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Rajeswari Infrastructure Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

The Company was originally started as a partnership firm under
the name and style of 'M/s. RAJESWARI GRAPHICS' with its
principal place of business at Madras. with a view to expand its
business further, it purchased the machineries of the offset
division of Sri RajaRajeswari Process (along with the pending
orders) and completed the transaction on 1st April 1993.

Consequent to a change in the constitution of the firm on
2-4-1993, revaluation of the assets and liabilities was carried
out so as to reflect the true worth of the firm before
admission of the three new partners. Plant and Machinery having
a original cost of Rs. 26.70 lacs was revalued at Rs.77 lacs as
per the certificate of Mr. Srinivasan, Chartered Engineer. The
surplus on revaluation was credited to the current account of
the existing partners.

For the sake of smooth working, better and efficient management
improvement and advancement of business, the said firm was
converted into a Limited Company and incorporated under the
Companies Act, 1956 as RAJESWARI GRAPHICS LIMITED on 19th April
1993. The certificate of commencement of business was obtained
on 10th May, 1993. The members of the Partnership firm were
issued equity shares in lieu of the shares standing to their
credit (to the extent of Rs. 72.09 lacs) by the company after
the conversion as aforesaid.

The financial highlights of the firm before its conversion as
Limited Company as well as financial highlights of other
Associate concerns are given elsewhere in this prospects.

The company has been engaged in Printing of all kinds of
materials including Books, Periodicals, Magazines, Leaflets,
Advertisement materials, Packaging materials etc. through
letter press, Offset, Lithopress and other modes of Printing
machines. It is also engaged in the process of
Photo typesetting, Composing, Desktop publishing and color
scanning for all kinds of printing. The company belongs to a
group called 'RAJESWARI GROUP' well known in the printing
industry in South India and enjoys extraordinary goodwill for
the name 'RAJESWARI' in the industry today.

With the present activities the company has attained a turnover
of Rs. 47.64 lacs for the year ended 31st March 1994 with a net
profit of Rs. 13.40 lacs. The current turnover for the six
month ended 30th September 1994 is Rs. 20.26 lacs with a profit
of Rs. 4.83 lacs.

The present capacity of the Company is :

Installed Capacity Utilised capacity
Impressions in% on Installed cap.

Offset single

colour 22.50 lacs 90%
Typesetter 43.20 lacs 51%


The company plans to expand its activities in order to cater to
the ever expanding market and customer requirements. It has
planned a Rs. 477 lacs expansion project which involves purchase
of sophisticated DIGITAL GRAPHIC COLOR SCANNER called Magna Scan
from Crosfield Electronics Ltd., U.K, one four colour offset
printing machines of Dominant make from Czech Republic and two
web offset Mark 62 machines from Manu Enterprises Limited, and
one two colour offset (along with necessary ancillary machines)
will mainly cater to the requirements of form printing for
public issues and publishing houses.

It projects its turnover for the year ended 31st March 1995, at
Rs. 78 lacs and the estimated pre-tax profits of the company
will be around Rs. 21.94 lacs approximately.


The main objects of the company as detailed in its Memorandum of
Association are as follows :

1. To become vested with and continue the co-partnership
business now being carried on in the name of M/s. Rajeswari
Graphics including all its assets, rights, debts and liabilities
and the rights and liabilities of the parties hereto in the said
copartnership business and in connection therewith.

2. To engage in the process of phototype setting, composing
desktop publishing and other modes of typesetting and to engage
in the process of colour scanning used for printing of all kinds
of Books, Periodicals, Magazines, Leaflets, Advertisement
materials, Packaging materials etc.

3. To engage in printing of all kinds including Books,
Periodicals, Magazines, Leaflets, Advertisement
materials, Packaging materials etc., through Letterpress,
Offset, Lithopress and other modes of printing machines.

4. To buy, store, sell or supply, deal in, export or import,
tranship and transport all kinds of materials used in printing
business whether in wholesale or in retail.

5. To engage in the business of publishing, periodicals,
Magazines etc., including buying and selling and import and
export of such materials whether wholesale or retail.


The company does not have any subsidiaries.

2002- Mr G Babu has resigned from the office of Director(Technical) from the Board of Directors of Rajeswari Graphics Ltd with effect from November 6, 2002.