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Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1888 - Sunlight soap introduced in India.

1895 - Lifebuoy soap launched; Lever Brothers appoints agents in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Karachi.

1902 -Pears soap introduced in India.

1903 - Brooke Bond Red Label tea launched.

1905 - Lux flakes introduced.

1913 -Vim scouring powder introduced.

1914 - Vinolia soap launched in India.

1918 - Vanaspati introduced by Dutch margarine manufacturers like Van den Berghs, Jurgens, Verschure Creameries, and Hartogs.

1922 - Rinso soap powder introduced.

1924 - Gibbs dental preparations launched.

1925 - Lever Brothers gets full control of North West Soap Company.

1926 - Hartogs registers Dalda Trademark.

1930 - Unilever is formed on January 1 through merger of Lever Brothers and Margarine Unie.

1888, less than four years after William Hesketh Lever launched Sunlight Soap in England, his newly-founded company, Lever Brothers, started exporting the revolutionary laundry soap to India. By the time the company merged with the Netherlands-based Margarine Unie in 1930 to
form Unilever, it had already carved a niche for itself in the Indian market. Coincidentally, Margarine Unie also had a strong presence in India, to which it exported Vanaspati (hydrogenated edible fat).

1931 - ndustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Company registered on November 27; Sewri factory site bought.

1932 - Vanaspati manufacture starts at Sewri.

- Incorporated on 17th October, under the name of a Lever Brothers (India) Pvt., Ltd. (LBIL) was the wholly owned subsidiary of Unilever Ltd. London, UK.

- 1933 Lever Brothers India Limited (LBIL) incorporated in India to manufacture Soaps.

1934 - Soap manufacture begins at Sewri factory in October; North West Soap Company's Garden Reach Factory, Kolkata rented and expanded to produce Lever brands.


- On 11th May a subsidiary Co. was incorporated under the name United Traders Pvt. Ltd. for marketing the products of the Co. or imported from the parent Co.

1937- Mr. Prakash Tandon, one of the first Indian covenanted managers, joins HVM.

1939 - Garden Reach Factory purchased outright; concentration on building up Dalda Vanaspati as a brand.

1941 - Agencies in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Karachi taken over; company acquires own sales force.

1942 - Unilever takes firm decision to "train Indians to take over junior and senior management positions instead of Europeans".

1943 - Personal Products manufacture begins in India at Garden Reach Factory.

1944 - Reorganisation of the three companies with common management but separate marketing operations.

1947 - Pond's Cold Cream launched.

1951 - Mr. Prakash Tandon becomes first Indian Director. Shamnagar, Tiruchy, and Ghaziabad Vanaspati factories bought.

1955 - 65% of managers are Indians.


- On 27th October, the Co. was converted into a Public Ltd. Co.

- On 1st November, Hindustan Vanaspati Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd., William Gossage & Sons (India) Pvt. Ltd. and Joseph Crosfield & Sons Unilever Ltd. were amalgamated with LBIL and the name was changed to Hindustan Lever Ltd. From 23rd october onwards activities of subsidiary Co. were taken over by its holding Co.

- On 17th November Unilever Ltd. Offered to the public 557,000 No. of equity shares of Rs.10 each.

1957 - Unilever Special Committee approves research activity by Hindustan Unilever.

1958 - Research Unit starts functioning at Mumbai Factory.

1959 - Surf launched.

1961- Mr. Prakash Tandon takes over as the first Indian Chairman; 191 of the 205 managers are Indians.

1962 - Formal Exports Department starts.

1963 - Head Office building at Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai, opened.

1964 - Etah dairy set up, Anik ghee launched; Animal feeds plant at Ghaziabad; Sunsilk shampoo launched.

1965 - Signal toothpaste launched; Indian shareholding increases to 14%.

1966 - Lever's baby food, more new foods introduced; Nickel catalyst production begins; Indian shareholding increases to 15%. Statutory price control on Vanaspati; Taj Mahal tea launched.

1967 - Hindustan Unilever Research Centre, opens in Mumbai.

1968 - Mr. V. G. Rajadhyaksha takes over as Chairman from Mr. Prakash Tandon; Fine Chemicals Unit commissioned at Andheri; informal price control on soap begins.

1969 - Rin bar launched; Fine Chemicals Unit starts production; Bru coffee launched

1971 - Mr. V. G. Rajadhyaksha presents plan for diversification into chemicals to Unilever Special Committee - plan approved; Clinic shampoo launched.

1973 - Mr. T. Thomas takes over as Chairman from Mr. V. G. Rajadhyaksha.

1974 - Pilot plant for industrial chemicals at Taloja; informal price control on soaps withdrawn; Liril marketed.

1975 - Ten-year modernisation plan for soaps and detergent plants; Jammu project work begins; statutory price control on Vanaspati and baby foods withdrawn; Close-up toothpaste launched.

1976 - Construction work of Haldia chemicals complex begins; Taloja chemicals unit begins functioning.


- On February synthetic detergents plant in Jammu was commissioned. Plant for manufacture of linalool from betapinere, pheneyl ethyl alcohol and eaters commissioned at Jammu.

