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Rathi Steel & Power Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

In the 1940s late Shri Gordhan Das Rathi and his two brothers
viz. late Shri Kanhaiya Lal Rathi and late Shri Chhuttan Lal Rathi,
setup a Steel Rolling Mill in Delhi under the name and style
'Rathi Steel Rolling Mill". The sharing pattern in this mill was -
45% of Shri G.D. Rathi and 27½% each of Shri K.L. Rathi and
Shri C.L. Rathi.

Shri G.D. Rathi (Group-A) had six sons, namely:

1. Shri Prem Ratan Rathi (A.1)
2. Shri Ram Chandra Rathi (A.2)
3. Shri Punam Chand Rathi (A.3)
4. Shri Kamlesh Kumar Rathi (A.4)
5. Shri Arun Kumar Rathi (A.5)
6. Shri Anil Rathi (A.6)

Shri Kanhaiya Lal Rathi (Group-B) had only one son, namely
Shri Chand Ratan Rathi.

Shri Chhuttan Lal Rathi (Group-C) also had only one son,
namely Shri Hari Kishan Rathi.

In the late sixties/ early seventies, Shri G.D. Rathi renounced
his 45% share in Rathi Steel Rolling Mill, in favour of his sons
Shri Prem Ratan Rathi (9%), Shri Ram Chanrda Rathi (9%),
Shri Punam Chand Rathi (9%), Shri Kamlesh Kumar Rathi (9%),
Shri Arun Kumar Rathi (3%), Shri Anil Rathi (3%) and his wife
Smt. Chautha Devi Rathi (3%).

During those years (1970s) there was a division between the
three brothers and the business activities of Rathi Steel Rolling
Mill were divided into two parts - one part to Group-A (Shri G.D.
Rathi and his sons) and the other part to Group B&C (Shri
Kanhaiya Lal Rathi with his son Shri Chand Ratan Rathi and
Shri Chhutan Lal Rathi with his son Shri Hari Kishan Rathi).
Group-A formed their part as M/s G.D. Rathi Steels Pvt. Ltd.,
and Group-B&C joined together and formed their part as
M/s K.L. Rathi Steel Ltd.

Later on Group-A also established two more units at Ghaziabad,

1. M/s Rathi Ispat Ltd (Mini Steel Plant) at Ghaziabad.
2. M/s Rathi Udyog Ltd (Rolling Mill) at Ghaziabad.

And Group B&C established M/s Rathi Alloys & Steel Ltd. at
Ghaziabad and Alwar. However, in around 1975 there was a
division amongst them and Group-B took over the control of
M/s Rathi Alloys & Steel Ltd. and Group-C took over
M/s K.L. Rathi Steel Ltd.

Major events in our history are given below:


Date/Year Milestone

December 17, 1971 Company was incorporated.

January 11, 1972 Started installation of Rolling Mill plant at

February 7, 1973 Commercial production started.

August 29, 1973 Company entered the capital market with an equity
issue of 3,80,000 Equity Shares of Rs.10/- each.

1976-77 Wire Rod Mill was setup.

1977-78 Company came under Grade "A" of ISI

1981-82 Term Loan was sanctioned by Pick up for rolling
lower diameters of Wire Rods.

1982-83 Expansion program for rolling lower diameters of
wire rod completed.

1983 Expanded the installed capacity from 25,000 TPA
to 95,000 TPA

1985-86 Increase in the Paid up Capital via Rights Issue

1989-90 * Bonus shares issued in the ratio of two
Bonus shares for every five existing equity

* Company made a Rights Issue, of Equity Shares
which was over-subscribed

* Company undertook expansion/diversification/
modernization program with the financial
assistance of the IFCI.

1992-93 Expansion/diversification/modernization program
was completed.

1993-94 Company made a Rights Issue.

1999-2000 Company obtained ISO Certification. ISO 9002 was
granted for its quality products.

-Start of production of TMT bars under "THERMEX" technology.


-The Company has recommended a dividend @ 10% on the equity shares of the company ie Rs 1 per share, total amounting to Rs 4.637 million.


-The Company has recommended a dividend @ 10% (i.e. Re 1/- per share) on the equity shares of the Company.


-The Company Expanded the installed capacity from 95,000 TPA to 1,25,000 TPA.

-Installation of High Speed No Twist Block Mill for producing high quality wire rods.

-The Company Signed an MoU with the Government of Orissa for setting up an Integrated Steel Plant at Sambalpur District.

-Company also appointed OSIL as a Technical Consultant to supply know-how, basic engineering, detail engineering and rendering services for training & commissioning assistance.

-Installed Steel Melting Shop of 40,000 TPA.

-The Company has received sanctions from Bank of Baroda (BoB) and Syndicate Bank for its upcoming Integrated Steel Plant at Sambalpur (Orissa).


-Commencement of Production of Alloys Steel/Stainless Steel.


-The Company has recommended dividend of 5%.


-Company name has been changed from Rathi Udyog Ltd to Rathi Steel & Power Ltd.

-The Company has recommended dividend @ 5%


-The Company has proposed Dividend @ Rs. 0.30 (3%) per share.


-The Company has approved a Dividend @ Re 0.30 (3%) per share


-The Company has recommended a dividend @ 3% (i.e. Re. 0.30) per share.


-The Registered office of the Company has been shifted from old location to Chauhan Market, Madanpur Khadar, Near Local Shopping Complex, Pocket-D & E, Santa Vihar, New Delhi - 110076, Telephone/Fax Number: 011-26991063.