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Samtel India Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1981 - The Company was incorporated on 29th June, 1981 at New Delhi. It
was promoted by Satish K. Kaura alongwith Teletube Electronics
Pvt. Ltd. The Company manufactures black and white television
picture tubes.

1983 - The Company applied to Government for expansion of its capacity
from 3 lakh nos. to 1 million nos. of picture tubes per annum.
Industrial licence for this expansion was received.

- 3,70,000 shares taken up by promoters and 2,80,000 shares
allotted to RIICO. 6,90,000 shares then issued at par of which
the following shares were reserved and allotted on a preferential
basis. 2,76,000 shares to non-resident Indians and persons of
Indian Origin residing abroad on repatriation basis, 34,500
shares to resident Indian directors, etc., and employees of the
company and 13,500 shares to Indian business associates of the
company. The balance 3,66,000 shares were offered for public
subscription during July-September 1983.

1984 - Installed capacity was raised to 10,80,000 black and white
picture tubes, it was further raised to 16,20,000 black and white
picture tubes per annum during 1986.

1987 - 6,60,000 rights shares issued (prem. Rs 10 per share; prop. 1:2).
Another 35,500 shares offered to employees at a premium of Rs 10
per share (Stock Option Schemes) of which only 24,075 shares
taken up. The balance 11,425 shares were allowed to lapse.

1988 - 6,68,025 rights equity shares issued (prem. Rs 20 per share;
prop. 1:3). Another 35,160 shares offered to employees under
Stock Option Scheme (prem. Rs 20 per share) but only 2,100 shares
taken up. The remaining 33,060 shares were allowed to lapse.
8,91,400 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:3.

1989 - The Company proposed to diversify into the manufacture of
computer monitors using its own picture tubes. The technical
know-how for the project was provided by Teletube Eletronics Pvt.
Ltd., for which the Company agreed to pay a lumpsum amount.

- The Company expanded its installed capacity to 30 lakhs picture
tubes per annum by March.

1990 - During June-July 1990, 14,26,240 right shares of Rs 10 each
(prem. Rs 15 per share) offered in prop. 2:5 (all were taken up).
Simultaneously, another 71,312 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each
(prem. Rs 15 per share) issued to employees' under Employees'
Stock Option Scheme (only 1,200 shares taken up) unsubscribed
portion was allowed to lapse.

1991 - The Company had set up a joint venture with Corning Inc. USA
under the name 'Samcor Glass Ltd.' for manufacture of TV glass

1992 - The Company proposed to manufacture monochrome monitor tubes.

1993 - The Company diversified into non TV grade tubes market.

1994 - During June the Company offered 19,97,216-15% partly convertible
debentures of Rs 43 each to existing shareholders in the ratio
of two PCDs for every five equity shares held. Another 99,861
PCDs, were offered to the employees. (All were accepted).

- Part 'A' of Rs 30 was converted into one equity share at a
premium of Rs 20 per share on allotment. Part 'B' of Rs 13 shall
be redeemed in three annual instalments of Rs 4, Rs 4 and Rs 5
commencing from the end of the 4th year from the date of

1996 - 2 shares allotted to employees on conversion of 15% PCDs.

2000 - The Company has set up a state-of-the-art plant at Pondicherry to
manufacture colour monitors.

2002-Samtel India sells its yoke unit to its group company Samtel colour Ltd.