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Ugar Sugar Works Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1939 - The Company was Incorporated on 11th September, at Sangli,
Maharashtra. The Company's object is to manufacture white
crystal sugar by double sulphitation process.

1945 - 4,660 Right equity shares offered at par (prop. 9:20) 1,208
shares not taken up by members allotted otherwise.

1951 - 7,500 bonus equity shares issued in prop. 1:2. 7,500 shares
offered to the public.

1961 - 10,000 right equity shares offered at par in the prop. 1:3.

1966 - On 1st July, 13,600 No. of equity shares issued against
cancellation of pref. shares (prop. 40:1).

- Issued 10,652 bonus shares in prop. 1:5; and 20,168 right shares
at par in the prop. 1:3.

1973 - 16,816 bonus equity shares issued in the prop. 1:5.

1986 - The Company received a letter of intent for expansion of capacity
to 5,000 TCD.

1987 - A licence was received for the manufacture and supply of bottled
arrack in Raichur district. In order to avoid the cost of
transportation, a small unit for bottling arrack was set up and
commissioned by June 1988 at Kushtagi in the same district.

- 99,104 No. of equity shares issued at par on rights basis. Only
59,780 shares taken up. The unsubscribed 39,324 shares disposed
of by private placement (only 26,444 shares taken up) by end of
September 1988.

1988 - The balance 12,880 shares out of private placement quota taken

1990 - The letter of intent to increase the crushing capacity to 5000
TCD was converted into an industrial licence on 2nd May. The
company proposed to increase the crushing capacity from 5000 TCD
to 7500 TCD. The period of licence for manufacture and bottling
of arrack at Kushtagi had expired on 30th June, 1992, and
therefore, the company cannot carry out the arrack manufacturing
and bottling activity there.

- The Company proposed to lease out the unit on reasonable rent. A
proposal to this effect was already in hand.


-Ugar Sugar Works has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 3:5

-Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Re 1.


-The Company has proposed dividend @ 20%.


-The Company has recommended dividend at Rs 0.20 per share i.e. 20%.

-Ugar Sugar Works Ltd Issues Rights in the Ratio of 1:4


-The Company has recommended dividend of Re 0.25 per share of Re 1/-


-The Company has recommended a dividend of 25% (i.e. Re. 0.25 per share of Re. 1).


-Board has recommended a dividend of 20% (i.e. Re. 0.20 per share of Re. 1).


-Ugar Sugar Works Ltd has started a Ugar and Jewargi unit for sugar production.