".

-Moser Baer - Moser Baer unveils its Diwali offering - 'ICE' a new age LCD TV

-Moser Baer - Moser Baer Signs a MoU with IIT Kanpur for Developing Advanced Clean Energy Technologies


-Moser Baer - Moser Baer Solar doubles the Mechanical Warranty of its PV modules

-Moser Baer - Moser Baer starts India's first domestic production of YUKITA Brand

-Moser Baer Solar Limited powers its biggest rooftop installation in Japan.

-Moser Baer forays into information and web security solutions.

-Moser Baer Projects' arm raises Rs 580 crore.


-Moser Baer - Moser Baer's PV business adopts MIST technology to upgrade its PV cell efficiency to 21% to meet current industry challenges.

-Moser Baer launches 'Expressions'-India's first range of fragrant discs on the occasion of Valentine Day.

-Moser Baer Launches India's first 'credit card-shaped' USB Flash Drive

-Moser Baer unveils 'Racer'- a race car shaped mini USB flash drive 4 GB and 8 GB variants in 4 vibrant colors

-Moser Baer introduces security software-loaded pen drives.


-"Moser Baer launches unique pendant, key-chain & bracelet - shaped pen drives this Valentine".
-"Moser Baer Launches biometric pen drives to strengthen data security".


-Moser Baer has launched unique campaign to promote energy efficient products to reduce power deficiency in the country.

-Moser Baer Solar manufacturing arm commences operations of its upgraded Solar PV cell line reiterating its commitment to ‘Make in India Campaign
-Moser Baer Trust starts 'SAMARTH Centre' for Noida youths
-Moser Baer Trust kick starts Digital Literacy Programme for ITBP, Greater Noida
-Moser Baer Trust completes its 10 years; touches lives of over one lakh fifty beneficiaries