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Munoth Communication Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

Munoth Investments Ltd. (MIL) was incorporated at Madras on 27th April, 1984 and obtained the Certificate of Commencement of Business on 20th June, 1984.

The Company has been carrying out business in the field of leasing and film financing since incorporation. In Nov. 1992, the Company made a Public Issue of 18,00,000 Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each for cash at par aggregating Rs. 180 lacs, mainly for the purpose of augmenting its long term resources for working capital, and enhancing the borrowing
power, besides getting the Company's shares listed on the Stock Exchanges.

The Company, which is a Non-Banking Finance Company, has gradually expanded its operations in traditional areas such as lease financing besides branching out into Merchant Banking, Bill Discounting, Syndication of Inter-Corporate Deposits (ICDs), etc. The Company is a SEBI registered Category I Merchant Banker.

During the period January to December 1994, the Company acted as Co-Managers / Advisors to 9 Issues. Underwriting support to the extent of Rs. 178 lacs was extended to 43 Issues.

The Company has, during the last three years, extended to various clients, lease finance to the extent of Rs. 23.59 lacs, Rs. 61.61 lacs and Rs. 501.38 lacs respectively. The major clients to whom MIL has extended fund-based facilities include Shriram Transport Finance Ltd., Deve Sugars Ltd., Anubhav Foundations Ltd., Asian Securities
Ltd., etc.

In May 1993, MIL launched a novel concept called the 'Fund Finders Corporate Give 'n' Take Club'. The main objective of the club is to syndicate Inter-Corporate Deposits and other short-term sources of finance for corporate clients by providing a common meeting ground between lenders with surplus funds and borrowers with fund requirements. Initially started in Madras, the Club', which functions as a separate division of MIL, has 9 franchise centres located all over the country. Some of the major clients of the 'Club' include Sakthi Sugars Ltd., Videocon Ltd., MAC Industries Ltd., SRF Finance Ltd., First Leasing Company of India Ltd., ITC Bhadrachalam Finance Ltd., Pentafour
Software Ltd., Sri Kannapiran Mills Ltd., Premier Instruments & Controls Ltd., etc. Till date, the Club had syndicated funds to the tune of Rs. 125 crores.


The main objects of the Company as detailed in its Memorandum of Association are as follows:

1. To lend and advance money to entrepreneurs, promoters and Industrial concerns, film producers, film distributors, cinema exhibitors and to carry out hire purchasing, leasing or other financing activities for industrial, commercial, agricultural enterprises or individuals.

2. To carry on and undertake business as financiers and capitalists, to finance operations such as managing, purchasing, improving, selling, letting on hire, leasing out on rent and dealing in all kinds of movable or immovable property, goods, machinery, chattels, motor-cars,
motor buses, motor lorries, motor launches, ships, lands, buildings, bullions, gold and silver ornaments including precious stones, jewellery, stocks, shares, bonds and government bonds, domestic appliances and electrical, electronic and domestic goods.

3. To carry on and become engaged in financial monetary business including leasing out properties and goods of any nature.

4. To invest in, hold, acquire, and deal in shares, stocks, units, debentures, bonds, negotiable instruments, obligations and securities issued of guaranteed by any company, situated or carrying on business in India or elsewhere and debentures, bonds, debenture stock, obligations and securities issued or guaranteed by any government or authorities (supreme, national, local or municipal)

5. To acquire by purchase, lease, exchange or otherwise develop and turn to account any land, building, warehouses, shops, factories, commercial complex and/or any Interest therein and to carry out buainess of repairing, maintaining, constructing, re-constructing, re-structuring,
re-modelling, renovating, furnishing, altering and decorating offices, factories, residential houses, flats, warehouses, shops, commercial complex, buildings, works and of consolidating, constructing or sub-dividing properties and of leasing or disposing of the same.

6. To carry on and undertake the business of Portfolio Investments and management, for both individuals as well as large Corporate Bodies and/or such other bodies as approved by the Government, in Equity Shares, Preference Shares, Stock, Debentures (both convertible and non-convertible), Company Deposits, bonds, units, loans obligations and
securities issued or guaranteed by Indian or Foreign Governments, States, Dominions, Sovereigns, Munici alitlee or Public Authorities and/or any other financial institutions and to provide a package of investments and Merchant Banking services by acting as manager to public
issues of Securities, to act as underwriters, issue house and to carry on the business Registrars to Public Issues/various investments schemes and to act as Share Transfer Agents and as brokers to Public Issues.

7. To carry on the business of an investment trust company and to invest in and/or promote and /or to establish in its own name or as a holding Company, or by entering into partnership with others, finance Companies and Brokerage Houses.

8. To engage in acquisitions, amalgamations, venture capital and in all related merchant banking activities including loan syndication.


The Company has no subsidiaries as on date. However, the Company proposes to invest Rs. 125 lacs from the proceeds of the Present Issue in the Equity Capital of Munoth Expoknit Ltd (MEL), the details of which have been given elsewhere. Consequently MEL will become a wholly-owned
Subsidiary of the Company.


-Munoth Investments - Notice of Cancellation of Non - Exclusive Distributorship