1978 - Indian shareholding increases to 34%; Fair & Lovely skin cream launched.


- In October, the company set up a new industrial undertaking at Haldia for the manufacture of sodium tri-polyphosphate, phosphoric acid and sulphuric acid.


- In order to reduce the non-resident holding in the Co. to 51%, Uniliver Ltd. offered for sale during Feb. out of its shareholding in the Co. 4239523 No. of equity shares of Rs.10 each at a premium of Rs.9.50 per share in the following manner;

- i) 10,00,000 shares to public financial institutions.

- ii) 25,12,702 shares to the existing resident Indian shareholders on a pro-rata basis in the ratio of 1:4.

- iii) 726,821 shares to employees and Indian directors.

1982 - Government allows 51% Unilever shareholding.


- A new plant for synthetic detergents in Chindwara district of M.P commissioned Co. took on lease a detergent and toilet soap factory at the request of Punjab govt. owned by a joint sector Co. Stephans Chemicals Ltd.

- A new fine chemical unit was commissioned.

- As consideration, Indian shareholders of HL Ltd. were offered 62,20,576 No. of equity shares of Rs.10 each of Lipton India Ltd., at par in proportion of 2:8. ie 2 Lipt:8 HL equity.

1984 - Foods, Animal Feeds businesses transferred to Lipton.


- A project for the manufacture of 500 tonnes per day of diammonium phosphate was commissioned.


- Lux toilet soap was launched.

- Agri-products unit at Hyderabad starts functioning - first range of hybrid seeds comes out; Khamgaon Soaps unit and Yavatmal Personal Products unit start production.


Lifebouy Personal and Breez soaps launched.


- Company in collaboration with National Starch Corporation USA, undertook to set up a new facility at pondicherry for the manufacture of functionalised biopolymers.

- The Co. took on lease cum purchase basis the detergents undertakings of Union Home Products Ltd. Mangalore.


- Synthetic Detergent plant at Sumerpur in UP & Tiolet soap plant in Orai in UP were commissioned.

- Cracking catalyst plant at Haldia commissioned.

- Vegetable oil plant commissioned at Kandla free trade zone.


- Seed and Tissue culture projects commissioned at Hyderabad.

- Company proposed to set up a 17,000 tpa. film sulphonation plant at Taloja to manufacture a range of detergent actives.

- Company signed a collaboration and 100% buy back agreement with Sawyer of Napa, California, USA to produce wool-on-leather garment and wool-on-leather products.

- Commissioned a plant for manufacture of 10,000 tonnes per annum of toilet preparations at Pondicherry.


- Entered in dental product market by introducing Pepsodent, Mentadent G etc.

- A factory to manufacture leather garments and other leather based products including wool-on-leather garments and wool-on-leather was set up in Chennai.

- The Company undertook to set up a large scale acquaculture centre at Tanjavur in Tamil Nadu for farming and processing catfish for the U.S. markets in technical collaboration with FFDA, Florida, USA who also provide a full buy-back guarantee.


- Temporary shut down of Haldia Plant due to duty free import of DAP. Entered skin product market by introducing fair & lovely. Also entered hair care product by introducing sunsilk salon treatment & clinic super gel. Close-up confident toothbrush also introduced on the same year.

- During the year Company entered into joint selling agreement with Ponds India Ltd. for distributing their products.

- Company set up rice millong facilities in the free trade zone of Kandla.

- Company obtained all permissions and approvals for acquiring 80% of the equity capital of Nepal Lever Ltd. The company was also taking steps to set up an effective distribution system in Nepal to distribute and market the products of the Co.

- Tata Oil Mills Co. Ltd. (TOMCO) was merged with Hindustan Lever Ltd with effect from 1st April. As per the scheme of amalgamation, shareholders of TOMCO were allotted without Payment in cash 2 equity shares of Rs.10 each of HL for 15 equity shares of Rs.10 each held in
TOMCO. After the amalgamation Unilever PLC London were allotted on a preferencial basis 29,84,347 equity shares of Rs.10 each at a premimium of Rs.95 per share for maintain their share holding at 51% in the Co.

-1993 HLL's largest competitor, Tata Oil Mills Company (TOMCO), merges with the company - Erstwhile Brooke Bond India acquires Kissan Business from the UB Group and Dollops icecream business from Cadbury - Doom Dooma and Tea Estates Plantation divisions merged with Brooke Bond - Brooke Bond and erstwhile Lipton India merge to form Brooke Bond Lipton India Limited 1994 HLL and US-based Kimberley-Clark Corporation form
50:50 joint venture, Kimberley-Clark Lever Ltd.


- Company entered male toiletries segment with the launch of Denim after shave & Ean Dee Toilette.

- Co. set up Hot Melt Adhesive manufacturing facilities at Taloja. And also entered SSP business and trading.

- Wool-on-leather and wool-on-garment plant was commissioned.

- The Company entered into joint venture agreement with Kimberly-Clark Corporation, USA to promote a joint company `Kimberly-Clark Lever Ltd.' with 50% equity participation by the company.


