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Bedmutha Industries Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

Our Company was originally incorporated as Bedmutha Wire Company Private Limited on

August 23, 1990 in the State of Maharashtra as Private Limited Company under the Companies

Act, 1956 vide Registration No.11-57863 (CIN U31200MH1990PLC057863) . The name of the

company was changed to Bedmutha Wire Company Limited on conversion into Public Limited

Company and a fresh certificate of incorporation was obtained from Registrar of Companies,

Maharashtra on September 23, 1997. The name of the company was further changed to

Bedmutha Industries Limited and a fresh certificate of incorporation was obtained
from Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra on November 18, 2009.

The commercial production was commenced in 1992 with erection of first Galvanized Plant

with a installed Capacity of 3600 MTPA at Sinnar, Nashik.. In 1994, our Company increased

its installed capacity from 3600 MTPA to 6100 MTPA by de-bottling of galvanized plant. In

1997, our Company did its first expansion by setting up second galvanizing plant with an

installed capacity of 5400 MTPA which increases our total installed capacity from 6100

MTPA to 11,500 MTPA. On September 30,1998 M/s Kamal Wire Drawing, a proprietary concern of

Mr. Vijay Kachardas Vedmutha was taken over by our Company as a going concern along with

all its assets and liabilities for consideration of Rs. 401.74 Lacs. Towards this, our

Company allotted 16,43,768 equity shares of Rs. 10/- each fully paid at a premium of

Rs.14.44 per equity share to Mr. Vijay K Vedmutha. M/s Kamal Wire Drawing, a proprietary
concern was in operation since 1988 having a wire drawing capacity. Our Company had

galvanizing capacity located at the adjacent plot. In order to obtain ISI Marks to our

products it was required to have a in house wire drawing capacity. As both the units were

adjacent to each other the said takeover was effected to have synergies of operation.
On March 31, 2000 M/s Testing Engineers & Associates, a proprietary concern of Mr. Ajay

Kachardas Vedmutha was taken over as a going concern along with all its assets and

liabilities for the lumpsum consideration of Rs. 5.00 Lacs. Towards this, our Company

allotted 50,000 equity shares of Rs. 10 /- each fully paid in favour of Mr. Ajay Kachardas

Vedmutha. The said proprietary concern was engaged in the business of technical

consultancy. The same was taken over to have synergies for the technical consultancy
division of our company. With a greater demand of products and expanding marketing

network, our Company set up third and fourth galvanized plant in 2003 and 2007 at Sinnar,

Nashik with an installed capacity of 5300 MTPA and 8500 MTPA respectively. Due to this,

our Company’s total galvanized capacity increased to 25,300 MTPA. Our Company also

increased the wire drawing capacity from 16,800 MTPA to 18000 MTPA in the year 2005 and
subsequently increased the capacity from 18000 MTPA to 60,000 MTPA. In order to increase

the product range, our Company set up P.C. Wire Line with an installed capacity of 10,800

MTPA. Our company had a separate division named K.R. Bedmutha & Techno Associates

(KRBTA). KRBTA provides consultancy services such as Stability and Safety

Certification, NDT Services, 3rd Party Procurement Inspection, Failure Risk Assessment,

etc. On July 01, 2008, the Consultancy Division was spinned off into a separate entity

named as K.R. Bedmutha Techno Associates Private Limited.

Our Company has also installed wind power turbine in the year 2007. We have entered into

MOU with Tejsri developers (P) Limited for operations and maintenance of wind mill.
For details of our business, please refer to the chapter Our Business beginning on page

no. 75 of this Draft Red Herring Prospectus.


Year- 1990

Year of Incorporation

Year- 1992

Commenced commercial production of first Galvanized Plant with installed
capacity of 3600 MTPA

Year- 1994

De-bottling of existing plant, thereby increasing the Capacity from 3600 MPTA to
6100 MTPA

Approved Vendor of Maharashtra State Electricity Board

Year- 1996

Approved Vendor of Gujarat Electricity Board and Karnataka Electricity Board

Year- 1997

Expansion by adding Galvanized Plant no-2 of 5400 MTPA and total Capacity of
11,500 MPTA

Year - 1998

Backward integration by acquiring the Wire Drawing Capacity from M/s. Kamal
Wire with a Capacity of 16,800 MTPA in Sinnar, Nashik.

Year - 1999 Approved Vendor of Rajastan Electricity Board

Year - 2000

M/s. Test Engineers and Associates was taken over by Bedmutha Industries

Year - 2001

Acquired Deemed Export Order from Rajasthan State Electricity Board (RSEB)
under World Bank Tender

Year - 2003

3rd Galvanizing plant was installed adding 5300 MTPA

Year 2004

ISO 9001:2000 certification obtained

year- 2005

Wire Drawing Capacity has enhanced from 16,800 MPTA to 18,000 MTPA

Year- 2006

Approved Vendor of Power Grid Corporation

year- 2007

4th Galvanizing plant was installed taking total galvanizing capacity from 16,800
MTPA to 25,300 MTPA

Year- 2008

Expansion of Wire & Wire Products Capacity from 18,000 MTPA to 42,100 MTPA
and installation of Wire Nails Capacity of 1800 MTPA and stranding Capacity of
2400 MTPA

Order of Amalgamation passed by Hon’ble High Court at Mumbai of M/s. Ajay
Wire Products Private Ltd., Kamdhenu Wire Private Ltd. and Shriram Wire
Private Ltd with Bedmutha Industries Limited u/s.391-394 of Companies Act, 1956
in August 2008.

Set up Wind Mill in Karnataka with power generation Capacity of 225 KW

Spin-off of K.R. Bedmutha Techno & Associates consultancy division into
separate entity.

Wire Drawing Capacity enhanced from 42,100 to 60,000 MTPA and P.C.Wire Line
with a capacity of 10,800 MTPA

Year- 2009

Name changed to Bedmutha Industries Ltd

Acquired 51% stake in Kamlasha infrastructure and Engineering Pvt. Ltd for
implementation of turnkey contract of electrification.


- The Company has been awarded Mega project status by the Government of Maharashtra (GoM) for the proposed expansion of the Company.

The Company has signed the MOU for the manufacturing of LRPC wires, Spring steel wires, GI wires and SS wires.

- Bedmutha Industries Ltd has appointed Mr. Vikramaditya Ugra as Nominee Director on the Board of the Company.