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Notes to Accounts of Real Touch Finance Ltd.

Mar 31, 2015

1. Share Capital

(c) Terms/Rights Attached to Equity Share: The Company has only one class of equity shares having a par value of Rs. 10 per share. Each holder of equity shares is entitled to one vote per share and ranks pari passu.

2. Contingent Liabilities:- Nil

3. Earning in Foreign Exchange:- Nil

4. Expenditure in Foreign Exchange:- Nil

5. No provision has has been made on account of leave salary as there are no leave to the credit of employees at the end of that Year.

6. No provision has been made on account of fall in the Market Value of quoted Investment held Long Term as the fall is considered to be temporary in Nature. as

7. The Figures of Previous Year have been regrouped and/or re-arranged wherever necessary.

8. The Company is engaged in the Business of Non Banking Financial Companies and there is no Separate reportable segment as per Accounting Standard 17- "Segment Reporting" Notified by the Companies Accounting Standard Rules, 2006.

9. Particulars required to be furnished as per ParaGraph 13 of Non Banking Financial ( Non Deposit Accepting or Holding) Companies Prudential Norms (Reserve Bank) Directions, 2007 issued by the RBI.