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Techindia Nirman Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1980 - It was incorporated as a private ltd company in October, and was
converted into a public limited company in october 1987.

- Nath seeds Ltd. is a member of the Nath group of companies
promoted by Shri. Nandkishore Kagliwal and his associates. Nath
group is a well diversified group having interests in paper,
seeds, agro-research plantation, biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals
& chemicals.

- The company started its activities in the year 1979 as a
partnership firm.

- Nath seeds Ltd is one of the largest seed companies in the
country and has been in research and breeding, production,
processing and marketing of high quality hybrid seeds of
different crops.

1992 - Company has made arrangements for testing of various hybrids in
different centres for varying agro-climatic conditions, besides
its own research stations for trials.

- The company proposes to expand the processing capacities and
storage facilities substantially. Due to adverse situation in
the Primary Capital Market, public issue was deferred so far.

- Recognising the tremendous scope a new company in the name of
Nath Biotechnologies Ltd., has been promoted by the company. It
has commissioned the commercial Tissue Culture facility at
Itkheda, Aurangabad.

1995 - The Company through its R & D Department has developed and
launched Hybrid Rice for sale for the first time in the Country.

- The company proposes to set up an exclusive Rice breeding station
at Hyderabad.

- The Company proposes to set up two more Seed Processing
Plants-cum-Storage facilities in Central and Northern India. The
Company has also entered the field of Floriculture. The Company
is setting up facilities to grow Orchids for the first time in
this part of the country.

- The Company has made technical arrangements with one of the most
experienced Orchid growing Company of the world.

- The Company has also developed a Eco friendly bio-pesticide based
on Neem and is in the process of marketing the same under the
brand name "NEEMNATH".

1996 - The Company has been awarded with ISO 9001 for excellence in
operations. The Company is the first Seed Company in Asia to be
awarded with this unique honour.

- The Company has also been awarded with the prestigious "Vasantrao
Naik Prathisthan Award" for its contribution for enhancing
Agricultural Productivity.

- The Company also entered Paddy and Sunflower markets with new
hybrids for the first time.

- The Company has undertaken a unique Integrated Agro Processing
and Corporate Farming project which involves cultivating Fruits &
Vegetables over an area of 2500 acres.

1997 - The Company researched Cotton hybrid "KASHINATH" was released &
notified at National level by Central Seed Committee of the

- The Company researched Forage Sorghum hybrid "NATHCHARI 905" has
also been recommended for release & notification at National
Level by ICAR.

- The Company has an effective Research & Development
infrastructure and continuously endeavors to produce better
hybrids through its research efforts. It released Two new
hybrids in Cotton & Sorghum and One new hybrids in Sunflower,
Maize, Soyabean and Pigeonpea.

- The Company has undertaken a unique Integrated Agro Processing
and Corporate Farming project which involves cultivating Fruits &
Vegetables over an area of 2500 acres.

- The Company also plans to set up a modular technology laboratory
for DNA finger printing & disease control of the seeds.

- The Company has regular programme to train its employees with
better skills and knowledge.

- Hyderabad-based Nath Seeds (NSL) manufactures high-yielding
hybrid seeds and seedlings, value-added packing materials from
agro-waste, planting materials and other related activities. It
has plants at Aurangabad, Paithan, Nasik and Hyderabad.

- Resourcefully equipped with research farms, testing stations,
processing and warehousing facilities in the marketing areas,
Nath Seeds is also optimally staffed with dealers and
distributors to push its production through.

- The company also plans to accelerate its exports and aims to be a
leading players in the agro-based industry.

1998 - The Company researched product mustard "NATH SONA 212" was
released at National level.

- The Company also released a new variety of Hybrid Paddy. A new
product in Wheat "MOHAN WONDER" was also well accepted in the

1999 - The company has seed processing facilities at Aurangabad in
Maharashtra, Nizamabad in Andhra Pradesh and Coimbatore in Tamil
Nadu and is listed on the Ahmedabad, Mumbai and National Stock

- Nath Seeds, the first seed company in Asia Pacific region to
get ISO 9001 certificate, has released over 25 hybrids for paddy,
wheat, mustard and cotton during last 3 years.

2000 - NSL has a collaboration with Royal Sluis, Holland, for joint
research, production and marketing of hybrid vegetable seeds. In
a major restructing of its agri-businesses, the Nath Group, a
major player in biotech and hybrid seed industry in the country,
is merging Nath Biotechnologies with Nath Seeds and change its
name to Nath Biotech and Seeds Company.

- Nath Seeds has collection of more than 13,500 germ plasm. It
has released 25 hybrids in last 3 years and it is ready for 28
to be launched in next 3 years. It has devised a multi pronged
strategy for aggressive growth.

- Nath Seeds has recently launched a wheat variety called Dry
Wonder in Madhya Pradesh. This unique wheat variety needs only
two irrigations per crop as against average wheat crop in India
requiring at least 6 to 8 irrigations.

- The Company has three business divisions i.e., seed division, corporate
farm division and plantation division. The company proposes to vertically
split. The seed division and corporate farm division will be transferred to two
independent companies and the plantation division will be retained by Nath
Seeds Ltd.

- Shri Akash Kagliwal has been appointed on the Board

-The name of company of Nath Seeds Ltd. has been changed to TechIndia Nirman Ltd.