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Thiru Arooran Sugars Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1954 - The Company was incorporated as a public limited company at
Chennai on 12th July, and obtained a Certificate of Commencement
of Business on 30th July. It was promoted by late Shri V.S.
Tyagaraja Mudaliar.

- The Company set up a plant (Unit I) with an installed capacity of
1200 TPD at Vadapathinangalam in Thanjavur district of Tamilnadu.

1974 - The Crushing capacity was increased to 2,000 TPD. Since then,
the Company had been modernising the plant and machinery to attain higher efficiency.

- Rate of dividend on preference shares increased from 8.6% to
10.5% with effect from 1.11.1975.

1986 - The company was issued a letter of intent to set up a new sugar
factory (Unit II) with an installed cane crushing capacity of
2,500 TPD at Thirumandangudi in Thanjavur district of Tamilnadu.

- Plant and machinery was procured on a turn-key basis from KCP,
Ltd. Two DG sets of 320 KVA each were also installed to meet any

1988 - 6,00,000 Bonus shares issued in prop 1:1.

1989 - The Company privately placed 15,000-14% non-convertible
debentures of Rs 1000 each with UTI and SBI Mutual Fund. The
debentures are redeemable in three instalment beginning at the
end of 6th year from the date of allotment with a premium of 5%
to be paid with the IInd instalment.

- 45,00,000 Bonus equity shares issued in prop. 15:4, 14,25,000
shares were then issued at a premium of Rs 15 per share of which
two blocks of 46,875 shares each were reserved and allotted to
UTI and SBI Mutual Fund. 71,250 shares were offered on a
preferential basis to employees (including Indian working
directors/workers) of the Company. Only 11,400 shares taken up.
The balance 12,60,000 shares, along with the unsubscribed portion
of 59,850 shares of employees quota, were offered for public
subscription during July, 1990. Additional 2,13,750 shares were
allotted to the public to retain over-subscription.

1990 - The Company decided to enter into new lines of business viz.,
leasing, hire purchase, computer hardware and software, etc.

- During July, the Company made a public issue of equity shares
with an objective to raise resources to meet part of the cost of
new sugar project, augment long-term resources and to list equity
shares on recognised stock exchanges.

1992 - The Company has commissioned the services of the Sugarcane
Breeding Institute, Coimbatore to undertake a detailed study and
suggest necessary measures to improve the quality and yield of

- The Company has also been chosen by Tamilnadu Industrial
Development Corporation (TIDCO) as co-promoter for implementing a
project in the Associate Sector to manufacture n-Butanol, an
alcohol based chemical.

- It is proposed to introduce the Double Common Header in the
Injection Station to reduce the power consumption in the
condensing and spraying system.

- It has proposed to modify the existing VKW Boiler Furnace and
Economiser Tube design to increase the thermal efficiency in the

- The company has proposed to modify the existing Evaporator
Station with Dynamic Juice Heaters to reduce the steam

- It is proposed to introduce specific imbibition system in the
Mills to reduce the imbibition percentage for the same milling

- It is proposed to introduce Multi Pass Evaporator to improve heat
transfer and to reduce scale formation.

1993 - Located alongside the sugar factory at Tirumandankudi, with an
installed capacity of 60 kilo-litres per day of Rectified Spirit
and 30 kilolitres per day of Extra Neutral Alcohol Commissioned
in August.

1994 - The Company finalised the proposal to set up cogeneration
facilities at the Tirumandankudi sugar plant for generation upto
19 MW of power. The power plant would last substantial captive
availability of fuel in the form of bagasse from the sugar mill
and the same would be supplemented by lignite from the Neyveli

- The Company has successfully introduced the poly bag method of
planting sugarcane which not only economies on seed requirement,
but also through better germination, results in higher yield per
acre and sucrose content.

- The Company is also considering expansion of its interests in the
sugar industry and it is proposed to integrate the project for
co-generation of power therein.

- High efficiency pumps were installed in injection station which
has resulted in energy saving.

- Double Common Header has been introduced and it has resulted in
power saving of about 125 KW.

- 8,50,000 Shares issued Pref. shares issued.

1995 - With a view to overcome the problems faced during the trial run,
certain modifications were suggested and the plant was shut down
since March 1996 to July 1996 for enforcing the modification.

