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Notes to Accounts of Purshottam Investofin Ltd.

Mar 31, 2015

1. Related Party Transactions

Related party disclosures as required under Accounting Standard (AS) – 18 "Related party Disclosures", notified by the Government in the Companies (Accounting Standard) Rules 2006, are given in a separate annexure attached herewith:

Related parties with nature of relationship are given below:

Description of Relationship Name of Related Party

Key Managerial Personnel Bharat Bhushan Bansal (appointed on


Pravin Santlal Jain (appointed on


Sushil Kumar (appointed on 24.06.2013)

Mar 31, 2014


Purshottam Investofin Limited ("The Company") was incorporated in India on November, 04th 1988. The Company is registered with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as a Non-Banking Financial Company Vide Certificate No. B-14-01044 dated 14th May 2003. The company is primarily engaged in the business of NBFC.The accompanying financial statements reflect the results of the activities undertaken by the company for the period April 1,2013 to March 31,2014

1.0. Cash and Cash Equivalents

Cash and cash equivalents comprise cash and cash in hand with banks.

1.1. Holding Subsidiary Relationship

The Company is holding 100% shares of Catalyst International Limited being a Parent Company.

In accordance with the accounting standard on Related Party Disclosures AS-18,the disclosure in respect of related parties and the transactions with them as identified and certified by the management are as follows-

(A) Nature of Related Parties and description of relationship :

Subsidiary Company Catalyst International Limited