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Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1933 - The Company was incorporated on 22nd May at Luknow.

1984 - Working of the straw board and the paper units suffered due to
power contraints.

- 12,299 Preference shares and 15,587 equity shares allotteed till
date. Out of these, 12,0497 shares issued as bonus shares.

1986 - The working of the unit was satisfactory. The licensed and
installed capacity of the unit was increased from 4,000 tonnes
per day to 5,000 tonnes per day during the year.

- The working of the paper and the straw board units continued to
be affected due to power problems. The workers of these units
were laid off from 21st July to 15th December 1986 inorder to
undertake certain modifications in the plant and machinery and
to instal a large capacity of bagassee fired boiler.

- The plant and machinery of the sugar mills unit at Dhampur were
revalued as on 31st December. The net surplus Rs 995.46 lakhs
arising out of this was credited to capital reserves.

1987 - Sir Shadi Lal Sugar & General Mills, having a capacity of 1,800
tonnes per day was taken over by the Company on lease for a
period of 5 years with effect from 1st July.

- Working of the straw board unit showed improvement with
installation of a bigger capacity in June 1987. However,
working of the Pragati papers units was adversely affected due
to stiff competition.

1988 - In (15 months), the straw board unit increased production by
about 63% over the previous year when compared on an annualised
basis. However, working of the Pragati paper unit was
unsatisfactory owing to uneconomic size and stiff competition.

- Equity shares sub-divided. All pref. shares redeemed by issuing
1,22,990 equity shares of Rs 10 each in lieu in January 1989.
3,21,140 equity shares issued at par of which 1,21,140 shares
allotted to an associate company and 2,00,000 shares issued to
the public.

1989 - The Company acquired on 10th February, a new unit with a capacity
to manufacture 30 tonnes per day of bleached and unbleached
varieties of paper. The new unit situated at Sikandarabad was
acquired from Ansal Properties and Industries Ltd., and Ansal
Fibres and Papers Ltd.

- A new project for the manufacture of acetic acid and acetic
anhydride was being set up at Dhampur.

- 6,00,000 Bonus shares issued in proportion 1:1 in March 1990.

1990 - The Company undertook to set up a new sugar plant of 2500 TCD
capacity at Rauzagaon in the Barabanki district of U.P.

- The Company undertook to modernise its existing sugar factory at
Dhampur at a total cost of Rs 872 lakhs.

- The Company's modernisation programme involving installation of
balancing equipoment neared completion.

1991 - In (18 months), production and efficiency had been further
improved and the working results were better in terms of
production, capacity utilisation and sales. During the year, the
acetic acid plant commenced production.

- The manufacture of acetic acid and acetic anhydride project
at an estimated cost of Rs 12.90 crores was commissioned in
March. The production was disrupted due to non stabilisation of
the plant. The plans has since then been stablished and
production of acetic acid has commenced. However, Encilium
proceess of fermentation of molasses had since then been
stabilised and and a few balancing eqiupments installed to
increase productivity. The acetic acid plant commenced
production but the acetic anhydrice plant could not be
commissioned. During the year the Company entered into an
agreement with NCL according to which, the Company will be
rewarded by consultancy fees, if the same process is utilised
by any other unit with the assistance of NCL.

- The Company undertook to set up a project to manufacturing
Praticle Board at Aghwanpur in the Moradabad district of U.P., in
technical collaboration with Compak System, U. K. The project
is to utilise bagasse, the Company's by-product.

- The Company proposed to undertake the following: (i) Expansion
of Rauza plant from 2,500 to 5,000 TCD. (ii) Doubling the
capacity of the Chemical plant. (iii) To increase the capacity
of paper mill to 60 TPD. (iv) Expansion of Kashipur crushing
capacity to 4,000 TCD.

- 12,00,000 Bonus equity shares issued in prop. 1:1, 20,44,400
equity shares allotted (Prem. Rs 80 per share in conversion of

1992 - The Company made a public issue of 4,08,875-14% secured fully
convertible debentures of Rs 180 each during January, of which
44,425 debentures were issued on preferential allotment basis
to employee (including Indian working directors)/workers of the
Company. Unsubscribed portion, if any, from employees' quota
was to be added to public issue.

1993 - The recovery of sugar and availability of cane was better
compared to previous year. The Dhampur unit acquired the
distinction being the first sugar unit in private sector to
generate surplus power through co-generation and supply of the
same to the state grid.