- In technical collaboration with Shinto Corporation, a subsidiary of Toya Suisan, Japan, the Co. undertook to set up a Surimi (Fish Paste) project at an initial cost of Rs.15 crores near Veraval in Gujarat State. The collaborators provided 100% buy-back guarantee for the
output of this unit which seeks to upgrade the hitherto wasted fishery resources of the country. The plant was commissioned in the second quarter.

- The Company entered into joint venture agreement with Lakme Lever Ltd. to undertake the manufacturing and distribution of colour cosmetics and other personal care products.

- The Company also entered into an agreement with S C Johnson & Son USA, for manufacture and sales of insecticides such as insect repellents, disinfectants and similar products in India.

- The Company received the President's Award for Outstanding performance in Agri Commodities for the year 1994-95.

- 1995 HLL and Indian cosmetics major, Lakme Ltd, form 50:50 joint venture, Lakme Lever Ltd. HLL acquires Kwality and Milkfood 100% brandnames and distribution assets.

- HLL and US-based S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. form 50:50 joint venture, Lever Johnson (Consumer Products) Pvt. Ltd.HLL Soaps and Detergent sales cross one million tonnes.


- Brooke Bond India Ltd. was amalgamated with the Company. As per the scheme of amlgamation, the Company allotted 533,28,713 equity shares to the share holders of Brooke Bond India Ltd. in the proportion 9 shares of the company for 20 shares held in Brooke Bond India Ltd.

- The Company entered into joint venture S C Johnson & Son USA. The Joint Venture named Lever Johnson Consumer products Pvt. Ltd.


- Company received the Solvent Extractors' Association Award for being the highest exporter of Rice Bran Extractions during 1996-97.

- The Far Eastern Economic Review, Hong Kong, has adjudged HLL the Best Indian company in its Review 200: Asia's Leading Companies survey.


- The Directors of Hindustan Lever Limited at their meeting held on 16th March, considered and approved the proposal for amalgamation of Ponds India Limited with Hindustan Lever Limited. HLL's tea business is among the biggest in the world.

- The Department of Agriculture and co-operation under the ministry of agriculture has directed Lever Johnson (Consumer Products) Ltd., a subsidiary of Hindustan Lever Limited, and Icon Household Products Pvt. Ltd. to withdraw from the market, the mosquito mat repellent Raid from
Domex on charges of having grossly violated the conditions of registration.

- HLL has also taken several initiatives in raising awareness of oral care and hygiene in India. One of these programmes is the free dental check-up programme, which is conducted in collaboration with the Indian Dental Association.

- In India, the only company in the poultry business that is selling chicken meat is Venkateshwara Hatcheries (VHL). VHL sells its products under the brand name Venky's which is currently sold in only major cities, Hindustan Lever is presently working on the feasibility of the poultry business.

- Unilever set up the Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Company, its first subsidiary in India, and established two more subsidiaries, lever Brothers India Ltd. and United Traders Ltd.

- The managements of Pond's (India) Limited and Hindustan Lever Limited have decided to propose the amalgamation of PIL with HLL. Both the companies are subsidiaries of Unilever Plc, which holds 51 per cent equity in each.

- Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL) has signed the Fuel Supply Agreement (FSA) with public sector Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) for the entire fuel and lubricant requirements of its manufacturing unit in Orai. This the first time that two giants, one from public sector and other from the
private sector, have joined hands as "partners in progress", and also augurs future partnerships between IOC and HLL.

- IOC's northern region general manager (sales) I H Hashmi and R K Mutreja from HLL signed FSA for five years supply of HSD (petrol), furnace oil and lubes to the tune of 555 kilo litre per month.

- Hindustan Lever is the largest manufacturer of Lifebuoy, Lux, Breeze, Rexona and Haman in the country, under a division christened the personal products division.

- The managements of Pond's (India) (PIL) and HLL have decided to propose the amalgamation of PIL with HLL. They are subsidiaries of Unilever, UK, which holds 51 per cent equity in both.

- HLL also proposes to acquire from Lakme the latter's 50 per cent share holding in the 50:50 joint venture company, Lakme Lever, the Lakme trademark from Lakme's wholly-owned subsidiary, Lakme Brands, and lakme's manufacturing undertakings at Deonar and Kandla (the latter owned by Lakme Exports). HLL is setting up a Max Club for children.

- Hindustan Lever Ltd and Nicholas Piramal India Ltd have received the QAD rapid Achiever Award at its first ever Asia Pacific Explore `98 user conference held in Bangkok.

- HLL has signed a memorandum of understanding with Tata Housing Development Company for developing some of its properties into residential and commercial complexes.

- In the scheme of amalgamation to the planned merger, the company has stated that about 8.8 per cent of the issue, subscribed and paid-up capital of the transferor company (Pond's) will stand cancelled. HLL has 13,25,954 shares of Pond's India.

- HLL had bought eight lakh shares of BBLIL from UTI two weeks prior to the announcement of the merger at a price of Rs. 350 per share on March 25, 1996.

