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Coastal Roadways Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1968 - The company was incorporated on the 18th September as a public
limited company. The company was promoted by Madhan Gopal Todi
Krishna Kumar Todi and Kanhaiya Kumar Todi. The Company carries
out surface transportation of goods.

- The Company had a fleet of 90 vehicles with total carrying
capacity of 1605 tonnes. The Company also deploys 250 trucks of
10 tonnes capacity on hired basis at any given time thereby
increasing the capacity to 4,105 tonnes.

- The Company caters to the transportation requirements of various
industries viz. petroleum, heavy engineering, pharmaceuticals,
chemicals etc. and has established its credentials as on
efficient and professional transport agency.

- The company also diversified into container traffic as it
provides a number of advantages over conventional transport. The
company was able to offer value-added benefits to customers
through container transport over conventional surface transport.

- The company proposed to acquire further fleet of 50 trailers of a
capacity of 14 tonnes at cost of Rs. 4,00,00 each.

1994 - The Company proposed to enter into coastal shipping to meet the
requirement arising out of coastal trade which was expected to
grow. Proposals for starting ro-ro services were also being

- During the year, negotiations were on for shipping in coastal
areas to meet the requirement in coastal trade. Plans were also
afoot to introduce new sylo type PVC containers, the latest
state-of-the-art technology in transportation industry to cater
to the growing demand.

- During July, the company offered 20,00,000 No. of equity shares
at a premium of Rs 10 per share as follows:

- (i) 40,00,000 shares were offered to the Financial Institutions
on firm allotment basis. (All were taken up);

- (ii) 4,00,000 shares were offered to NRIs, OCBs on preferential
allotment basis. (Only 2,36,200 shares were taken up. Balance
1,63,800 shares were added to public issue).

- (iii) 50,000 shares were offered to employees. (Only 44,100
shares were taken up. Remaining 5,900 shares were added back to
public issue).

- (iv) 11,50,000 shares were offered to the public. (All were
taken up including unsubscribed portion of other categories. 200
additional shares were allotted to public.

- Coastal Overseas Ltd. is the subsidiary of the Company.


-Coastal Roadways Ltd has appointed Sri. A C Chakrabortti as a Director of the Company from September 25, 2006.


-Coastal Roadways Ltd has has recommended a dividend of 5%, subject to approval of shareholder


-Company has recommended a dividend of 9%, subject to approval of shareholders.

--Company has recommended a dividend of 9%, subject to approval of shareholders.