- The company received a Letter of Intent for expanding the
capacity of Tirumandankudi sugar factory from 2500 TCD to 5000

- The Company undertook to install 9.74 MW back pressure turbine at
Tirumandankudi power plant to increase the power generating
capacity from 19th to 27 MW.

- The Company also undertook to set up Co-generation facilities for
19 MW power at Kollumangudi.

- The Company was granted a Letter of Intent for setting up a new
2,500 TCD sugar factory in Tiruvadaimaravdur taluka, Tanjavur.

- During the year, 5,500,000 Redeemable Cumulative Preference
Shares of Rs. 10 each were issued and allotted.

1996 - The Company has allotted 4,12,869 No. of equity shares at a price
of Rs 165 per share to the Promoters on preferential basis.

- The Company had allotted 21,50,405 No. of Equity shares of Rs 10
each at a premium of Rs 80 per share to the shareholders of the
company on rights basis.

- The 19 MW Power Cogeneration project at Tirumandankudi was
commissioned during November.

- The Company is installing a 9.74 MW back pressure turbine at the
Tirumandankudi Power Plant, so as to increase the Power
generating capacity from 19 to 27 MW during the crushing season.

- The Bagasse based Cogeneration Plant was commissioned. This
is the first major Bagasse based Cogeneration Project of this
kind in the sugar industry in the whole of India.

1997 - The Unit Trust of India (UTI) has renounced its rights
entitlement of 1,86,443 equity shares of Thiru Arooran Sugars
Ltd at the rate of Rs.4 per share on January 22, 1997.

- Arooran Sugars Ltd has recently obtained one more letter of
Intent from the Centre to set up a sugar mill of 2500 TCD at
Valangaiman near Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district.

- With the proposed two factories, it is set to emerge one of the
largest sugar producers in the country with 12,000 TCD at its

- The Chennai-based Thiru Aroonan Sugars Ltd (TASL), proposes to
substitute some of its high-cost long-term and short-term funds
with low cost resources.

- Thiru Arooran Sugars Ltd has been chosen for `Best
Project/Entrepreneur' award by Indian Renewable Energy
Development Ltd (IREDA). The agency has set up special awards
as part of its celebrations to commemorate the completion of 10
years of service in the renewable energy sector.

- The capacity of the existing unit in Thirumandangudi has been
doubled to 5,000 tonnes daily while the co-generation plant in
this centre has a capacity of 27 MW.

- 24,500,000 preference shares of Rs 10 each were privately placed
aggregating to Rs 2450 lakhs.

1998 - Thiru Arooran Sugars is the latest to join the race in the
Southern sugar market to expand capacity.

- The company recently set-up a new 2,500 tcd sugar unit at
Thiruvidaimarudur through a new subsidiary - Shri Ambica Sugar
Mills - which could also call for additional investments from
TASL, leading to a higher fixed-cost component in its cost

- Thiru Arooran has a capcity of 7,500 tcd and is adding further
capacity of 2,500 tcd through a subsidiary company.

- 10,000,000 Preference shares of Rs 10 each privately placed.

1999 - The sugar plant, situated at Pennadam, has a capacity to crush
500 tonnes per day. With this the capacity of TASL group
increased to 12500 TCD taking into account 5000 TCD at
Thiruman-dangudi and 2500 TCD at Kollumangudi.

2000 - The Company a leading integrated sugar manufacturer based in
Tamil Nadu, has proposed to hive off its `cash cow' co-generation

- TheTerra Energy shall allot to Thiru Arooran Sugar Industries 1,00,00,000
No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each fully paid-up aggregating Rs 10 crore,
20,00,000 redeemable preference shares of Rs 100 each aggregating Rs 20
crore and 12,84,000 optionally convertible debentures of Rs 100 each aggregating
Rs 12.84 crore.


- Delisting of the Equity Shares from Madras Stock Exchange


-Shree Ambika Sugars Ltd an associate company of Thiru Arooran Sugars Ltd merges two of its cogeneration power subsidiaries with itself


-Mr. R.R. Karthikeyan has been appointed as Company Secretary of the company.


-Thiru Arooran Sugars has recommended payment of Dividend at Rs. 4 per Equity Share (40%)


-Mr. B. Viswanathan has been appointed as Additional Director of the Company.

- Thiru Arooran Sugars Ltd. has appointed Mr. R Vijayaraghavan and Mr. V Thirupathi are Independent Directors of the Company.

-Thiru Arooran gets $35.35 mn advance against sugar export of sugar over the next 8 years.