- Hindustan Lever Ltd has awarded a country wide project of payroll management to Calcutta-based Vedika Software (P) Ltd.

- HLL has a world-class information technology infrastructure to enable the businesses to respond faster and perform better.

- Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL) has entered into job work arrangements with some bought leaf tea factories in the Nilgiris.

- The Tatas have joined hands with Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL) in Kerala to set up a Rs.686 crore hospitality, housing and infrastructure project. The project proposes to construct a five star hotel complex, technology park, world trade centre, business and commercial space,
shopping mall and housing complexes at Tatapuram in the heart of Kochi city covering an area of 35 acres.

- HLL has signed a memorandum of understanding with Swastic Vanaspati of Biratnagar, Nepal, for the supply of hydrogenated oil under its own brandname Dalda.

- Hindustan Lever to buy out Kwality's ice-cream plants; agreement to be signed soon Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL) has suffered twin setbacks in its plans of selling Kwality Ice creams nationwide.

- The board of directors of Tasty Bite Eatables has issued 59,530 non convertible preference shares of Rs.100 each at a premium of Rs.1,950 per share to Hindustan Lever on private placement basis. The preference share will carry a coupon of 1 per cent for a tenure of ten
years, said a notice issued to the Mumbai Stock Exchange.

- HLL has entered into an agreement with Johnson & Johnson for using the trademark Savlon for its soap products. The agreement was entered into eight months back and concerns only soaps.

- HLL has also entered into joint ventures to introduce products that are not in Unilever's global portfolio. These include joint ventures with Kimberly Clark and SC. Johnson for personal hygiene and households care respectively.

- HLL was one of the first companies to join the National Securities Depository (NSDL) to encourage its shareholders to avail themselves of its benefits.

- Hindustan Lever Limited's Bangalore factory has received National Productivity Award for the fourth year in a row from National Productivity Council. The factor has also received ISO 9002

- 1998 Group company, Pond's India Ltd, merges with HLL. HLL acquires Lakme brand, factories and Lakme Ltd's 50% equity in Lakme Lever Ltd. HLL acquires manufacturing rights of Kwality icecream. Appellate Authority of Government of India absolves HLL of insider trading
charges, made by SEBI in 1997, in the BBLIL merger.


- Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL), has joined hands with the Institute for Social and Economic Change (Isec) for a rural development programme in Karnataka.

- Hindustan lever Ltd, has decided to merge its subsidiary Industrial Perfumes Ltd with the company. The merger would be effective from January 1.

- The company holds 1,27,497 shares of Rs. 100 each. Industrial Perfumes manufacturers aroma chemicals such as deodorant and perfumes. According to the company as per the scheme of amalgamation for every five equity shares of Rs 10 each of Industrial Perfumes two shares of HLL will be given.

- Hindustan Lever Ltd is selling its Rs 80-crore dairy business to Nutricia International BV, part of the $1.7bn Dutch dairy products giant Koninklijke (Royal) Numico NV Group, for a yet undisclosed sum. A memorandum to this effect was signed a few days ago.

- Consumer Giant Hindsutan Lever Limited (HLL) has converted a part of its debt, which otherwise would have been non-realisable from Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd, into non-cumulative, non-convertible redeemable preference shares carrying an interest rate of 1 per cent.

- Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL) has decided to dispose of its dairy business to Nutricia (India) Pvt Ltd and spin off its animal and poultry feeds into a separate subsidiary.

- Industrial Perfumes Limited is to amalgamate with Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL) and under the scheme HLL is to issue at par and allot two equity shares of Rs 10 each to the shareholders of Industrial performes for every five shares held by them in that company.

- Hindustan Lever holds about 51 per cent of the issued, subscribed and paid-up capital of Industrial Perfumes Limited and the shares, if any held by HLL and its subsidiary companies as on the record date in Industrial perfumes shall be concelled.


- The Company will be the largest e-tailer in the next two years.

- The company has entered into a five-year wet lease agreement with the Hyderabad-based Premier Explosives (PEL) to operate the latter's mushroom farms near Hyderabad.

- The Company has launched a `ready to drink' (RTD) tea brand Lipton Ice Tea in Hyderabad with lemon and mango flavours.

- The Company has launched a new brand of toopaste -- Aim.

- The Company has unveiled the country's first liquid detergent for daily washing needs Surf Excel Liquid detergent in the Indian Market.

- The Company launched the International Lux Skincare range, "Sunscreen Formula".

- 2000 HLL acquires Modern Foods, the first public sector company to be divested by the

Government of India

- The Coompany has launched Surf Excell Liquid Detergent, for daily washing of clothes.

- HLL markets more than 110 brands, in 950 packs. the products are sold in one million retail outlets, directly covering India's entire urban population and about 50,000 villages.

- The Company has launched a cooking medium New Dalda Activ.

- FMCG major Hindustan Lever Ltd, aiming to strengthen its foods business, has received a boost in this endeavour with its parent Unilever acquiring the US-based food company Bestfoods.

- The Aviance, the international range of beauty solutions by the Hindustan Lever Ltd. has launched a hair care range comprising four shampoos and two conditioners.

