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Bayer Cropscience Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1958 - The Company was Incorporated. The Company was converted into
public limited Company on 28th December 1996. The Company
manufacture and deal in insecticides, fungicides, Weedicides and
other chemicals for plant protection purposes, domestic and
public health products, rubber chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

1963 - The Name of the Company was changed from Bayer Agrochem Pvt.
Ltd., to Bayer (India), Ltd.

1964 - Shares subdivided. Allotted 1,46,160 shares to Farben Fabriken
Bayer A.G. and 58,570 shares to directors, etc. 56,270 shares
offered at par to the public in January 1965.

1967 - In July, 35,000 right shares issued at par (prop. 2:15).

1968 - 4,335 shares issued to foreign collaborators.

1972 - 60,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:5.

1975 - 32,250 right shares issued (prem. Rs 100 per share; prop. 1:10.

1977 - 3,92,250 Bonus shares issued in prop. 1:1.

1978 - 26,500 shares issued (prem. Rs 100 per share); 9,000 shares to
employees & 17,500 shares to UTI.

1986 - Letter of Intent which was received earlier for the manufacture
of cypermethrin equivalent to 20 tonnes of 100% technical
material was converted into an industrial licence.

1987 - 8,11,000 Bonus shares issued in proportion 1:1.

1988 - Government's clearance was received for the manufacture of methyl
parathion 2% dust at Himatnagar in Gujarat State.

- The Company's R&D unit carries out research on a wide spectrum
of products viz., insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. New
formulations of Bayer, Bayleton, Folithion WP40, Bilfol and
Rocomin Tracking powder were developed with indigenous raw

- Farbenfabriken Bayer A.G., Leverkusen (West Germany), the holding
company holds 8,27,256 No. of equity shares of the Company.

- Miles India Ltd., has allotted 287,350 No. of Equity shares of
Rs 10 each to the Company.

1989 - New products such as bayleton, a systemic fungicide, Bilfol 20 an
insecticides and Recumin a rodenticide received registration
under the Insecticides Act.

1992 - The Company introduced "Technicon" line of automated chemistry
and Haemotology systems.

1993 - The Agrochemicals division introduced sencor - a herbicide for
sugarcane, potato, tomato etc, Bayor - a fungicide for tea and
apples and Bilchlor - a herbicide for rice.

- The Diagnostic Division introduced Bayer Diagnostic
State-of-the-art Technologies. During the year, the Chemicals
division undertook to set up a testing laboratory for dyes and

1994 - Two new products viz. Bayrusil, an insecticide and Bilron, a
weedicide for wheat were launched and introduced new products,
viz. Sencor, Bayleton, Baycor and Bilchlor.

- The health care division introduced new products such as Baycort
(anti fungal ointment), Autan - a mosquito repellant lotion,
Racumin - a new generation rodenticide and Diphyl - a heat
transfer fluid were launched in the market.

1995 - The health care unit launched `Adalat Oros' a state-of-the-art
cardiovascular drug manufactured using laser technology. The
consumer care unit launched `Avtar' a mosquito repellent lotion.

- During the year, the Company set up a new business group for
`plastic' to focus on the specific needs the fast growing market
for engineering plastics.

- The Agrochemicals group and the healthcare group launched
`Bilfen' a controller of harmful insects and `Bayclip' a
ciprofloxacin were launched respectively. In the field of
consumer care products, solfac used to control Malaria was

1996 - Synthetic pyrethroid Bilfen was introduced during the year. New
products launched were Baycip (ciprofloaxin) and Solfac used in
the control of Malaria.

1997 - New products launched during the year were Kelthane, an acaricide
used for control of mites, Goal a weedicide and Karathane a
fungicide used for control of powdery mildew. Baygon Knockout a
flying insect killer aerosol and Baygon coil were test marketed.

- Bayer Industries Ltd, the 100 per cent Indian subsidiary of
German giant Bayer AG, is hiking its open offer price for the
acquisition of shares in the Vadodara-based ABS Industries Ltd.

- Bayer Industries Ltd. has received the requisite permission from
the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), Department of
Company Affairs and the Reserve Bank of India to proceed with
its investments announced joint ventures.

- The company entered into a joint venture with the Indian Syntans
group, Chennai, to manufacture and sell leather chemicals.

- Bayer (India) Ltd's Thane plant was awarded the safety award in
recognition of it's excellence in industrial safety performance
among the large chemical units in Thane for the year 1996 by
the Thane Manufacturers Association (TMA).

- Assumptions wage hike ranging between Rs 1,582 and Rs 3,120 per
month, additional credit facilities and access to holiday
resorts are some of the highlights of a wage agreement that
will benefit 850 employees of pharmaceutical major Bayer India

- Bayer AG has set up a wholly owned subsidiary called Bayer
Industries Ltd, which will make and market chemicals and
healthcare products and source raw materials for the German
multinational's global requirements.

