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Integrated Financial Services Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

The company was incorporated on 4th March 1992 as a Public limited company and obtained the certificate of commencement of business as on 17th March 1992. The company has been promoted by Sh. S.C. Khaneja & his assoicates. Shri S.C. Khaneja is a member of Bombay Stock Exchange. The company is actively involved in rendering Corporate Advisory Services and financial services since its incorporation. On 01-02-1994 the company obtained SEBI's authorisation to act as a merchant banker in
category III. Since then the company has Underwritten more than 40 Issues and has acted as Advisors in almost 20 public and Rights issue.


1. To Carry on the business of finance in all its aspects and to Syndicate any financial.arrangements whether in demestic market or in international market and to acquire and hold membership in any association of bankers, merchant bankers, insurance companies, brokers, security dealers or commodity dealers or any other associations, membership of which will or likely in any way to facilitate the conduct
of the Company's business and to undertake the work of factoring of bills and other commercial papers, and to arrange and/or co-ordinate documentation and negotiation in this regard.

2. To act as financial consultants, joint managers, lead managers, Co-Managers, advisers and counsellors in investment and capital market, to under-write, sub-underwrite, or to provide standby or procurement
arrangement, to issue guarantees or to give any other commitments for subscription for the securities, to manage portfolio investments, to provide financial and investment assistance for the purposes herein, to act as issue house, registrars to issue, transfer agents, for the securities, to manage and administer computer centres and clearing
houses for the securities, to form syndicates or consortia of managers, agents and purchasers for or of any of the securities, to acquire and hold one or more memberships in stock/security exchanges, trade associations or otherwise in India or any part of the world to act as brokers, dealers and agents in connection with the securities, bullions and precious metals.

3. To give financial advice and/or offer, given, take, circulate and/or otherwise organise, accept or implement any takeover bids, amalgamations, acquisitions, diversification, rehabilitation or restructuring of any business concern, undertaking, company, body corporate, partnership firm or any other association of persons whether incorporated or not, by acquisition of shares or assets and liabilities, and whether as a going concern or as a part of the concern, or otherwise as may be required having regard to business exigencies and to procure
incorporation, or setting up of concerns and undertaking whether as company, body corporate, partnership or any other association of persons for engaging in the industrial, commercial or business activities.

4. To render services to the clients in preparing prospectus, Letter of offer, underwriting/standby arrangements, in respect of Capital Issues of the Clients.

5. To carry on the business of commission agents, brokers, factors, consultants, representatives, middleman in financial matters.


Presently the company is engaged in providing corporate advisory services to various clients. The company is also a category III merchant banker. It provides issue advisory services and underwriting support to public issues coming to the capital market. It is also engaged in buying and selling of securities.

2000 - The Board has issued 29,00,000 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each
at par out of the unissued share capital of the company by way of
private placement on preferential basis to promoters, directors,
their relatives, associates and other persons not covered under
promoter's group as the board may think fit, proper and

-Company has recommended a dividend of 10%

-Company has created an E-mail ID investorrelations@rediffmail.com


- Integrated Financial Services Ltd has also appointed Mr. S P Oberoi as an independent and Non-executive Director of the Company.

- Integrated Financial Services Ltd has recommended a dividend of 6% i.e. Rs. 0.60/- (Sixty Paisa) per share

- ntegrated Financial Services Ltd has recommended a dividend of 9% i.e. Rs. 0.90 (Ninety Paisa) per share

- ntegrated Financial Services Ltd has recommended a dividend of 4% i.e. Rs. 0.40 (Forty Paisa) per share

- Integrated Financial Services Ltd has recommended a dividend of 6% i.e. Rs. 0.60/- (Sixty Paisa) per share

- Integrated Financial Services Ltd has recommended a dividend @ Rs. 0.50 paise per share.

-Integrated Financial Services Ltd has recommended dividend to the shareholders @ Rs. 0.90 paise per equity share.

-IntegratedFinSer - Change in Registered Office address to New Delhi House, 27, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi-110001