- The Company has chalked out its expansion plans in tea through acquisitions, greenfield ventures and a five-year plan entailing modernisation, uprooting and research.

- Hindustan Lever's aggressive brand introduction spree in deodorants a nascent Rs 75 crore market seems to be growth by categorisation.

- The Company has been ranked among the top 15 emerging market companies worldwide. HLL is the only Indian Company, and also the only food and household products firm to figure in the list.

- The Company has offered two alternatives a voluntary retirement scheme and termination of services to executives of Rossell Industries Ltd.

- The Company has relaunched Close-Up as "Super Fresh Close-Up" with an added attribute of containing an anti-bacterial agent along with an existent mouth wash.

- The Company mount a series of aggressive initiatives this year to shore up the performance of its ice cream business.

- The Company has tied-up with a growing corporate services agency, Les Conclerges, to make itself a one-stop convenience shop by entering the home services sector.

- The Company has acquired four factories from Amalgam Foods Ltd. on a wet lease to carry out the processing of marine products.

- The Company for the second year running, has been rated among the world's 100 best-managed companies.

- HLL has introduced ColourFast Slims, a new range on lipsticks under its Aviance Beauty Solutions brand.

- The Company has launched the Lux Body Wash along with a Lux loofah in Karnataka. This is the first mass-appeal body wash to be launched under the brandname Lux.

- Hindustan Lever and Elizabeth Arden, launched Elizabeth Arden, Unilever's Prestigious cosmetics and fragrance brand, in India.

- The Company has set up 12 counters across the country to carry out exchange of share certificates for new certificates of Re 1 face value.

- Kwality Wall's, a division of Hindustan Lever Ltd., has launched softy ice cream and has positioned it as a mass market product and Head of the ice cream business.

- FMCG major Hindustan Lever Ltd will mark its entry into the softy ice cream segment by setting up softy kiosks in all major metros starting with Chennai.

- The Company has relaunched its tea brand, Brooke Bond Red Label, with Assam Super Tasters.

- Hindustan Lever Ltd. has proposed to make an open offer for a 24 per cent stake held by local shareholders in International Bestfoods Ltd., which is now a subsidiary of parent Unilever.

- Hindustan Lever Ltd's Pepsodent toothpaste has introduced games at McDonald's outlets.

- The Company has introduced New Hi-Power Vim Bar with enhanced grease cutting power and lime juice.

- The Company has entered into an in-principle agreement of Dheeraj Kumars Creative eye for buying out Indian satellite rights of the mega-television serial "Om Namah Shivay" in Hindi.

- The Company has launched Aim toothbrush in South India.

- The Company has launched an innovative scheme with gold coins embedded in tablets of its Lux brand of soap.

- The Company has launched the new Nutririch Fair & Lovely fairness reviving lotion.

- HLL has entered into an agreement with FFI Fragrances to continue importing and distributing the globally renowned prestige brand - Elizabeth Arden - for the next six ti twelve months.


- Shampoo brand `Clinic All Clear' on the Net, Hindustan Lever has launched a host of Web Promotions on popular Websites which include, Rediff.com, Sify.com, Indya.com, Uthplanet.com, Hungama.com and C2W.com.

- Hindustan Lever and International BestFoods are formalising an agreement under which HLL will sell and distribue IBL products with effect from January 1.

- Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL) has launched Clinic Plus Protein Shampoo with a new formulation that contains a Protein Health Complex.

- Hindustan Lever has launched after-shave lotions from its Calvin Klein brand of fragrances -- Obsession, Etermotu amd Escape.

- The Company's Nihar, a brand of double-filtered coconut oil, has changed packaging and logo.

- HLL has over 36,000 employees, and has created 2 lakh indirect jobs. Its operations are spread across 70 locations in India. There are over 50 factories, of which 28 are in backward areas. The operations involve 2000 suppliers and aassociates and 7000 stockists and agents. HLL has emerged as a major Exporter.

- Hindustan Lever has entered into a strategic tie-up with the Nasdaq listed iVillage Inc reported for the year ending December 1999, operator of iVillage.com to set up a women portal for the Indian market.

- HLL has launched the New Pears Oil Clear bathing bar.

- The Company is launching a new Website called "Castorworld.com" -- a b-2-b e-commerce project for Castor.

- Joint Ventures are being formed for two of its non-FMCG businesses to protect their value - one with Godrej Agrovet for our AFS business and another with the ICI group for our Fragrance/Flavours division.

- Hindustan Lever has chalked out a turn-around strategy for its ailing ice cream business.

- Hindustan Lever Ltd. has organised a mobile van promotion called `Dare to Wear Black Mania' in order to promote Clinic All Clear, its anti-dandruff shampoo.

- Hindustan Lever Ltd is hiving off its existing business of fragrances, flavours and food ingredients into a separate joint venture, Quest International India, in which paints major ICI India
will hold a majority stake.

- HLL has launched the new Fair & Lovely Fairness Soap -- which will help make the skin fairer, safely and gently.

- Hindustan Lever's, Pond's Magic DeoTalc, has been launched with a new enhanced deodorant protection.

