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Kothari Products Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1973 - The company was launched through a partnership firm on 18th
August. To capitalise on the growing market of pan masala, the
promoters decided to run all the activities of manufacturing and
marketing pan masala in a new company.

1983 - The Company was incorporated on 17th September and was promoted
by M.M. Kothari and his family members. The company became a
public limited company on 17th November. The company has been
engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of Pan Masala and
Gutka under the brand name `Pan Parag' flavoured chewing tobacco
under the brand name `Parag' and the packaging and marketing of
coconut oil under the brand name `7-UP'.

1985 - The company pioneered the revolutionary concept of low priced
pouch packaging of pan masala. The pouch and zipper pouch
packaging changed the perception of pan masala in the market and
led to its expansion.

1988 - The company entered into a franchise agreement with Kothari
Pouches Ltd. effective from 22nd July to manufacture and market
Pan Masala under the brand name Pan Parag.

1995 - During 7th March, the company offered for sale 12,50,000 No. of
equity shares of Rs. 10 each at a price of Rs. 200 per share.

1996 - The Company launched `Pan Parag Gold' by setting up a new
manufacturing facility at Baroda.

- 3 equity shares subscribed for by signatories to the Memorandum
of Association. 19,997 No. of equity shares of Rs. 100 each
allotted to promoters. 4,80,000 No. of equity shares allotted as
bonus shares in prop. 24:1 equity shares were subdivided on 17th
November 1994.

1997 - As an backward integration project, the company lauched the
lamination project, with an installed capacity of 1000 tpa of
three ply laminates. Commercial production commenced on 28th
March, for production required for packaging material for captive

- Kothari Products, manufactures of the Pan Parag brand of pan
masala, is all set to take on rival Manikchand in the western
Indian markets of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

- The company has launched Pan Masala Gold and Gutka, it is
unlikely that it will affect the popularity of Manikchand.

1998 - Kothari Products has been able to post a 41 per cent rise in
net profit to Rs 25.08 crore compared with Rs 17.77 crore last

- Kothari Products has an extremely small equity base of Rs 5 crore
and a large portion of this is held by the promoters, leaving a
very low float in the open market.

1999 - Kothari Products Ltd, the manufacturer of the popular Pan
Parag gutka, is diversifying into the entertainment industry by
setting up a multiplex complex at Kanpur initially and in other
cities in Uttar Pradesh at a later stage.

2000-2001-No News


-Dr. Avinash Gupta, a Whole Time Director of the company has resigned from the Whole Time Directorship of the company w.e.f. May 13, 2002.

-Board appointed a consultant to advise on best possible option considering the interest of the Company and shareholders.

-Manufacturing & selling of 'Pan Masala & Gutkha' the main products of the company, have been banned in the states of U.P and Maharashtra by the respective State Govt. In view of the above the Kanpur unit of the company has been closed. However the Zorhat & Baroda Units of the company are continuing manufacturing the aforesaid products.


- High Courts of Delhi, Ahmedabad & Allahabad approved the Scheme of Amalgamation of Kothari Pouches Ltd. & Kothari Beverages Pvt. Ltd with the company.

-The captive consumption unit of the company situated at Ahmedabad has been closed from October 1, 2003

-Approves the allotment of 1631971 equity shares of the face value of Rs10/- each , out of the unissued Authorised equity share capital to the shareholders of Kothari Puches Ltd. and Kothari Beverages Pvt Ltd.


-Kothari Products has recommended a dividend @ 120%


-Sri. Vikas Chaturvedi has been appointed as a Director of the Company


-Kothari Products has recommended a Dividend @ 100%


-Kothari Products has recommended a dividend @ 90%


-Kothari Products has formed a new Company in Singapore in the name of "Kothari Products Singapore Pvt Ltd" as its 100% subsidiary Company.


-Kothari Products has recommended a Dividend @ 100%


-Kothari Products has recommended a Dividend of Rs. 20/- per Equity Share of Rs. 10/- each i.e. 200%


-Kothari Products has recommended a dividend of Rs. 22/- per equity share of Rs. 10/- i.e. 220%


-Kothari Products has recommended a dividend of Rs. 15/- per equity share of Rs. 10/- each i.e. 150%


- The company has recommended a Dividend of Rs. 20/- per Equity Share of Rs. 10/- each i.e. 200% for the aforesaid year.


- The Company has recommended the issue of Bonus Shares in the ratio of 2 (Two) Bonus equity Shares for every 1 (one) existing equity Share,

- The Company has recommended dividend @ 60% (i.e. Rs. 6/- per share).

-The Company has allotted the Bonus Shares to its shareholders in the Ratio of 1:2.