- The performance of the paper unit improved compared to previous
year and all efforts were made to improve the working of the
division. The capacity utilisation was low during the year due
to frequent power cuts. The new unit for particle board started
commercial production. To increase the capacity utilisation and
removal of some of the initial problem, necessary modifications
were carried out.

- Production at the chemical plant improved and a range of chemical
were added. But for shortage of molasses overall production
would have improved still further.

- The plant and machinery at the Smoli Unit were erected and trial
production was expected to commence from October 1995 onwards.
The integrated sugar complex has been set up with 2500 TCD
capacity and is expandable upto 5000 TCD.

- The Dhampur unit was further modernised to increase the capacity
to 10,000 TCD while that of Ravzagaon unit to 5000 TCD from 2500
TCD. In addition, alcohol capacity was also to be increased from
70 KLD to 100 KLD with commensurate increase in the quantity of
different chemicals. It was proposed to set up a 6000 TPA
capacity oxatic acid plant.

- Steps were taken to instal a suitable power plant at one of the
sugar factories of the Company to generate 25 mw of power
cogenerating process and supply around 15 MW in season and
25MW of power during off season. In addition a MOU was signed
with U.P. Government to set up 60 MW Naptha based power project
in the State.

- The Company offered deep discount bonds (15%) with detachable
warrants on Rights basis in the proportion 1 bond : 5 equity
shares held.

- 22,22,200 Bonus equity shares issued propn. 1:2. Another
12,00,000 Equity shares allotted on excerise of warrants.

1994 - Sugar production recorded the highest at 146.43 Lac Tonnes
resulting in heavy carry over stocks with sugar prices coupled
with unrestricted duty free imports resulting in depressed sugar

1995 - Performance of the company was satisfactory despite
unfavourable whather conditions. Exports stood at 14,007 M.T.
during the year.

- 34,93,594 equity shares allotted on 1st conversion of warrants.
Another 2,09,774 equity shares allotted on first conversions
of CPNs.

1996 - The overall production of sugar declined by 7% due to high
inventory cost, low realisation of sugar prices and low average
recovery as a result of enhanced crushing days.

- Co-generation of power was commissioned at Dhampur and Asmoli.

- 3,25,000 equity shares forfeited.

1997 - The Oxalic acid plant was commissioned during the month of June.

2001 - The Company has launched sulphurless sugar under the brand, Dhampure.


-Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd has informed that the Board of Directors on March 25, 2002 have allotted ten million equity shares on a preferential basis to Body Corporate / Individuals / NRI / OCB.

-The issue of 80,98,663 equity shares of Rs.10/- each for cash at par aggregating to Rs.809.87 lacs on Right basis to the existing equity shareholders of M/s. The Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd in the ratio of four equity shares for every thirteen equity shares (4:13) held. The Rights Issue has closed on December 09, 2003.


-1. The matter of allotment of 80,98,663 equity shares on rights basis was deferred.

2. Mr. D Ramarao, IFCI Nominee Director ceased to be a Director of the Company consequent to the withdrawal of the nomination by IFCI.


-Dhampur Sugar enters into agreement with Balrampur Chini Mills


- Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd has appointed Mr. B B Tandon as additional Director with effect from January 28, 2008.

-Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd has informed that the name of the Company has been changed from "The Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd" to "Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd" w.e.f. May 28, 2008 as per the new certificate of incorporation issued by Registrar of Companies, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal.


-Dhampur Sugar Mills recommended Dividend @ 15% on Equity Shares


-Dhampur Sugar Mills Limited has acquired Dhampur Sugar Distillery Private Limited. DSDPL has become the wholly owned subsidiary company.


-Mr. R. K. Chaujar hads been appointed as nominee director on behalf of Punjab National Bank.


-Dhampur Sugar Mills recommended Dividend @ 12.50% on Equity Shares (Rs. 1.25 per share of Rs. 10 Each)

-Dhampur international Pte Limited and Dhampur Global Pte Limited have become subsidiaries of Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd.
--Recommended revised dividend on 6% 413940 Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares.

-Board of Directors of the Company has considered and approved Appointment of Ms. Nandita Chaturvedi as lndependent Woman Director of the Company.

-Dhampur Sugar Mills has acquired 51 per cent stake in DETS.
-Dhampur Sugar Mills has promoted and incorporated a Wholly Owned Subsidiary in the name of EHAAT Ltd. with the objective of "Rural Distribution Business of Consumer Products, particularly in Rural Areas".