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Sanraa Media Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

The Promoters of the company commenced their business in 1992 under a partnership with the firm name and style 'SANRA COMPUTERS (SC)' with its business as development of custom made application software. Over a period of time, 95 % of the pharmaceutical distributors of Madras city
became the firm's clients engaging them for their software needs. Also, the software needs of a group of businesses/allied concerns opened up the possibilities for developing software packages. Spurred by such emerging market needs for standard software packages. SC focused on developing such products. The first successful business accounting
package christened 'BUSINESS GRIP' was born. The product quickly found market acceptance and a loyal customer base with sales and revenue growing at a very fast pace. The success in meeting the requirement of this segment enthused the promoters to develop the idea of Customisable Standard Software. In March 1994, Government of India announced certain tax holidays for setting up new units in specified locations, including in Pondicherry. It was essential that,for being eligible for these concessions the industrial undertaking must be a new unit and must employ at least 10 persons. Therefore, the promoters decided to set up a new software manufacturing unit named 'SANRA COMPUTER (Sanra)' as distinct from the existing 'SANRA COMPUTERS (SC)' by consulting a new partnership firm on April 27, 1994. The new firm Sanra commenced commercial production at Pondicherry out of a rented premises, with effect from June 01, 1994 and launched the 'BUSINESS GRIP Version 4.1 and BUSINESS GRIP CLASSIC', two new products based on CSS technology which has been greatly appreciated by the users of the software. During the year 1994-95 i.e. the first year of operations of Sanra, the products were sold through an exclusive distribution arrangement with Frontline Solutions Limited, Bombay and Madras, software marketing
companies belonging to the HCL group. During the first year, nearly 604 packages have been sold to various users in Madras and Bombay.


1. To market, whether as principals or as agents, and/or develop, and/ or manufacture, whether in India or worldwide, with technical collaboration or marketing collaboration, or otherwise, all types of softwares, including application software, system software, system
integration software. design software, information software, communication software, compilers, interpreters, standard software, customised software, customisable standard software, multimedia software, presentation software, exhibition software, computer aided design software, structured software, process control software,tutorial software, educational software, games software and such other related software for microcomputers, minicomputers, mainframes, laptops and palmtops based on any processor and on any other platform.

2. To manufacture, and/or market (whether as principals and/or agents), in India or worldwide, any type of computer industry hardware, communication equipment, computer industry related consumables and peripherals, including Central Processing unit, keyboards, printed circuit boards & cards, monitors, dot-matrix printers, laser printers, jet printers, scanners, digitisers, mouses, process control
equipment, sound blasters, hard disks, floppy disks and floppy drives, modems, communication cards, ribbons, cartridges, tapes, tapedrives, continuous computer stationery, maintenance kits, telephone instruments,
EPABXs, fax machines, telex machines, audio-visual equipment, multi-media equipment cables and any other such items.

3. To offer consultancy services relating to any activity in the information technology industry and to undertake turnkey projects for system development and to supply manpower for the purpose in India and abroad.

4. To conduct educational training programmes and seminars in India and abroad.


SCIL has no subsidiary.

2000 - The Company has decided to issue further 25 lacs equity shares of
Rs. 10/- each to investors at a price not less than price as
stipulated by SEBI Guidelines for Preferential Allotment.


-The company has launched a new software product called 'AUTOSAVER'


-Sanra Software enters into strategic alliance with Sui Generis Solutions Inc, USA


- Company name has been changed from Sanra Software Ltd to Sanraa Media Ltd.

-The Company has issued Bonus Shares in the Ratio of 1:1.


- The Company has splits its face value from Rs10/- to Rs1/-.


- Sanraa Media Ltd has appointed Mr. G. Sundaresan, as an additional director on the Board of the Company.

- Sanraa Media Ltd has appointed Mr. Vijay R. Vakharia as an additional Director on the Board of Directors of the Company with immediate effect.