- International Bestfoods Ltd. has become a subsidiary of Hindustan Lever Ltd with effect from 22nd April.

- Hindustan Lever has entered into a joint venture with Godrej Agrove t a subsidiary of Godrej Soaps.

- An agreement has been entered into with the ICI Group, for a Joint Venture for the Quest division of the Flavours and Fragrances business.

- The Company has launched International Rexona 24 HR Intensive, in India.

- The Company has launched Pond's Light n' Fresh talc.

- The Company has launched the new Lakme Sunscreen Lotion with ultraviolet rays guard and Alpine Mint.

- The shareholders of Hindustan Lever have approved a proposal to merge International Bestfoods and Aviance with HLL.

- Hindustan Lever Ltd’s factory at Garden Reach near Kolkata faces a one-day strike in July,the reason being to press their demands for higher wages.

- Hindustan Lever will be closing its thermometer mercury factory at Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu.

- Hindustan Lever has commissioned a detergent and a tea factory in Silvassa, taking its total number of new factories to seven in the current year.

- MRTPC has dismissed a complaint filed against Hindustan Lever for allegedly increasing prices of its products Glucon-D and Nycil.

- In October 2000 HLL acting in concert with Unilever made an open tender offer for the remaining 24.62%of the IBL equity at price Rs 173.00 per share.


- The Board of Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL) had approved the transfer of its undertaking engaged in seeds business to its subsidiary Paras Extra Growth Seeds Ltd.

- International Bestfoods Limited (IBL) has become asubsidary of Hindustan Lever w.e.f April 21,2001. The Board of IBL has already approved the transfer of 75.38% of the equity of IBL earlierheld by Best Foods USA in favour of HLL.

- The company has signed an agreement with ICI India, a subsidiary of ICI plc, UK, for sale of Nickel Catalyst business and Adhesives business, a sub-unit of Specialty Chemicals Division of the company's Chemicals and Agri operations for a consideration of Rs.21 crore and Rs
9 crores respectively.


-S Ramadorai appointed as Non-executive Director on the Board of HLL.

-Opto Circuits enters into an agreement with HLL to buy the business line of Digital Thermometers.

-The Lever Gist Brocades, a 50:50 joint venture of Hindustan Lever (HLL) and DSM of The Netherlands, was sold to Burns Philp India, the local arm of the Australia-based food conglomerate Burns Philp.

- Company's branded salt Annapurna launched in Africa

- Project Shakti, a rural marketing initiative, brings HLL 20% rise in rural consumption

- Signs Joint Venture with India Seeds Holdings Ltd., a company incorporated in Mauritius engaged in the seed and biotechnology industry, for transfer of its seeds business undertaking
Paras Extra Growth Seeds Ltd. (PEGSL) for a consideration of Rs 115 crore

- Comes out from the premium (prestige) fragrances segment by stopping distribution of Calvin Klein in the country

- Enters into ayurvedic healthcare market by releasing their Lever Ayush ayurvedic health and beauty care products

-Enters into sourcing agreement with Unilever Australia and Unilever US for supplying tea bags

- Lever Gist Brocades, a 50:50 joint venture of Hindustan Lever (HLL) and DSM of The Netherlands, was sold to Burns Philp India, the local arm of the Australia-based food conglomerate Burns Philp

- HLL's ice-cream business makes profit for the first time in its history

- Shareholders approve bonus debentures issue

- Forays into snack foods market under the Knorr Annapurna brand

- Stops the production of two of its variants under the Sunsilk shampoo range - Bouncy Volume and Ceramide Plus

- Ties up with Madhya Pradesh government for achieving all-round growth through empowerment of rural people and launches 'Vindhya Valley' umbrella brand for food products

- Relaunches Deluxe Green Label with a better and stronger aroma in the four southern states to consolidate its position as a leading filter coffee brand

- Acquires remaining 26% stake in Modern Foods for Rs 44.07cr

- The company chosen as the most preferred company on campus

- Hindustan Lever, Kochi wins commendation certificates for energy conservation from the State-level Monitoring Committee for Energy Conservation for year 2002


- Ties up with Pepsi for distribution, signs a memorandum of understanding with Pepsi, to leverage each other’s strengths in distribution. The agreement provides Pepsi access to the HLL’s institutional accounts.

- Unveils New Rin Supreme Bar with 'Pure Clean' technology

- Relaunches kids ice-cream with 4 new products, Mango Tango, Rainbow, Twister and Super Twister, priced between Rs 7 and Rs 15

- Acquires the seafoods business of the south-based Amalgam group

- Sells GLUCOVITA,, a brand in the glucose powder market, to Wipro

- Unilever hands over global marketing of Pears to HLL

- Patents a new technology called 'alphos' for manufacturing soap, which will allow the company to manufacture the same quality of soap at low prices

- Forays into conventional biscuits market by launching a traditional glucose biscuit under its acquired bakery brand Modern

- Relaunches Surf Excel as a low-foam detergent to target markets facing severe water crisis

