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National Plastic Technologies Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

Arham Plastics Lmited was originaly incorporated on
12-05-1989 with Registrar of Companies, Tamil Nadu at
Madras as Private Ltd company under the name Hi-Tech
Plastics P. Ltd and later converted into Public Ltd company
on 14-12-94. Subsequently, the company has changed its
name into Arham Plastics Ltd, vide frean certificate of
incorporation dt 05-01-1995.

The Company was promoted by Mr. Sudershan Parakh who has
over 2 decades of experience in plastic industry and his
associates. Recently Mr. Bachhral Parakh who has over 40
years experience in plastic industry has been inducted into
the Board. Together, the promoters of Arham Plastics
Ltd,are involved in the management of three other concerns
collectively forming 'NATIONAL PLASTICS MADRAS'.

The company is presently having one 550 Ton Toshiba
Injection Mould ng Machine with the annual production
capacity of 265 Tons. The company is supplying high
precision plastic components for Televisions, Teiecom
Batteries, Sanitarywares and Plastic Fans. The companys'
existing major customers are Solidaire India Ltd, Campion
Plastic Industries (P) Ltd and Plastic Fans (P) Ltd.


1991-92 265 TONS 81.5%
1992-93 265 TONS 64.2%
1993-94 265 TONS 84.5%
1994-95 265 TONS 94.8%

Reduction in capacity utilisation during 1992-93 was due to
slump in off-take ol TV Components. Because of the
diversification in the product range planned in the current
expansion programme, recession in any particular industry
is not likely to affect the company's overall operations.

The present turnover of Plastic Industry as a whole is
around Rs. 4500 Crores which is expected to go upto Rs.
15000 Crores by 2000 AD. During the Eighth and Ninth Plan
period the plastic industry is expected to grow ala
compounded annual rate of 12% ard 17% respectively. The
plastic components are used in various sectors including
Automobile, Telecom and Consumer Electronics and Durables.
The market for white goods industry is expanding manifold
and consequently there is huge reqirement fortheir
components. Plastic moulded furniture, especially chairs
are rapidly replacing conventional steel and wooden
furniture mainly due to distinct advantages in terms of
cost and features. This particular segment has been
experiencing strong growth in demand which is about 25% per
annum. (Economic Times Dt 06-04-1994)

The key financial pertormance data of the company is given

(Rs.in Lacs)

Particulars 31.03.95 31.03.94 31.03.93 31-03-92

Total income 206.32 135.64 76.55 109.77
Profit after Tax 17.45 1.38 0.27 2.97
Share capital 141.81 78.03 7.65 7.09
Reserves and surplus 32.71 23.63 22.31 24.89
Gross Block 275.77# 137.52* 65.92 27.46
Depreciation 70.91 39.74 28.26 8.79
Net Current Assets 204.86 77.60 53.38 59.78

* Includes enhancement due to revaluation of one machinery
and one mould to the extent of Rs. 62.82 lacs and Rs. 7.56
Lacs respectively.

4, To carry on the business of manufacturing,prccessing or
buying or selling of all ionds of natural and synthetic
polymers and polymer products.

5. To manufacture,assemble or to deal in as buyers, sellers
or as agents in all kinds of spares,plant and machinery,
required for processing, manufacturing,packaging products,
polymer products, plastic products and rubber products,
ancillary and auxiliary equipments, moulds,tools, {{gs.
fixtures, colours, pigments, and allied chemicals,


The Company has no subsidiary.

2001 - The Chennai-based Arham Plastics Ltd., part of the National Plastics Group,
has been awaded ISO 9002 certification by RWTUC Germay for manufacture and
supply of plastic moulded industrial products and furnitures.


Arham Plastics Ltd has received the fresh certificate of Incorporation for change the name of the Company from 'Arham Plastics Ltd' to 'National Plastic Technologies Ltd' with effect from March 18, 2008.


- National Plastic Technologies Ltd has appointed Mr. Ajit Kumar Chordia as Additional Director with effect from July 16, 2010.