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Star Paper Mills Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1936 - The Company was Incorporated on 31st August, at Calcutta. The
Company's object is to manufacture writing, printing and
packaging paper including M.G. Kraft Paper. The products are
sold under the trade name `Star'.

1972 - 24,640 convertible III pref. shares converted into 2,46,400 No.
of equity shares. The remaining 4,616 III pref. shares
redeemed on 1.4.1974. 7% III pref. shares reclassified as 9.8%
II pref. shares from 1.1.1974.

1976 - 40,000 No. of equity shares issued at par to IFCI on conversion
of loan.

1977 - 110 forfeited equity shares reissued.

1978 - 8,96,875 bonus equity shares issued in the prop. 1:2.

1984 - With the completion of second stage modernisation of Effluent
Treatment Plant, the expansion programme was fully carried out.
Again the Company took up a scheme of
Modernisation-cum-Renovation to improve the performance of
various sections.

1986 - The company came under the provisions of Sick Industrial
Companies (Sp. Prov.) Act, 1985 and a reference was made to BIFR
which appointed IFCI as the operating agency for preparation of
viability report.

- Rate of dividend on II pref. shares raised to 15% effective from
1.6.1986 and redemption date extended to 1.6.1993.

1988 - The production and sales were adversely affected due to strike
by workmen from 10th October, to 28th January, 1989.

- Under the Modernisation-cum-Renovation scheme, a bleaching plant
was installed and commissioned towards the end of the year.

1990 - As per the orders of BIFR, the promoters, brought in equity share
capital worth Rs.258 lakhs and equity shares for that amount were

- Another modernisation scheme was undertaken as part of the
revival package. The scheme was under implementation.

- As per the orders of BIFR, 25,80,000 shares were allotted at par
to promoters as on 31st March 1991.

1992 - Production declined marginally to 50,151 tonnes due to temporary
shutdown of the recovery boiler and shortage of certain essential

- 6,00,000 No. of equity shares allotted at par to financial
institutions in conversion of loans on 6.7.1992. 15% II pref.
shares redeemed on 1.6.1993.

1993 - The Company proposed to undertake a modernisation-cum-renovation
scheme aiming at energy saving, production of value added items
pollution abatement and increased production. This scheme has
been approved by the financial institutions.

- The Company ceased to be a sick Company with effect from 15.2.93.

- Authorised capital increased. 10,000 cumulative redeemable
preference shares were redeemed on 1st October.

1995 - Equipments such as Rotary Lime Kiln for reburning of lime sludge,
causticizing plant, digesters, electrostatic precipitators etc.
were installed and commissioned.

- 97,37,725 No. of equity shares issued through prospectus on
Rights basis.

1996 - Company commissioned its state-of-the-art chemical recovery
boiler and an evaporator plant.

- On 10th June, 1996 and 27th June, 1995 the company allotted
38,70,600 No. of equity shares of Rs.10 each at a prem. of Rs.50
per share to the public and a rights issue of 58,67,125 No. of
equity shares of Rs.10 each at a prem. of Rs.45 per share

- Board approved the delisting of equity shares of the Company from The Delhi Stock Exchange Association Ltd, The U.P Stock Exchange Association Ltd., Kanpur and The Stock Exchange, Ahmedabad.

-The Stock Exchange, Ahmedabad has granted the permission of delisting of shares of the company.

-Star Paper Mills Ltd has informed that IFCI Limited vide its letter dated December 5, 2003 has withdrawn the nomination of Mr. D.U. Rao from the Board of Directors of the company w.e.f. December 5, 2003.


-Star Paper Mills Ltd has informed that its securities are delisted from the Delhi Stock Exchange (DSE) w.e.f. February 11, 2004.


-Star Paper Mills Ltd has appointed Mr. M. C. Gupta, Company Secretary of the company as the Compliance Officer of the company.

-Registered Office of the Company has been shifted To Duncan House, 2nd Floor, 31, Netaji Subhas Road, Kolkata 700 001.


- Star Paper Mills Ltd has informed that Sh. M. P. Pinto has consented for his appointment as additional director of the Company which was proposed in the Board meeting held on January 29, 2010.

- Star Paper Mills Limited has informed that Sh. M. P. Pinto has consented for his appointment as additional director of the Company which was proposed in the Board meeting held on January 29, 2010. Accordingly, Sh. M. P. Pinto is the additional director of the Company w.e.f. January 29, 2010.

-The company has recommended a dividend of Re.0.50 per share.

- Sh. Kailash Nath Bhandari has been appointed as additional director of the company.