- Offloads carpets business for Rs 1 crore

- Infuses over Rs 80 crore to scale up its holding in subsidiaries

- Sets up a Ayurvedic science centre - Ayush Therapy Centre - to provide a platform for scientific enquiry of Ayurveda and dissemination of this knowledge through collaborations with leading national and international scientific, Ayurvedic and medical experts and institutions

- Floats centralised shared services centre

- Places 88,000 WLL connections order with Reliance

- Begins supplying Unilever's tea bags

- Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL) forges alliance with Hindustan Lever (HLL) to sell their goods along with the LPG cylinders which will allow the sale of durables and FMCG products

- Unites Knorr, Annapurna brands under one roof in the name Knorr Annapurna Umbrella

- Floats a 100 per cent business process outsourcing (BPO) subsidiary named 'Christened Indigo'. christened Indigo is divided in to two divisions, one for domestic market and other for international market

-HLL's advertisements reappear on Zee TV after nearly a gap of one year

-- The company has tied up with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd for selling grocery items to LPG customers through BPCL`s distributor network. the consumers can order all HLL products from Bharatgas distributors in select cities.

-Introduced two new variants of Pepsodent toothpaste, Regular Fresh Flavour and White Family Flavour. The company has also launched a 20 gm pack priced at Rs 5.

-Unveiled Lifebuoy, which is priced at Rs 2 at the retail level

-Entered into an agreement with Beeyu Overseas Ltd (BOL) which agreed to market coffee in Poland

-HLL extended its Knorr Annapurna range into soup powders at Rs 5. Sporting flavours such as Tomato Tease, Spicy Vegetable, Chicken Punch and Peppery Chicken

-The company has extended its Modern brand of bread and cakes to biscuits.

-The companty has introduced a new mango drink 'Mr Fruit'.

-HLL unveils Unnati Scheme


-Relaunches Rin Shakti Powder and Rin Shakti Bar

-Mr. Harish Manwani appointed president, home and personal care, North America , a business worth 5bn euros in sales turnover for '02

-HLL unveils new festival package for its coffee brands

-HLL unveils new schemes to lure customers in Tamil Nadu

-HLL launches mega project on experimental basis in Mumbai

-HLL creates 'Power in Power'

-Gets award for industrial safety by National Safety Council, Kerala Chapter in chemical industries sector in medium size industries category

-Hindustan Lever Ltd tied up with the private sector power utility, CESC Ltd, for sampling of Pepsodent toothpaste. `Touchbase with Kolkata' project said that with its April bills CESC would be sending out 14.1 lakh covers carrying the Pepsodent label and a small 15 gm tube of toothpaste with a new flavour.

-HLL to ink MoU with Pepsi

- HLL sets up new Ayush centre in Mumbai

-HLL forays into water biz, rolls out Pure It to purify water

-Hindustan Lever Ltd has introduced its new active Gel Close Up in the market

-Hindustan Lever launches `Perfect Radiance', range of 12 premium skincare products under brand name Fair & Lovely on May 26, 2004

-Hindustan Lever, Ernakulam, has won the State Pollution Control Award, 2004

- Hindustan Lever Ltd launches Domex Thick, a disinfectant cleaner, in Kerala, priced at Rs 22 for 500 ml.

-HLL unveils 2 imported products under Lakme brand

-HLL enters into kids' personal care market

-Unilever, the parent company of Hindustan Lever and one of the world's largest consumer products companies, has set up a global sourcing arm, that will have a large presence in India to buy products and raw materials from low-cost locations for its subsidiaries across the world

-HLL sells Kissan factory premises in Bangalore for Rs 60 cr

-HLL's Modern Food unveils diet bread

-Launches Dove Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash

-HLL inks pact with Pepsi in beverage segment


-HLL introduce iced tea in glass bottles

- Unilever Overseas Holdings BV (UOHBV), the Netherlands based wholly owned subsidiary of Unilever PLC divests 37,00,000 equity shares Rs 10/- each of Rossell Industries Ltd (RIL) in favour of M/s M K Shah Exports Ltd, one of the leading exporter and tea plantation company in India, being an Indian unlisted company.

- Hindustan lever Ltd, on May 22, 2005, entered Himachal in a big way by setting up a home-and-personal-care(HPC) factory, with an initial investment of Rs 110 crore.

-HLL rolls out Brooke Bond brand variation

-Mcleod Russel & HLL signs MoU

-Brookefields food operations moved to Mumbai


-Hindustan Lever Ltd. has appointed Mr. Ashok K. Gupta as "Officer who is in default" for the purposes of Compliance with section 5(f) of the Companies Act, 1956.

- Company name has been changed from Hindustan Lever Ltd to Hindustan Unilever Ltd.


-Hindustan Unilever Limited has informed that Mr. Sanjiv kakkar, Executive Director, Sales & Customer Development has been appointed Chairman, Unilever Russia, Ukraine and Belarus (RUB), with effect from 1st September, 2008.

- HUL completes 75 years on 17th October 2008


- Hindustan Unilever on Jan 26 said it has appointed R Sridhar as its Chief Financial Officer by succeeding D Sundaram. Sridhar was serving as the Vice-President, Finance and Controller for Unilever (Asia), Africa and Central & Eastern Europe region. He joined HUL in 1989.