- Bayer ABS Industries the joint venture between Bayer Industries
and Baroda-based ABS Industries plans to reach a capacity of
2,000 tonnes of high grade engineering plastics by the end of

- The company had entered into separate agreement with its
distributors and stockists as far as discounts were concerned.

1998 - Bayer India has launched Glucobay, an oral anti-diabetic and
research product of its German parent Bayer AG.

- The company has launched Baygon Genius Liquid vaporiser in the
northern and western markets.

- Bayer has launched Baygon Genius Liquid Vaporiser.

- German multinational Bayer is likely to compensate its Indian
subsidiary for the recent transfer of a host of pharmaceutical
brands to its newly-formed joint venture with the Ahmedabad-based
Zydus group.

- The company's leather chemicals joint venture will manufacture
and market over 400 Bayer leather processing products.

1999 - Subject to necessary approvals, the scheme of amgalamation of
Jagat Chemicals Ltd. with the company has to become effective
from Janaury 1st.

- Bayer-Zydus, the proposed pharma joint venture between the over
DM 55 billion Bayer AG of Germany and the Ahmedabad-based Zydus
group has failed to take off eight months after it was formally
signed leaving a question mark over its future.

- Bayer India is planning to merge its 100 per cent subsidiary
Jagat Chemicals with itself.

- Bayer has introduced two products, Gaucho 70 WS and Confidor
200SL, and cotton farmers will receive cotton seed treated
with Gaucho.

- Bayer India is a 51 per cent subsidiary of the Germany-based
Bayer AG.

- The company is participating for the first time in an
international competitive bid for a malaria control project aided
by the World Bank.

- The Indian subsidiary of multinational Bayer AG will spin off
its entire photographic and medical equipment division into a
separate entity under the Agfa brand.

2000 - Bayer India that it is spinning off its pharmaceutical business
into a new company, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, which will be a
full-owned subsidiary of parent Bayer AG.

- Bayer has introduced Baygon Cockroach Specialist and Baygon
Mosquito Specialist - two specialist aerosol sprays in the Indian markets.

- Drug major Wockhardt Ltd and German chemicals and drugs group
Bayer AG signed a marketing pact for a Bayer drug.

2002- Mehernosh Homi Kapadia appointed as Compliance Officer of Bayer.


-Appoints Mr Mehernosh Homi Kapadia as the compliance officer.

-Shifts its Head Office from Mumbai to Thane.

-Indian Syntans Investments raises its objection to the company's open offer to minority shareholders of Aventis Cropscience.

-Sebi approves BSC's open offer of Rs.157 per share of Aventis Cropscience India.

-Board approves for the sale/disposal of the Household Insecticides business of the Consumer Care Division.


-Minitry approves Bayer's proposal to convert Aventis into a 100% subsidiary.

-Board approves for the Scheme of amalgamation of Bayer Cropscience India Ltd with the company.

-Mr Stephen Gerlich, appointed as Director and MD of the company in place of Mr Dieter Kambeck .

-Board approves for the formation of 100% subsidiary and transfer of non-cropscience business of the company to such subsidiaries.

- Mr S Gerlich ceases to be the Managing Director of the company wef closing hours of December 19, 2003, but continues to be the Director on the Board. He has been designated as the vice Chairman of the Company.

- Mr SM Kulkarni ceases to be a Director of the company wef the closing hours of December 19, 2003.

- Mr HV Goenka and Mr DC Shroff cease to be Directors on Board wef the closing hours of December 19, 2003.

-Bayer (India) Ltd is to be renamed as Bayer CropScience Ltd. This decision is pursuant to the merger of Bayer (India) Ltd and Bayer CropScience India in 2003.


-Bayer CropScience Ltd has appointed Mr. Kaikobad Mistry as a Director in the casual vacancy on the Board of the Company with effect from, July 01, 2008.


- The Board has recommended a dividend of Rs 2.80 per share.


- Board has recommended a dividend of Rs. 4/- per share.

- Bayer Crop - Status of production activities at Ankleshwar.


- Board has recommended a dividend of Rs. 4.2/- per share.

- Mr. Rajiv Wani has been appointed as the Company Secretary and Compliance Officer.

-Board recommended a Dividend of Rs. 5 per share.

-Bayer CropScience opens Weed Resistance Competence Center in Frankfurt, Germany
-Bayer HealthCare to invest up to USD 25 million in “Versant Venture Capital V” fund
-Bayer completes acquisition of Dihon Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. in China
-Bayer CropScience acquires European distribution rights for biofungicide Contans from Belchim Crop Protection

-Bayer - RVJ School of Agriculture celebrates its 13th Convocation Ceremony
-100 young leaders develop ideas on global food challenges
-Bayer CropScience Vegetable Seeds opens new R&D facility in Karnal, Haryana
-Bayer undertakes CSR project to promote Sanitation & Hygiene
-Bayer MaterialScience wins two awards at Plasticon 2015
-Bayer MaterialScience makes an impression at PlastIndia 2015

- Bayer inaugurates a Global Formulation Technology Lab at Vapi