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Notes to Accounts of TeleCanor Global Ltd.

Sep 30, 2014

1) Contingencies and events occurring after the balance sheet date - nil -

2) Employee Benefits

Based on the past experience and the position as on the reporting date, no provision is made for the retirement benefits as none of the present employees are entitled for the same.

3) Segment Reporting

Since all operations during the year are confined to one segment only, hence the bifurcation for segmental results are not drawn.

4) Related Party Transactions

In Compliance with the requirements of AS 18, the following are the details of transactions with key management personnel.

5) Debtors outstanding is to the tune of Rs. 6, 28, 19,027.43 (Gross) where the amount is outstanding since more than 2 years.

6) Previous Years figures have been recast/restated whenever necessary.

Sep 30, 2013

Not Available

Mar 31, 2010

1. Segment reporting : The company has identified three reportable segments, viz. Construction, Information, Technology and Aquaculture, in terms of the requirements of Accounting Standard - 17 of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The accounting polices of the adopted for segment reporting are in line with the accounting policy of the company with following additional policies for segment reporting. Revenue and expenses have been identified to a segment on the basis of relationship to operating activities of the segment.

2 Related Party Disclosures

In compliance with the requirements of Accounting Standard 18, the following are the details of transactions with key management personnel:

3. Micro, Small Scale Business Entities

The Company has not received information from vendors regarding their status under the Micro, small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006 and hence disclosures relating to amonts unpaid as the year end together with interest paid/payable under this Act has not been given.

c) Capacity & Production:

The installed capacity of aqua ponds is regulated by the MPED Authority based on their norms and is indeterminate at the present point of time. The capacity of the processing plant is not mentioned since the same is not commissioned.

d) Auditors remuneration comprises statutory audit fee of Rs.2,00,000 (Pr Yr. 1,25,000), Tax audit fee of Rs.25,000 (Pr Yr. 25,000) ami Reimbursement of Expenses Rs.25,000 (Pr.Yr. Nil) for the year 2009-10.

e) Sundry Debtors and Sundry Creditors are subject to confirmation and reconciliation wherever necessary.

f) Other expenses include adjustments on account of Sundry balances written .off/written back, if any.

g) Previous years figures have been regrouped and reclassified wherever necessary and all figures have been rounded of the nearest rupee.