- Hindustan Unilever decided to license 'Lakme' and 'Lever Ayush', brands to it's subsidiary, Lakme Lever Private Limited, for the Beauty and Wellness services business.


- Hindustan Unilever said it exited from BPO firm Capgemini Business Services India by selling its remaining 49% stake to IT consultancy firm Cap Gemini SA.

- The directors of Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) have approved the appointment of Dev Bajpai as Executive Director, Legal and Company Secretary with effect from June 1, 2010.

- Hindustan Unilever (HUL) may have grown by a healthy 5 per cent last quarter, entirely driven by volume growth.But for its parent company Unilever, the performance was still disappointing.Now, to please Unilever and mop up more volume growth, HUL has introduced a distribution initiative called 'Must Win 2010'.

- The India born, Manvinder Singh Banga who is better known as Vindi Banga, will leave Unilever with service of 33years to the Company in May this year.

- Mr. Paul Polman the global CEO of Unilever looks to take the innovation route to double HUL business.

- Fast Moving Consumer Goods major Hindustan Unilever Ltd launched a new affordable variant of water purifier brand Pureit, known as ‘Pureit Compact’ with a price tag of Rs 1,000 in the Indian market.

- Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (HUL) has step forward to divest part of its stake in Hindustan Field Services (HFS).

-Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) has raised prices of its Lux and Lifebuoy toilet soaps by Rs 1 each. The price hikes are the company’s first in 20 months.


- Hindustan Unilever Ltd informs about the changes and Details of Corporate Office.

- HUL comes up with ‘Bru World Café’

- With the objective of doubling the sales by 2015, the FMCG major, Hindustan Unilever (HUL) is
eyeing at strategies, which includes re-launches, moves ahead with its plans, Hindustan Unilever has re-launched its popular Lifebuoy talcum powder brand.

- India's biggest fast moving consumer goods company, Hindustan Unilever, has started a campaign across the country in order to save water by assessing the demand-supply gap.

- HUL taps banks and telecom firms to penetrate deeper into rural India

- HDFC chairman Deepak Parekh resigns from HUL's board.


- HUL to enter into agreement with Unilever to market Brylcreem in India

- Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) and entities of Piramal Realty (Ajay Piramal Group) have signed an agreement for assignment of HUL's leasehold rights of the land and building named Gulita situated at Worli Sea Face, Mumbai, for a transaction value of Rs. 452.5 Crores (Rupees Four Hundred and Fifty Two Crores and Fifty lakhs only).

- Hindustan Unilever Ltd have shifted Registered Office from 165/166 Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai 400 020 to the following address:Hindustan Unilever Ltd.Unilever House, B. D. Sawant Marg, Chakala Andheri East Mumbai 400099 Tel: 022- 39832312 / 39832532 / 39834510 Fax: 022- 28249457,Email: hllshare.cmpt@unilever.com

-Unilever announces €50 million investment for Khamgaon plant
-HUL announces launch of Domex Toilet Academy
-Unilever launches project sunlight

- Unilever announced a partnership with Internet.org, a Facebook-led alliance of partners, to understand better how internet access can be increased to reach millions more people across rural India.
-HUL launches Prabhat initiative for community development in villages around its factories
-Unilever helps families live more sustainably at home
-HUL enters into partnership with MTV to endorse its brands

-Hindustan Unilever launched The Unilever Foundry
-HUL signs an agreement with Mosons Group for acquisition of its flagship 'Indulekha' brand
-HUL was recognized as the most innovative marketer on mobile, at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)
-HUL revives Ayush with e-launch
-HUL was awarded and honoured ‘Client of the Year’
-HUL won five awards - one Gold, one Silver and three Bronze awards.
-HUL launches ‘Swachh Aadat, Swachh Bharat’ programme in India

-HUL signs agreement with LT Foods for the sale of its Rice.
-HUL factory in Khamgaon awarded the CII Sustainability Award 2016.
HUL retains ‘Client of the Year’ at Effies 2016.
-HUL recognized among Top 10 Best Companies 2016 for Women.
-HUL recognised at the Cold Chain Industry Awards 2016.
-HUL digital campaigns win big at 2016 CMO Asia Awards.

-Hindustan Unilever Ltd.new unit in Assam starts commercial production.
-Hindustan Unilever Ltd.develops new technology to reduce plastic sachet waste.
-HUL receives national certificate of recognition from ICSI.
-HUL’s Puducherry factory ranks second at CII-SR EHS Excellence Awards.
-HUL's Project Prabhat wins at the Social Change Awards.
-HUL wins National Award for excellence in Employee Relations.
-HUL wins at CII National Food Safety Award 2017.
-HUL’s Haridwar factory wins bronze at the WCM Awards 2017.
-HUL launches ‘A Playing Billion’ campaign.
-HUL awarded for Excellence in Water Management.
-HUL wins big at the first-ever Marquee Awards 2017.
-HUL emerges as the No. 1 Employer of Choice.
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