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Notes to Accounts of Gujarat Meditech Ltd.

Mar 31, 2013

1) There are no contingent liabilities nor provided for.

2) Depreciation has not been provided on assets by the company.

3) The value of realization of Current Assets, Loans and Advances in the ordinary course of business will not be less than the value at which they are started in the balance sheet.

4) Auditors remuneration is as under :

a) Audit fees Rs. 5000/-

b) Tax adit fees Rs. NIL/-

c) Other matter Rs. NIL

5) The additional Information pursuant to the provision of the paragraph 3, 4C, and 4D of Part-II of schedule Vi to the companies Act, 1956 has been furnished to the extend possible and applicable because of the nature of the business of the company.

6) The previous year figure has been regrouped and/or rearranged wherever necessary.