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Alok Industries Ltd. Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mr.Senthilkumar Arumugham Additional Director
Mr.Tulsi Tejwani Additional Director
Mr.Keshav D Hodavdekar Addnl.Independent Director
Mrs.Thankom Mathew Addnl.Independent Director
Mr.Surinder Kumar Bhoan Chairman & Ind.Director
Mr.K H Gopal Executive Director
Mr.Ashok B Jiwrajka Executive Director
Mr.Sunil O Khandelwal Executive Director
Mr.Surendra B Jiwrajka Joint Managing Director
Mr.Dilip B Jiwrajka Managing Director
Mr.Pradeep K Rath Nominee Director
Mr.Atanu Sen Nominee Director
Mr.Suneet Shukla Nominee Director
Mr.Rajeev Kumar Nominee Director
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.Sanjay Bhatt CEO - Embroidery
Mr.Romi Agarwal CEO - Garments
Mr.Arvind Maurya CEO - Knits
Mr.Reshabh Raizada CEO - Polyester&Retail
Mr.S S Aich CEO - Processing
Mr.Sapan Mukherjee CEO - Spinning
Mr.Anupam Jhunjhunwala CEO - Store Twenty One
Mr.Sanjay Deora CEO - Terry Towels
Mr.Tulsi Karnani CEO - Weaving
Mr.Sanjay Bhatt Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Sapan Mukherjee Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Arvind Maurya Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Romi Agarwal Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Sanjay Deora Chief Executive Officer
Mr.S S Aich Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Anupam Jhunjhunwala Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Tulsi Karnani Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Reshabh Raizada Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Senthil Kumar Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Sunil O Khandelwal Chief Financial Officer
Mr.Alok A Jiwrajka Chief Operating Officer
Mr.K H Gopal Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Mr.K H Gopal Executive Director & Company Secretary
Mrs.Mala Mukherjee Head
Mr.Aditya Chirawawala Head
Mrs.Mala Mukherjee Head - Hemming
Mr.Varun S Jiwrajka Joint Chief Operating Officer
Mr.Niraj D Jiwrajka Joint Chief Operating Officer
Mr.Varun S Jiwrajka Jt. Chief Operating Officer
Mr.Niraj D Jiwrajka Jt. Chief Operating Officer
Mr.Rohit Seru President
Mr.K H Gopal President & Co. Secretary
Mr.Rohit Seru President - Apparel Fabrics
Mr.K H Gopal President - Corp. Affairs & Co. Secretary
Mr.K H Gopal Secretary
Mr.Michaeli M Mesmer Senior Vice President - Marketing